I had to take down today’s post for various reasons but it will be up again in a few days. This is due to US government agents currently threatening my cat. They have taken away his plushy toy.

To make up for all the confusion I give you an impromptu and extra hawt chick of the week. You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “Conspiracy!

  1. I will be interested to see this post coming, and why it had to come down, and who propmpted a complaint, and to whom.
    There are warnings everywhere now, that everything we write is under surveillance.

    My written anatgonism toward radical Islam seems to fly under Google / Facebook attention. I get away with writing things like “Islamobama should be hung upside down in Washington Square” , which is true.

    I don’t care, but then I am old, and swashbucklers are expendible canon fire and fodder in the front line.


  2. Well, I married a surf chick. She’s also a SCUBA diver, and a beach volleyball player. And no, beach volleyball is not a sport it usually has another purpose. It worked on me. Damn, that woman retrieves tasty seafood, and does a bikini true justice. Of course you should keep an eye on the speargun.

    BTW, a mermaid is the aquatic version of the unicorn.


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