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On Trump and Syria.

I am presently reading the second volume of Churchill’s exceptional history of the Second World War. One of the things that strikes me is how much was going on behind the scenes, particularly with regards to the diplomacy and strategy that Churchill was having to execute, not just on foreign powers and allies but also to dissident ranks within his own party, let alone the opposition.

Churchill was not only exceptionally intelligent, but he also had a superb appreciation for the wide fluctuations of human behavior. Trump has demonstrated on many occasions that he also possesses this same capacity to understand what people are capable of doing, no matter how seemingly irrational.

I am not going to undertake a thorough examination of events that are unfolding as I write, nor am I going to attempt to understand the political motivations when I am not privy to so many facts. Many on the alt-right have been quick to slam Trump’s actions as a grave disappointment in the face of what he promised. My initial reaction was also one of disappointment, but it was also tempered by the awareness that Trump might indeed have many other factors at play here.

Scott Adams has a good examination of possible motivations for the Syrian strike.

Tim Newman has a good appraisal of events as well. I particularly agree with both him and Vox Day when they say that nobody gives a shit about Syrians. Syria is in this mess because of Syrians, end of story.

But Trump is managing international diplomacy in this sorry country that affects not just Russia, but Iran and North Korea as well, not to mention China. Beyond that he is actively managing the neocons and hawks within his own party, the Deep State as it is euphemistically called.

The amusing thing for me has been the predictable and sorry MSM response to these events. They are potentially falling for the same trick that the neocons pulled for the 2003 invasion of Iraq. In that case it was the WMD con. In this case it is the same con except that the weapons have been used. By whom we do not know. But the way in which the press have been jumping over Assad makes me better understand how the Nazis were able to pull off an invasion of Poland due to Polish troops “supposedly” attacking German border posts.

Events are playing out in this manner precisely due to Obama’s hideously inept diplomacy over the last eight years. Trump has a lot of repairing to do as regards to the massive mess left by his incompetent predecessor. No doubt there is a huge amount of activity going on behind the scenes. Trump has most probably used this strike as a message to multiple allies and enemies. This is a wait and see game and I am going to give Trump credit that he has at least some sort of plan going on right now. The alternative is obviously too depressing to contemplate.


It’s happy Friday hawtness time.


Male anti-violence is the latest “shut up!”


  1. Carl-Edward

    I had thought Trump would never again let the United States meddle in the internal political affairs of other countries. I had thought too, that he would withdraw American troops both from Europe and Japan, withdraw the country from the loathsome United Nations -that parasitical communist club. I now doubt that he will do any of these things, any more than he will end foreign: ‘aid’.

    As a libertarian, I had hoped that he would begin the dissolution of the Federal government. (I know better than to have confidence in any politician – yet I had hoped that a man who owes nothing to any individual or group, might be bold enough to keep his promises.)

    Churchill was a rotten First Lord Of The Admiralty, and a terrible prime minister. It was he, the scumbag Roosevelt and Stalin the murderer, who gave us the delightful post-war world.

    I am proud (reflected glory?) that my parents were ardent supporters of America First. Let other countries – and one would have said this of England and the internally diseased France – fight their own battles.

    Relations between countries are based on arms and economics.

    • Adam

      I had thought Trump would never again let the United States meddle in the internal political affairs of other countries. I had thought too, that he would withdraw American troops both from Europe and Japan, withdraw the country from the loathsome United Nations -that parasitical communist club.

      All of these would be great but I still think the US has a massive opportunity with Trump. Either he does this or similar and you win. Or he doesn’t do it and thus you know for sure that your system is irretrievably broken. I mean, if Trump won’t do it then nobody will. Ever.

    • MarkT

      Unfortunately you’re the type of “libertarian” who believes that liberty comes from turning a blind eye to foreign aggression, that if left unchecked would destroy our liberty.

  2. I posted this on CTH and got some massive blowback. Now Sundance is twisting himself into pretzels trying as hard as he can to justify this crap. And his legion of  “Born-Agains” are buying every jot and tittle of this shit sandwich. 

    Just two days ago he was warning *NOT* to get involved. Now, a quick about-face to “Trump Can Do No Wrong!!!” bullshit.

    So here’s my post:
    Trump has succumbed to the siren cry of the RINOs, Neo-Cons and Globalists on this one. 

    We have absolutely NO business getting involved in ANY ME conflict, unless there is a direct attack on Americans.

    Note that the first tweet of “medical” personnel treating the supposed Sarin victims shows them with plain old dust masks and gloves. I call BS. This was PallyWood stuff.

    One drop of Sarin on your skin or droplet inhaled and you are toast. Within minutes. Full Stop. Period.

    Now, note how AQ, Al-Nusra, ISIS and other terrorist scumbags are praising this to Allah (pig’s blood be upon him).

    Tell me: Who else in the ME (besides Israel) protects it’s Christian population? Assad. They are 10% of his population.

    This is a tar baby all ’round and has possibly poisoned our budding relationship with Russia to boot.

    And to the many that think Trump can do no wrong, get over yourselves and try to be more objective.

    This was a massive error on Trump’s part.  Slippery slope indeed.  I hope to God he doesn’t repeat it.
    And I got excoriated for that simple post.

    Fuck Him and his “Evangelical Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammo” camp followers.

  3. I agree with socabill A sadness has come over our hopes. To hear Stefan Molyneux talking gibberish about this, and the utter disarray on the alt-right is just awful. The deep black state is in control. Evil has won big time. I wondered if Trump had been fed some poison which affects rational thinking, and his stated position. I wouldn’t put it past the traitors over there. This is a massive blow against MAGA.

  4. Mr Black

    What a load of utter nonsense. One barely consequential military action and these shrieking concern trolls think it means The Donald has become a puppet. Great men are not other peoples puppets. If you knew any, you wouldn’t have to be told.

    • Sjonnar

      Just as they are assuming Trump has become a puppet, you are assuming he’s necessarily a “great man” who would never be someone’s puppet. Neither assumption is certain.

      What is certain is that getting us ensnared in yet another pointless forever war in yet another turd-filled third world litterbox is not how you make America great again. People are absolutely correct to criticize this action as the broken promise it is, and to demand the president live up to his word to pursue a non-interventionist foreign policy.

  5. MarkT

    There’s a very simple national security interest that justifies the US intervening in Syria: stopping the Paris attacks from happening in a US city. ISIS in Syria is a replay of the Taleban and al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, and anyone who has “taken the red pill” should understand what will follow if you allow a brutal Islamic terrorist regime to seize a degree of quasi-state power, and offer themselves as a successful model of jihad that organises or inspires attacks on the west. In fact you don’t even have to understand what should follow, you just have to look at what had already happened. Taking down ISIS firstly requires taking down Assad and nullifying the influence of his Russian backers. I’ve had little time for Trump to this point, but if this is the issue that the alt-right choose to abandon him on, it clearly shows how naive and full of shit they are.

  6. Neville

    As has been posted elsewhere in blogspace, “kill a chicken, scare a monkey”.
    ‘Nuff said.

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