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Two podcast episodes for you to disagree with.

Two episodes up, folks. One by me and one featuring yours truly. First off we have podcast #38 – The woman with pram episode:

And then we have an interview that I did with The Dingoes. It was a real pleasure to be on their show. Sure we disagreed on some stuff but that’s what it’s all about. It’s no fun if everyone is in complete agreement.

It sure has ruffled some jimmies though. A comment I received today from someone who seems a tad upset:

Hey Adam,

Get bent, fåggot. Just heard your inane, liberal self-improvement rhetoric on the Dingos and wanted to say that you can go right along and get fūcked. You are a terrible human being and should seriously consider sūicide as a viable option.

He must be from some Scandinavian spot, what with all the weird symbols and stuff.  Hey, if he’s this upset it must be worth listening to! What on earth did I say?


Thank God it’s Friday links and hawtness.


457 Visas – The Trump effect.


  1. David Moore

    Wrongskin was the idea of the sublime Godfrey Elfwick;

    “My skin is white.
    My parents are white.
    Their parents were white.
    That DOES NOT mean *I* am white.”

    • Adam

      Of course. Dammit, why couldn’t I have remembered that on the spot.

  2. jeez. like the demon crat dude the other day, just because I have xy chromosome and a penis and testicles doesn’t mean I am male.
    Now, podcasts, this is worth your time Adam
    Google “”Ryan Landry / Weimerica “” [ this is Weimerica after the German Weimar Empire
    Social media ./
    This is the prototype podcast you want to progress toward. It also has a time clock on it so you can see where you left off.
    Either Ryan Landry has a script in front of him or he is a genius podcaster, They are Conservatives there/
    And als o he does not have an Australian accent.

    Thai asian girl friends /advantages of, another time.
    Meeting people by accident on the footpath, who think they have superior wallking space. Stop, drop shoulder and tighten muscles. They hit you and drop, even if you are weak like me. Does not work with prams.

    • Adam

      Thanks Paul I’ll check out that podcast.

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