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Friday links and hawtness – the Dr Jordan Peterson edition.

I have never before devoted my Friday links segment to a single subject. But Dr Jordan Peterson is so brilliant, so important, and so far out on the front line of the culture wars that I consider it absolutely imperative for as many people as possible to hear his message and consider what he has to say.

Dr Peterson is a clinical psychologist who has taught at Harvard and is presently on the faculty of the university of Toronto. But he isn’t just an academic. From his bio we learn that he has been “… a dishwasher, gas jockey, bartender, short-order cook, beekeeper, oil derrick bit re-tipper, plywood mill labourer and railway line worker.”

I don’t even know what a gas jockey is but the point is that he is an academic with real life experience. Some of these links I have posted before but I think it will be handy to have them in one post. To the links.

Let’s start off with a primer. It’s only ten minutes worth. Watch Peterson talk about why it’s so dangerous for anyone to identify as a victim.

Pretty good eh? If you liked that then here’s the full speech:

Another short clip with the best explanation I have ever heard on why it is absolutely necessary for people to be able to say whatever the hell they want:

And finally the full interview with Joe Rogan. At almost three hours in length I have now watched it four times and I still come away from it with something new.

I linked Peterson’s web site at the top of the page. there you can find links to all of his books, videos, and podcasts. I hope you find them as rewarding as I have.

After that let us present a creation that you or I or Dr Peterson would be happy to sit down with and have a glass of wine or three.


Make the guilder great again.


Australian cartoonist Bill Leak dies of sudden heart attack.


  1. Mr. Bruce

    A gas jockey is the (usually) male attendant who pump your gas for you.

  2. Sjonnar

    A gas jockey is a gas station attendant. Back in the day, before there were self-service stations, gas stations would hire folks to pump gas for the customer, clean his windshield, etc. A nice, low-skill entry-level position for kids getting their first job while still in school.

    Then the companies figured out that they could fire those kids and make the customer pump his own damn gas, and they could save a couple bucks an hour on payroll.

    And then a couple states up in New England decided that that was just horrible, and they passed a law against self-service stations, making station attendants mandatory.

    Also, the chick’s pretty, but she’s got some crazy eyes. You must have a thing for girls that look like they’re about to stab someone.

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