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It’s the end of another week, the end of another batch of my brain cells to alcohol, the end of the Dutch election that was portrayed as a win for the incumbent prime minister before counting had even begun, the end of Coopers brewery which was just about the last surviving business in South Australia, the end of renewable energy, the end of the Greens, (nobody is talking about how shit they did in last week’s WA election), the end of funding for the arts in the USA, the end of the stick that Lefties everywhere smashed over their heads in exasperation at that lesbian bint’s attempt to discredit president Trump by announcing proof that he earned lots of money and paid lots of taxes. Stupid much? Nobody does stupid like cat’s-arsehole mouthed paddlers of the pink canoe who discrimination-law-suited their way to the top.

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

President Trump proposes killing off all public funding for the arts. I’ve banged on about this before but the most depressing thing about this announcement as an Australian is not just that it will never happen here but that the entire US public broadcasting budget is less than half what the Australian taxpayer has to fund.

Related – Dan Mitchell spells out why this is such a great idea.

The Dutch election – Thoughts from Tim Newman and Francis Turner. You know just how much of a threat Wilders was when the press celebrates a party that lost 20% of their seats as being the winner while Wilders increased his own seat count by 30%. Wilder is also the big winner because the Dutch prime minister was forced to backtrack on his enthusiastic public support for immigration before the election.

Moreover as the Speccie points out, Rutte and the VVD kept their lead by doing a hard U-turn on immigration and making comments and promises regarding policy that would have been unthinkable a few years ago.


Another little fashion snippet for all you aspiring stylish modern men out there. How to fold a pocket square seven different ways.

Musical interlude. The Corrs. Why? Because Irish cheekbones, that’s why. And it’s a certain Irish day today.


The new paddler-of-the-pink-canoe leader of Australia’s largest union stated the other evening that laws are only for the little people to follow.

How twee. Here is a cracking video of her seven years ago at a town hall meeting protesting a proposed “racist burqa ban” where she advocates banning breast implants, plastic surgery, and tanning booths amongst other things. I assume that she would want to enact laws to ban all of these things which we can then all break because all laws are unjust. Or something.

At least her hair cut has improved somewhat. May have to ban those as well.

Big brother story – Queensland bans children under 12 from traveling to school on their own. Maximum penalty three years imprisonment. I bet the kid’s future will dramatically improve while mum and dad are in the big house for three years because little Timmy wanted to ride his bike to school. Is that an unjust law we can break? Better ask the man in the last two videos about that.

Are you ready for the hawt chick of the week? I sure am. I present to you all a hawt chick whose hawtness would most certainly be banned under you-know-who’s regime. Because the patriarchy or something.


Feelings trump free speech.


#Fake Australians.


  1. your hawt chick isn’t hawt…but SUPER CUTE!

    So here are some “hawt” aussie models. both hawt.


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