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Today is the first day without a Bill Leak cartoon. Not much fun that. Change is something that I have majored in but it doesn’t mean that I like it. I usually go kicking and screaming with my fingers curled around the door edges in a death grip that have to be pried apart, one by one. That’s my ego holding on and me doing the prying just in case you misunderstood and you thought I was being literal.

Change is coming to my life as well so I may as well tell you all about it. One year ago I quit my job to concentrate on my writing. I was going to give myself two years but I have decided to cut it short at one. Don’t get me wrong, it has gone well. I wrote two books, a third one is on the way and an actual publisher wants to publish it, the blog is going from strength to strength, a fair number of people hate me and you can’t get a better barometer for how well you’re doing than hate.

But it’s time to get reals as they say. The wife and I aren’t just doing a little change either. We’re upping sticks and leaving Australia. It’s back to Europe for us. Six years ago we came to Australia to further a certain number of goals. Those goals have been met and now it’s time to leave. I’m not sorry to go as I wasn’t happy to come back in the first place. Australia is not for me. That doesn’t mean that it’s not the place for anyone else; I’m only speaking for myself and the good wife. It’s just not the country that I grew up in. Plus the fact that there’s a big trap with spending so much time overseas. You expand your horizons to the point where you can’t relate to anything back home anymore.

So we’re off. Probably in about six weeks, although we haven’t finalised any plans as of yet. But once we’re back in Europe then I will be seeking some form of gainful employment where I can utilise my supreme skills of pissing everybody off on a regular basis. I will continue to write and blog but it will not be at the forefront of my daily activities. This may mean a reduced amount of posting, I’m not sure. A lot of work goes into these posts behind the scenes, work that I myself was not really aware of until very recently.

Sometimes I wonder if I just make things difficult for myself but the reality is that the good wife and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The guys at The Dingoes podcast yesterday accused me, amongst other things, of being something akin to the ‘wandering Jew’. I don’t know; perhaps I am. This whole business of not going down the beaten path can become a path in itself. But that isn’t why I do it. I go because I am unsatisfied and curious and I’d rather have a go and fail than sit around and moan at my lot in life.

Plus there are adventures to be had, and I am after all the gentleman adventurer. So here’s to adventures in far flung climes, where your wine glass is always topped up, your cigar never goes out, the sun always breaks through the morning mist, pretty girls always wear short dresses, your motorbike starts first time, your guests can all hold their drink, politics is left at the door, and someone knows how to cook.

Well that someone is me. I hope you all stick around as the adventure continues.



Australian cartoonist Bill Leak dies of sudden heart attack.


The West Australian state election result.


  1. Dan

    Jesus Adam, still reeling from Bill and you drop this on us!

    I envy your portability and exciting times ahead. Selfishly we’re addicted to your insights on this sinking continent called Australia.

    Here’s to 6 weeks more!

    • Adam

      Do not fear, Dan. I will continue for hopefully many years to come. But I just cannot guarantee that the output will remain the same.

  2. Marostegan

    I’m curious to know in which specific part of Europe you will move. You have lived in Italy for a reasonably long time and your wife is Dutch, so one may think one of these two countries will be your top destination.
    As an individual living and working for the most part of each year in Asia (China mostly, but Taiwan and the occasional Southeast Asia diversion in between) but still strongly rooted in Veneto, i personally feel Europe right now with lots of social tension building up, economic and financial turmoil and a deep inadequacy of the political and bureaucratic class is far less of a ideal place to move, compared to just a few years ago. Granted, culture, environment and food (just to name a few) are head and shoulders above those of any other countries or groups of, but what worries me is while other countries are striving to keep and maintain their specific strenghts, Europe seems hell bent to deny and belittle theirs. A counterreaction is well on the way ( the rise of the so-called populist movements), but i bet we will have to wait until this september, after the german elections, to see if this will continue (and we may reasonably expect an improvement in situation) or the run towards the abyss of irrelevance has been simply delayed for a while.

