Podcast #39 – The International Wymen’s Day episode.

The one where I describe why women need their own day because they are such poor pathetic and weak creatures.

6 thoughts on “Podcast #39 – The International Wymen’s Day episode.

  1. Good podcast and the volume was much better. I didn’t hear any clipping at the higher levels but maybe my ears aren’t good enough. Leaving Melbourne eh? I lived there for much of my life, it was once a great place to live, now it’s a hole. I moved to Tawonga Vic in 2011, best thing I’ve done. If I was wealthy I’d move to Chamonix but that’s a tattslotto dream. Good luck with the move.


  2. Sjonnar

    Least unattractive? Ring in lower lip. Any metal in the face is at least -3 points, but nose studs and eyebrows are the worst.


  3. Aleks Sim

    Yes, most Russian women suffer from, what I call, the “babushka bomb” complex when they hit the was around 36-40 years of age. A small minority age gracefully.


  4. Brandon

    I was laughing in the car listening to your list of International Days and your take on “crabs in a barrel.” But then I came across this: “International Men’s Day” held on Nov 19th every year since 1992 http://www.internationalmensday.com/ All very worthy I’m sure. My brother had mental health problems bless him. But I can’t help thinking the Piggott Principle of “every man for himself” has a certain ring to it.


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