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I had to take down today’s post for various reasons but it will be up again in a few days. This is due to US government agents currently threatening my cat. They have taken away his plushy toy.

To make up for all the confusion I give you an impromptu and extra hawt chick of the week. You’re welcome.


The West Australian state election result.


Louise Mensch’s humiliation is not funny.


  1. I will be interested to see this post coming, and why it had to come down, and who propmpted a complaint, and to whom.
    There are warnings everywhere now, that everything we write is under surveillance.

    My written anatgonism toward radical Islam seems to fly under Google / Facebook attention. I get away with writing things like “Islamobama should be hung upside down in Washington Square” , which is true.

    I don’t care, but then I am old, and swashbucklers are expendible canon fire and fodder in the front line.

  2. That australian girl is athletic and not sexy. Also cats with toys become pussy. Put cat outside.

  3. Well, I married a surf chick. She’s also a SCUBA diver, and a beach volleyball player. And no, beach volleyball is not a sport it usually has another purpose. It worked on me. Damn, that woman retrieves tasty seafood, and does a bikini true justice. Of course you should keep an eye on the speargun.

    BTW, a mermaid is the aquatic version of the unicorn.

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