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Friday links & hawtness time.

Another week, another weekend to come, another hawt chick, oh and a bunch of links and vids. It’s F1 grand prix weekend here in Melbourne and I live close enough to the track to hear the cars doing their speedy thing, as well as the stunt aircraft which are peppering my house with low level dive bombing missions as I type. Despite my long and distinguished F1 fandom career I will not be attending this weekend due to the last few seasons being terrifying in their epic levels of boredom. This is precisely due to the convoluted miss mash of rules that have reduced the cars to sounding like tinker-box toys. So I will be able to ascertain whether or not they have fixed this issue by relaxing on my terrace to hopefully hear the sweet sounds of petrol-heads. To be confirmed. Anyway, on with the show.

So London got attacked again. Ho hum. The politicians here in Australia rushed to confirm that security has been stepped up in parliament house so we don’t have to worry as our adored and loved politicians have lots of guards with weapons to protect them. How sweet. One rule for the cloud people and one for us dirt people.

Captain Capitalism explains why he cares not in the slightest, and Tim Newman does a masterful job of excoriating the usual morons and their candlelit tributes.

One for the nerds. Quadrant Magazine has a little article on the alt-right in their latest issue. The old fuddie duddies are starting to get a bit worried it seems.

Lots of steaming goodness in this week’s Woodpile Report.

Downhill mountain-biker Dan Atherton tries out the course he designed himself. This is what is known as being in the zone. It looks crazy but the rider is compartmentalizing each technical aspect of the course and applying his skill and experience to each individual challenge. I’ve done the same a few times when paddling rivers at dangerous flood levels. It looks insane, but strangely it’s not.

Some of my articles are now being posted on Men of the West. Check out their site. They have great and accessible high-brow alt right articles from a wide range of excellent writers.

A brilliant example of what the alt-right does best. This is some top quality meming right here. I have embedded the video because apparently it has already been taken down in Austria and Germany. H/T to Roissy.

[wpvideo QAS77H0a]

And after all that it’s time for this week’s hawt chick of the week, brought to you by the good time, great taste of fish.


Podcast #41 – The religion episode.


Whatever you do, don’t be desperate.


  1. Brandon


    You might find this interesting. Hopkins reminds me of the leftist that actually inhabit the real world.
    “…in the course of a year, they have (a) had to pretend to believe that Donald Trump is a modern-day Hitler who is going to exterminate millions of people and transform America into a new Fourth Reich, and then (b) once that tactic didn’t work, immediately forget the Hitler hooey, and pretend to believe that Donald Trump is a secret agent working for Putin, who they (c) suddenly had to believe is an evil James Bond-villian-type menace intent on annihilating Western democracy … all of which has been hard to swallow, given that, just before all this started, they (d) were just getting used to believing that the official enemy was not Putin, or fascists, but rather, those scary self-radicalized terrorists. Can you remember back to when they were the enemy? It was actually less than a year ago.,,”

    The more irrational the proposition – a day after a barbaric atrocity say we are not afraid and we will carry on regardless until the next one – the better.

  2. Cheers for the Captain Capitalism link. Don’t go by that way much these days but it was a genuinely brilliant article.

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