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Podcast #42 – The hairdressing episode.

The one where my regular manly gay hairdresser is injured and I have to get my hair cut by a woman. It was all going okay until I brought up the subject of duck shooting.


The three essential red pill journeys.


The face of gay militancy.


  1. Absolutely, men cutting men’s hair only. A good barber will tell you men’s hair is different, and has different requirements. My barber’s establishment is called “Gents Only.” He does a proper haircut, and does a good hot towel shave with a straight razor.

    While waiting for my last haircut a young lady was with her guy and attempted to tell the barber how his hair should be. She was met with total silence and unpleasant looks from everyone. Her mouth finally stuttered to a stop, and she left. Yes young lady you have indeed entered an all male space, and that creaking sound you hear is the thin ice under your feet.

    • Adam

      I hope the young man learned something also from this little scene.

  2. stevenz300

    I’m not really interested in shooting but I’m going duck shooting just to spite the people that tell me I can’t. Then I’m cutting some trees down in my yard.

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