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Let’s make one thing clear of what I think of gay rights activist Michael Barnett. He is a bullying totalitarian little thug on a power trip, and those are his positive qualities. Fresh from his victory over making Coopers brewery grovel in public before the altar of gay militancy, he is now going after Christian charities via their public board members. Did I say public? Silly me. Christians need to cower behind closed doors these days from those poor put-upon homosexuals. You know, the ones who just wanted to be free to love each other and have the equalities?

The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission yesterday agreed to keep the boards of the Lachlan Macquarie Institute and the Australian Christian Lobby off the public record ­because publication “could ­endanger public safety”.

It might be a little too late seeing as Mr Barnett has posted the board members names on his website. One would then presume that Mr Barnett intends to endanger public safety, or at least the public safety of conservative Christians. Incidentally, that car bombing of the Australian Christian Lobby’s Canberra office last December and the death threats against the staff members sure has dropped off the media radar, hasn’t it. I wonder why that is?

Today we are finally seeing some push-back from Australian Church leaders on this matter. But is it too late for them to discover a spine?

The nation’s most senior Christian leaders have described as “appalling” and “unAustralian” attacks from gay activists that have driven two Christian charities to request board secrecy.

And the Sydney Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies has slammed the multinational corporates who surrender to those ­attacks as “weak-kneed”.

That’s nice and all but this is from the same Anglican church that hides its Melbourne cathedral behind an enormous banner declaring their support for refugees. The fact is that denominations everywhere have been pushing lefty causes for years. This was partly due to the little spot of bother they found themselves in when they tried to cover up the sexual molestation of children by some of their priests. Michael Barnett has something to say about that:

It’s curious, but as far as I am aware, these monstrous acts were perpetrated by homosexuals. The Church didn’t rape children. Homosexuals raped children on the Church’s watch. In fact, the Church never wanted homosexuals in their ranks in the first place but bowed to public pressure and were forced to admit them back in the 1960s. That turned out well, didn’t it? I’m sure that the Boy Scouts are not going to regret bowing to similar public pressure which has resulted in them admitting homosexuals into their ranks as scout troop leaders. What could possibly happen when the boys go away for a camping weekend together? I mean, is there a precedent we could examine?

What better way to destroy an organization but to demand that you admit people like yourself to its ranks where there is a very high chance that they will perpetrate despicable acts, and then prosecute the organization after the fact, and led by the very same sorts of people who are prone to these acts in the first place. I mean, it’s pure evil genius.

I suppose the next step would be to legalize gay marriage and let the gays adopt little boys into their household. What could possibly happen? But I’m sure people like Michael Barnett are just really nice and loving. They don’t wish to push their private sexual preferences on anyone else, surely.

So let me get this straight, Michael. Are you threatening to gang rape Andrew Bolt for criticizing your militant agenda? If not, what exactly do you mean by this tweet?

Michael Barnett is a bully and prone to harassment but he is able to do this because the powers at be have rolled over once too often. If churches want to get people back into their congregations then they need to drop the lefty preaching quick smart. The only way to combat these cultural Marxist ideologues is to fight back twice as hard. You don’t get anywhere by attempting to appease them. Appeasement only encourages them to even greater heights of bullying. And activists like Michael Barnett have no end game. Their existence depends on their advocacy.


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  1. Don’t hold back Adam. Tell us what you really think. 🙂

    • Adam accused you of bullying and making threats. Are you going to argue the point while you’re here, or do you agree?

    • Adam

      I imagine that speaking one’s mind would be verboten under your totalitarian paradigm.

      Incidentally, I notice that you have not responded to my direct question to you regarding your threat against Andrew Bolt. Why am I not surprised?

      • Making comments Adam without backing them up isn’t a good thing.
        Who are these “homosexuals” you state?
        Name them, as I’m sure that the Church Organisations would be interested in clarifying if they are homosexuals.
        What about all the nuns who abused and sexually abused children Adam.
        You haven’t mentioned them either.
        The Anglican Church is a wonderful institution of male clergy, laymen who have sexually abused young girls. Are they homosexuals too Adam ?
        You haven’t mentioned that either.
        What about Evangelical Christian Organisations Adam?
        You make no mention of those organisations either.
        Have you yourself Adam been sexually abused or raped by a priest or Nun or someone that you have trusted ?
        Adam, have you ever been sexually abused/ raped by any adult ( male/ female).
        It’s more than an unpleasant situation and the perpetrators are not homosexual.

        • Adam

          So you declare that making comments without backing them up is a bad thing and then you proceed to make lots of comments without backing them up.

          Sheer fucking brilliance, mate.

  2. Miccus Maximus

    He actually admits he is a fascist! Funny how that just slips through to the keeper.

  3. max

    Yes, completely right, homosexuals committed the vast majority of sexual assaults against children and adolescents falsely ascribed to the Church.

    Thank God for Abp Pell who understood and took action against them. When they responded with a media dependent campaign against him (photographers tipped off so they could be photographed as the Archbishop refused to administer communion to them), he brilliantly outwitted them. Haha. Suffer in your jocks boys.

    He’s much too clever for you.

  4. I’m sure he just wanted the information so all the readers of his site could send them Christmas cards. Of course he can later say he had nothing to do with what happened. Just another penny ante thug.
    It’s always interesting to see people tearing down civil society, then bemoaning the lack of civility when their turn in the barrel comes up. Someone made an observation about this to me a long time ago, “payback is a medevac.”

  5. Patrick Lynch

    Cannot believe that a little grub like Michael Barnett is allowed to bully business Organisations & Universities,he is typical of the people who are starting to destroy a once great country,they have small time personal agenda’s and are prepared to destroy the freedoms we have inherited.
    Organisations,both Business & Educational must stand up and reject these minorities,they are not representative of the majority of Australians,who the hell is Michael Barnett? Don’t remember him being elected? He is a low grade agitator,give him the short message

  6. I know what I would do with the vile little piece of scum . Not very Christian but he needs it.

  7. Where’s Sharia law when you need it for once. .

  8. John Coe

    This is good courageous stuff Adam. Well done.

  9. Douglas Roth

    You people (especially you Peter Scott) need to lay off Michael Barnett he’s just trying to achieve equal right for LGBTQI Australians and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that he’s a great man who’s just fighting for what he believes in.

  10. It’s funny how for roughly 1500 years the Christian church has been persecuting homosexuals in the worst possible ways – now in the 21st century when activists like Michael Barnett stand up for human rights and calls out hypocrisy in others, all the anti gays, pretending that they are “Christians”, get in a tizz. It’s very easy to hide behind a computer screen and point the finger at others when you are not actually doing any good towards humanity yourself. Michael Barnett works exceptionally hard in a variety of ways to help achieve equality for people who are otherwise denied what should be a given. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    • Michael Barnett is a fascist bully doing serious damage to everyone, including the people he is supposedly an advocate for. The quotation of Christ is quite badly misused. Christ did not pat the adulteress on the back and say she was OK. He hold to go and sin no more.

      Unfortunately, the misquote is typical of those supposedly advocating on behalf of those with a serious mental illness.

  11. Truthteller

    What a disgusting attack on a courageous and principled activist Michael Barnett wrapped up in nasty and deceitful article. You slander gay people as child molesters, which has repeatedly been debunked, and claim falsely that the ACL HQ was attacked, even though police stated the incident wasn’t politically motivated.

    Michael Barnett should sue you for defamation and vilification. Fascist.

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