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#Fake Australians threaten our cultural values.

The big news in Australia this week has been the hilariously incompetent attempts by the Liberal government, sorry, make that the “Turnbull Team”, to pass amendments to the 18c Racial Discrimination Act. As reported in The Australian, the Liberals are merely attempting to change around the wording.

The government is proposing to reform section 18C by making it unlawful to “harass” or “intimidate” someone on the basis of their race, colour, national or ethnic origin and is pushing for procedural changes at the Australian Human Rights Commission. Currently, 18C makes it unlawful to “offend,” “insult” or “humiliate” an individual because of their race.

Hands up who thinks that the definition of the words “harass” and “intimidate” will be cannon fodder for the legions of human rights lawyers waiting expectantly in the wings?

This entire balls-up is bad enough but what really caught my eye was a cross-post on Catallaxy Files of an article by senator David Leyonhjelm:

When Labor, the Greens and certain Liberals in western Sydney seats seek to explain their reasons for opposing changes to section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, they mostly refer to the concerns of ethnic, religious and racial minority groups.

Representatives of Armenian, Hellenic, Indian, Chinese and Vietnamese groups have joined Jewish, Lebanese Muslim and Arab groups to oppose any changes apart from procedural, arguing that amending section 18C will unleash a torrent of “hate speech”.

While we occasionally hear half-hearted claims that minorities require special protection from hurt feelings, the main driver of opposition is the political clout of these groups. A dozen or so federal seats are held on margins smaller than the populations of these groups. And in the recent WA state election, certain Muslim leaders openly endorsed the Greens.

Let’s list out these special interest groups, shall we?

Armenians, Hellenic, Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese, Jewish, Lebanese Muslims, and Arabs.

Not exactly a list of cultures that offer the same rights to their citizens as does that of Western civilization, is it? The fact that these people have moved to Australia, refused to assimilate, and then formed voting enclaves that are effectively holding Australian cultural values to ransom is all the evidence you need that mass immigration and multiculturalism are incompatible with a free Western society.

It is culturally criminal that we import people who refuse to share our societal values. These immigrants are all #Fake Australians. And while our governments blather on with halfhearted attempts at reforming 18c, we have here groups that are not only voting along racial lines but advocating along racial lines as well. Why we accept people “representing” ethnic groups is simply astounding. But this is not a country of Australians anymore. We have divided ourselves along racial lines and identity politics to such an extent that our entire society is now hopelessly compromised.

By focusing so much on “valuing” immigrants former cultures, all we have succeeded in doing is the creation of multiple ethnic enclaves. This is why the alt-right recognises that participating in identity politics is now mandatory, simply because this is the new reality. Short of mass expulsions this will not be rolled back. Australia is a large continent. Expect in the future for this land mass to be a hodge-podge of different states formed with great violence along ethnic lines.

Because diversity + proximity = war.


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  1. Mr Black

    Until such time as a large number of white men are taking up arms and killing those who need to be killed, nothing changes. And I don’t see the Australian Man as being willing to do that. Hence Australia will become just another brownish 3rd world corruptocracy.

  2. Adam

    I think harrass or intimidate is much better wording than insult or humiliate, although getting rid of it completely would be best.

    And anyone advocating the slaughter by whites of “those who need to be killed”, is on the list of those who deserve to be killed in my opinion.

    What we need is better more selective immigration laws, an end to multiculturalism, closure of the ABC and SBS and free IVF treatment for anyone whose grandparents were all born in Australia.

    • Mr Black

      Right, an “end to multi-culturalism” when 25% of the nation is already born over-seas. That ship has sailed Adam. Even ending immigration today, forever, won’t change the fact that they breed faster than the locals and they can wield huge electoral power as racial voting blocks.. So either they have to be removed from the country by force, or hanged if they refuse. But as I said, no Australian Man is going to do that, so corruptistan it is. What you’re calling for is surrender of everything that has been lost so far. I’m actually more interested in restoring what has been lost and I don’t care how many foreigners have to be removed to do it. Peacefully is fine, but if that won’t work, blood is fine too.

  3. Adam

    Adam, the original bill was meant to deal with violence against people based on their race. Michael Lavarch, who was the Labor attorney general at the time said this:

    “The Racial Hatred Bill is about the protection of groups and individuals from threats of violence and the incitement of racial hatred, which leads inevitably to violence. It enables the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission to conciliate complaints of racial abuse. … It calls for a careful decision on principle.”
    (Hansard, House of Representatives, 15 November 1994, p3336.)

    The terms “harass” and “intimidate” have nothing in common with the bill’s original intent, and instead provide opportunities for vexatious litigation which is enthusiastically supported by the Australian Human Rights Commission.

    As for calls to kill people based on their race, I am entirely at odds with this. But unfortunately that is the path we are heading down. Where else do you think the end game for this disaster will be?

  4. Adam

    Threats of violence and incitement of racial hatred iin your quote above seem to me to have something in common with harrassment and intimidation… although that’s kinda irrelevant to my point which was that the proposed wording would be an improvement to the current wording which allows anyone to get screwed over if someone’s feelings are hurt.

    I don’t think the end game will be race war, just a continued degradation of society’s foundations and morals. Which to me is almost as bad. And the point at which our apathetic white population would be stirred to racial violence would be well past the point that it would do any good.

    What is needed therefore is not calls to violence by extremists like the previous commenter, but solid conservative policy changes designed to ensure that it never is required, a few of which i mentioned above.

    However with the traitors of the left bent on destruction of our civilisation i doubt that will ever happen.

    • Adam

      I don’t think the end game will be race war, just a continued degradation of society’s foundations and morals. Which to me is almost as bad. And the point at which our apathetic white population would be stirred to racial violence would be well past the point that it would do any good.

      Say hello to present day South Africa.

  5. Carl-Edward

    When minorities and immigrants complain that they have been deprived of their rights, they reveal that they are living in a world of unreality of their own making. Such people have no rights.

  6. Dan Flynn

    In order to accept the concept of a ‘Fake Australian’, I would need to accept the concept of a ‘Real Australian’ which, in my opinion, is a very subjective term that cannot easily be defined.

    • Adam

      Dan, I find the fact that you are unable to define what it means to be a real Australian really sad and tragic.

      • Dan Flynn

        I meant it more in the context of subjectivity. I could define what I think a real Australian is but I would not necessarily expect the person next to me to agree. I would be interested to know your definition.

        • Adam

          Lets start with someone who believes in Australia’s traditional liberal values of free speech, free enterprise, and free association.

  7. Mick

    How about any immigrant to Australia (or any Western nation for that matter), be required to come by ship like in the old days. It’s just too easy to get here.

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