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No alt-right for old men.

Identity politics is now everything. You may not like it but that is the reality, and to ignore it is to position yourself as a powerless piece of flotsam that drifts to its doom unaccepting and unknowing. The reason that identity politics is the new reality is because the Left made it so and the conservative Right did nothing to halt the slide. The Right have been apologists who have done nothing but suck up to the Left while shooting in the back anyone on their side who clung to “old fashioned” views that conservatives once held dear.

The Left have comprehensively transformed the social landscape into a myriad of special interest groups while simultaneously preaching the need for equality. The inherent incoherency of advocating for equality and diversity at the same time should have been an easy target for conservatives to attack. But instead they went along with the game in a futile attempt to ingratiate themselves with their ideological opponents.

Ironically it was multiculturalism that brought about identity politics. When a once homogenous nation becomes diluted by different tribes with varying degrees of integration then the old political ideological landscape becomes redundant. The end result is that people begin to identify along tribal lines. The Left realized this long before their opponents ever did. It might even be argued that it was a coherent strategy that coupled multiculturalism with identity politics.

The Left were very smart in how they implemented this strategy. All non-white racial groups and tribes were promoted as being of worthy inclusion while whites were omitted under the pretext that whites as a group already held too many “privileges”. But certain subsections of whites were allowed in and this was just enough to keep the balance in the Left’s favor. Women and homosexuals were the two largest segments of this beatitude but smaller subsections were allowed where the Left traditionally held power. So environmentalists, animal rights groups, and even atheists were allowed entry based on their good work for the cause.

The Left have been so successful in tainting anything pro-white as being inherently racist that the majority of conservatives still have not woken up to what has been perpetrated. But one segment of the population have awakened and they are beginning to flex their ideological muscle.

It is no surprise that straight white men overwhelmingly inhabit the ranks of the alt-right because it is exactly this segment of the population that have been successfully excluded from identity politics due to political correctness for so long. They are also the survivors, the ones who refused to go along with the prevailing narrative. It is important to understand that they were not cast out from polite society. To be excluded implies that the rejected person originally sought inclusion. The men of the alt-right are the ones who did not sell out their values and most importantly did not care what polite society thinks of them. You cannot be expelled from a club if you think that the club is worthless to begin with.

An article in the current edition of Quadrant titled Alt-right versus alt-left successfully identifies this attack on whites and the subsequent push-back. But the writer completely fails to understand how the political landscape has changed.

At the root of today’s leftist ideology is a tribal war against individual self-determination. And the antidote to this creed—what we might call the Alt-Left—is not the Alt-Right, a right-wing imitation of left-wing identitarianism, but a colour-blind alliance of “identity traitors” and self-respecting white males united by enlightened patriotism and a shared stake in Western civilisation.

The writer, one Daryl McCann, assumes that the alt-right have embraced identity politics because they mimic the Left’s ideological goals. Even though nothing that conservatives have attempted to combat Leftist ideology has worked, they still cling to the notion that they can save Western civilization by dint of being seen to be “good”. After all, it is only “self-respecting” white males who have an enlightened stake in preserving our culture.

That Conservatives have conserved nothing is lost on them. They still cling to their blue pill reality that history is over and they will be allowed to share the spoils. The alt-right have been red-pilled. They have seen reality for what it is and they are using their opponents’ weapons against them. And it is working. The battleground has shifted. The Left understand this and are mustering for the fight while the old guard of the Right still believe that they are at the forefront of events.

They are not. They have been left behind. A new cohort are in the process of taking their place but the old Right do not understand what is happening. They cannot let go of their ineffective strategy because their ego-investment is bound up in being seen as “good” conservatives. And so they pat the alt-right on the head and tell them to go outside and play and let the grown-ups do the talking, still presuming that the Left are sitting at the table with them.

But the Left and the alt-right are outside while the old conservative Right are sitting at the table all alone. Preaching to one another that only they understand how to save a civilization that they have come so close to losing. The alt-right know who the losers are and they don’t intend to play nice. They cannot play nice precisely because the Left have managed to construct what will be a very dirty war. It will be a fight along racial and cultural lines that will be supreme in its awfulness.

And it is no place for failed old men.


I got nuthin’.


The three essential red pill journeys.


  1. Dan Flynn

    Compelling analysis Adam.

  2. MarkT

    Wouldn’t a more effective fight back be to reject identity politics outright, rather than by accepting their ground rules? If not why not?

    • Because it doesn’t work.

      Look, I can’t red-pill you, Mark. Each man has to do that for himself. But the sooner you realise that standing in front of the panzers circa 1940 and decrying blitzkrieg doesn’t work the better. For your sake.

