Adam Piggott

Gentleman adventurer

I got nuthin’.

It’s Sunday, I have the BBQ firing where I’m cooking my mean as fuck Texas Chili, I’m drinking crisp and clean Spanish beer, there is a fat Montechristo with my name on it, and I have absolutely zero inspiration to write something here. Zilch, nada, niente. So I give you Nancy Sinatra, because Nancy Sinatra is way cool.


Whatever you do, don’t be desperate.


No alt-right for old men.


  1. Some days are like that. I contemplated doing some mowing today, but decided to take a nap instead. What a lovely day, just me and my dogs, power lounging. My wife’s only comment, as she smiled at me, “you and your dogs.”

  2. John Ricketts

    Hey it’s Sunday. We followers got nuffink neither. Enjoy.

  3. ahhh no, Nancy might have been hot sometime in the seventies but now she’s cold.

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