  3. Carl-Edward

    England, France, Germany and Italy, were once the only countries that mattered. At this time though, one can not but think that Monaco is the only place to live. During the cooler weather, one can always follow the sun.

    There are a number of reasons why I have chosen Monaco (sadly, I do not live there), but one of them is that the savages (and how they turn one’s stomach!) who are taking over the Western world, can not afford to live in this demi – paradise.

  4. Dan Boyle

    G’day Adam

    I’ve only been a follower of your posts for a short period of time, but since I have been, I’ve found them most enjoyable, relevant, interesting and thought provoking.

    I am curious as to why you and your wife would choose to move to Europe?

    I’d love to know what parts of Europe you consider to be better than Australia?

    Like you, I think Australia is just about gone…but where in Europe would be better….the old Eastern bloc, Switzerland?

    France, Germany, the UK are finished, as we know them.

    I’m not being critical here, just fascinated about where you’d consider in Europe, a better place to live than Australia?

    If you’re moving to France, Germany, Italy or the UK, I’d love to know your rationale?

    As I said, I’m disappointed you’re moving away….I would like to know where in Europe you’d be happy to live?


    Dan Boyle

  5. Adam

    These are all good questions so what I’ll do is cover them in a post in the next few days.

  6. I, frankly, have no clue why anybody would even want to visit Europe, much less move there.

    It’s not just the countries listed above that are infested with Islamic slime, but Sweden (the rape Capitol of the West), The Netherlands, Belgium, and pretty much all of Southern Italy.

    Perhaps Portugal or Northern Spain, but unless you spekaa-the-language you’re screwed.

    I suppose you haven’t even considered the U.S.A. You really should.  Just not Mexifornia or most of the NE.

    You want *real* freedom and opportunity, Texas is the place to be. Total gun rights, plenty of gigs, best place to open a business, NO state income taxes, polite people (well, except the liberal hell-hole that’s Austin) and great food (yes we did get at least some good things from our ongoing Mexican invasion). Also, jobs from our fraking revolution.

    You want to use you guide skills? Tons of places in the Rocky mountain states to do that as well.

    Most people have no idea how geographically huge and diverse we are.

    Plus, we have the 1st and 2nd amendments enshrined in our Constitution.

    And we have Trump.

  7. MarkT

    Best of luck Adam. I clearly think you’re wrong on a few things, but I also think a lot of what you write is brilliant, and you have some interesting and unique perspectives on some topics that I can learn from. If it weren’t for what we have in common, I wouldn’t have bothered to engage on the things we disagree about, and try to show you what I think are errors. I look forward to reading your two books which I have just ordered.

    • Adam

      Hey Mark. Thanks for buying my books and I entirely agree with your philosophical outlook.

  8. Klaus

    What an adventure – good for you! A chance to witness important events, here in Europe…with the “get out of gaol” card of an Australian passport, should things get too hectic.

  9. Just received Run Cones in the mail. Looking forward to following up from your excellent first book. Also looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Europe. I’d have to assume Poland, Hungary, or Czech Republic would be the few places where you could escape. Keep the US in mind. With the recent changes it won’t be easy to emigrate here but we are looking for hard working folks who are interested in joining the common culture instead of setting up their own third world enclave at the taxpayers expense.

    • Adam

      Thanks for picking up the book, hope you enjoy it. Today’s post should answer your questions about me moving to the USA.

  10. A different Adam

    Best of luck for the move Adam. We disagree on many things but I’ve been reading your blog since the Noisy Rogue days and you are at least entertaining.

    • Adam

      Thanks man. Always a great pleasure to know that there are people circulating here from the old Noisy Rogue days.

  11. Yes, come to Europe! And please keep up with the blogging.

  12. Dan Flynn

    All the best on your travels Adam, I’ve really enjoyed your writing despite disagreeing with pretty much all of it 🙂

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