      • MarkT

        So assuming for a moment you’re right; that the only way to fight the bankrupt identity politics of the left is to adopt our own identity politics, and assuming this succeeds in smashing the left – what then?? How is this going to move us towards freedom (assuming freedom is your goal)? Anymore than the fascists smashing the communists pre WW2 a victory for freedom and civilization?

        • Freedom? That would be nice. I’ll be happy in the next thirty years if I’m not dragged out of bed and shot on the spot. You sure are asking a lot with the state of our society at the moment.

  3. Post Alley Crackpot

    “Identity politics is now everything.”

    Which is why the smart money has always been on better entry and exit strategies, not only for economic gains but also for political gains …

    Keep your eyes open for the opportunities, and keep your ear to the ground for actualities, but don’t take your mind off the fact that you’ll need an exit strategy.

    Even the “alt-Right” leads to an exit strategy.

  4. “…that will be supreme in its awfulness.” So true. The reality of American government is that for the most part you can’t do much without building a strong consensus. Tribal politics has so poisoned the well that building any sort of consensus is nigh on impossible these days. The United States faces some serious problems in the near future that probably won’t be addressed because of this, and it will get nasty.

    The funny part is that many of the serious problems aren’t really that ideological they are just framed that way.

  5. Our major dripping wet identity politic in New Zealand is Maori.
    Maori privilege.
    The National Govt [ equivalent of your slippery Turnbull Govt ] is quietly handing over billions of dollars of assets and insallling co-governance with unelected tribal chieftans.
    The only people standing up to this are older white men.
    We are the only people who know that democracy means all people are equal, and some colour not more equal than white.
    We are also the only people who remember what it was like before PC unfree speech society.
    And just to put the edge on it, I am told older white men in USA have less to lose and will pick up weapons if and when the necessity arises.
    I am old and a financial failure in New Zealand, and i am also one of the more dangerous activists against liberal wet identity and speech curtailment.
    I just wrote to the Attorney general of NZ tofday to tell him he is a traitor.
    Because he is. .

  6. Russian Limbaugh


    The fascists (alt-right) would have eliminated the communists (the left) had it not been for the cucks and the jews help. And we wouldn’t even be in this mess today to begin with.

    What was then is what is now. Cucks being decieved by the left which is controlled by the jews. I can’t say it any plainer than that. Can you not-see?

    • Russian, you’re free to comment on the blog but without the conspiracy laden antisemitism.

    • MarkT

      Adam – take note of this response, and ask yourself whether identity politics framed by people like this is any better than identity politics framed by the left (and who’s more likely to want to drag you out and shoot you)? And don’t confuse me for the old-style conservatives you rightly castigate. Ayn Rand saw this coming more than 50 years ago when she wrote “Conservatism – An Obituary” – which I urge you to read. The ideas that ultimately win and transform society (for better or for worse) are those that are the most consistent, have a strong moral foundation, and have the potential for universal appeal – not ones that pander to particular interest groups.

      • Rand fell into the same trap that Hitchens did. She assumed morality in humanity because she possessed it herself. Which is pure projection. You will get people on all sides who want to lay the blame on convenient targets. The crucial thing to understand is that the longer you put off fighting the real battle then the greater the power the extremists will have. That is why the Nazis were able to progress as they did. Because nobody stood up to them and acted to save the core foundational elements that made up their civilization. (It is no secret how badly the Nazis attempted to destroy the Catholic Church.)

        Traditional conservatives have been appeasers. Which is why we find ourselves where we stand today.

      • MarkT

        “Rand fell into the same trap that Hitchens did”

        I’m not surprised you think that (you’re at least consistent), but I still think you will gain something by reading it – because she nails the nature of the conservative’s appeasement (google it).

        There’s no disagreement we’re in a cultural war and need to fight back, our disagreement is on what’s the most effective weapon. Letting the opposition set the rules is not one of them in my book. To continue your analogy, there’s no point trying to copy the German’s panzers and their tactics, they need to be overwhelmed with superior weapons and tactics.

        • Fine. So what’s your superior weapon and tactic?

          Thus far the only wins against the left have been by the alt-right using their own tactics against them. If you’ve got something new and better then spell it out, I’m all ears.

      • DissidentRight

        I’ll explain identity politics to you, Mark. “America is us; foreigners are not.” This is a profound truth. Identity politics isn’t bankrupt. It is simply the basis of civilization. If you can’t get that right, everything else is literally a waste of time.

        Conservatives demonstrated this in spades. Name an argument, besides that one, that conservatives didn’t get right. Trump, a civic nationalist, will put the final nail in the coffin…one way or the other. Because civic nationalism cannot work. “They are not us.” If you don’t get that right, nothing else matters.

