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Podcast #39 – The International Wymen’s Day episode.

The one where I describe why women need their own day because they are such poor pathetic and weak creatures.


The fine art of climate trash talking.


Make the guilder great again.


  1. Good podcast and the volume was much better. I didn’t hear any clipping at the higher levels but maybe my ears aren’t good enough. Leaving Melbourne eh? I lived there for much of my life, it was once a great place to live, now it’s a hole. I moved to Tawonga Vic in 2011, best thing I’ve done. If I was wealthy I’d move to Chamonix but that’s a tattslotto dream. Good luck with the move.

    • Adam

      Thank you, sir, and I’m glad the audio is better. I haven’t been to Tawonga but I have been to Bright. Lovely spot.

  2. Sjonnar

    Least unattractive? Ring in lower lip. Any metal in the face is at least -3 points, but nose studs and eyebrows are the worst.

  3. Aleks Sim

    Yes, most Russian women suffer from, what I call, the “babushka bomb” complex when they hit the was around 36-40 years of age. A small minority age gracefully.

  4. Brandon

    I was laughing in the car listening to your list of International Days and your take on “crabs in a barrel.” But then I came across this: “International Men’s Day” held on Nov 19th every year since 1992 All very worthy I’m sure. My brother had mental health problems bless him. But I can’t help thinking the Piggott Principle of “every man for himself” has a certain ring to it.

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