        Besides that, freedom uber alles is a failure. Nations need rules to be stable and successful. The elites need rules. The lower class needs rules. Women need rules. Men need rules. The middle class is a product of that. Of course, the rules of the elite are completely different from the rules of the lower class. The elites must set a moral example. They must take the interests of commoners into account. (Ironically, this has created problems for America, because free markets can rocket a high-functioning man of the lower class into the elite class.)

        “There’s no disagreement we’re in a cultural war and need to fight back, our disagreement is on what’s the most effective weapon.”

        Yes there is. That’s the point. You don’t understand what “we” means. You want to start “fighting back” without first accepting who is “us” and who is “them”.

      • MarkT

        The superior approach is to take the uncompromising attitude you and some others on the alt-right have (which I admire), but:

        1. Drop the attempt to tie it to religion (which doesn’t require being anti-theist, but doesn’t require being anti-atheist either)

        2. Tie it to the practical requirements of human prosperity instead (which is not unique to any race or nation, but has universal appeal).

        3. Drop your inconsistencies (eg: free trade within a nation is good, but over borders is bad)

        4. Don’t let your opponents define you – i.e. don’t always let what you’re for be determined by what your opponents are against.

        5. Don’t over-estimate the power of irrational ideas. The irrationalism and inconsistencies of the left make them fundamentally weak, not strong – so why on earth would you want to copy them?

        Stand up for superior values because they are superior, because western culture as developed by free minds is superior, not based on accidents of birth. Race and culture are not the same thing. This is the No. 1 thing we need to challenge the left on, but instead the alt-right accept the left’s equivocation around race and culture.

        The alt-right may be benefitting momentarily because there’s a backlash against political correctness; and can increasingly see the hypocrisy, inconsistencies, and detachment from reality of those on the left. But that can’t be fought effectively in the long term by a movement that has its own brand of inconsistencies and disconnections from reality – examples of which are abundant in the comments above, from the anti-Semite, to the guy who thinks that his once great nation created by immigrants can stay superior now by keeping out immigrants (and by extension sees you as an enemy based on being a “foreigner”).

        People will eventually see that, and unless you can offer them something fundamentally superior (rather than just a different style of authoritarianism), they’ll eventually be a backlash against the right, and it will inevitably swing back to the left in a spiral towards dictatorship.

        The best example I can provide of the right approach is Alex Epstein and what he’s doing in challenging the dogmas of the environmental movement, and beating them.

      • MarkT

        Right Dissident – You’re correct that there is no “we” when it comes to you and me. My “we” are those with a common appreciation for civilized western values, wherever they happen to be born. Your “we” is your accident of birth, your tribe, the blind adoption of whatever ideas the rest of your tribe subscribes to. You’re just lucky to be born into a nation that once subscribed to the values I’m referring to, rather than a shithole like Africa with an inferior culture. You are my enemy, just as the left are.

  7. You want to see some red-pilled men fight back with the same tactics the violent left has used since the 60s in the U.S.A.?

    Go to uTube and look up what happened to some AntiFa slimeballs that tried to get down and dirty with some 2,000 peaceful MAGA marchers in Huntington Beach, CA last weekend. 

    They got the shit beat out of them and at least six arrested for felony rioting and assault.

    Pukes pepper-sprayed the wife of one of the MAGA marchers and paid the price ~ with fists and elbows to the head and neck. The cops even chased one of them down in the sand with a K9 and the doggie used him for a chew-toy before he got cuffed. I used to live there and the HB cops take no crap from anyone. 

    It was glorious to behold.

    • To our friends down under… a little tale about us as an addendum to my post:

      “A hundred years ago, an Englishman visiting Texas was attempting to find the owner of a huge cattle ranch. He rode up to one of the ranch hands, and he inquired, “Pardon me, but could you perhaps tell me where I might locate your master?” To which the cowboy replied, “That sumbitch ain’t been born yet”.

      That’s the *real* America in a nutshell.

      Adam, you really should move here. Depending on the state (think flyover country) we would welcome you with open arms.

      • Soca, I do appreciate the sentiment but there is a big problem with your idea:

        My wife and I are not Americans. You have too many immigrants already. There will be a major push-back in the future. I do not wish to find myself in that situation.

        But more importantly, it would be completely hypocritical of me to move to the USA after everything that I write and say about the subject of immigration. I can no more move to America and declare myself to be American than I could move to China and do the same. There has been far too much of this globalist bullshit of going to a new country and immediately declaring yourself to be of the native population. My wife is Dutch and thus we have a very good reason to move to Holland.

    • Yes, I did see that, and it was indeed glorious.

    • DissidentRight

      And I was told my generation is full of pussies.

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