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Defeat feminism by loving women.

Feminist women hate men. Their hate drives them to inflict their suffering on others. They desire for men to also hate women. But not ugly women like them. They want men to hate all women, particularly the pretty ones. In this way everyone will then share their world of hate; all of the men and all of the pretty women. Feminists are hateful and miserable and thus they want everyone else to feel the same way they do.

That this makes no sense and has no discernible end game is of no consequence. It is useless to attempt to apply logical behavior patterns to people who are demonstrably insane. It is said of the original women who drove the cause of women’s suffrage that their motivation was their dissatisfaction with the role of women in society at that time. Their real motivation was that they were not happy people. Their external circumstances were merely a useful excuse to project their unhappiness onto the world.

Because of their actions and the subsequent one hundred years of multiple feminist waves which have followed, we now find ourselves in a world where the relationship between the sexes is profoundly unbalanced. My post yesterday titled women ruin everything, is thus important to remember in this context. Women ruin everything only if they are allowed to do so. Women don’t want to ruin anything much at all, but without the social constraints that were built up over thousands of years holding them in check, they find themselves slaves to their own desperate need for boundaries.

The fact that feminists have managed to convince women that their dreams will be satisfied if they go out and slave at a job all day is testament to illogical thinking, not brilliant manipulation. Let alone the incredible feat of getting women to agitate in favor of putting women in combat roles.

Feminists are pure examples of women without boundaries. That is the ultimate source of their unhappiness. The increasingly deranged behavior that they exhibit is merely the result of not being put in their place. They desperately seek a strong man to discipline and calm their tortured psyches. But there is a clear lack of strong men available due in part to the very philosophies that the feminist agenda propagandizes.

My post yesterday is not a hatred of women. It is an intolerance of what women become if their emotions are allowed to rail unchecked. As a man you first have a duty to yourself. You need to make a man of yourself. But in doing so you also need to display compassion for women. And in the world we find ourselves in today you do this by not putting up with their shit. Every time you call out a woman for her unacceptable behavior you are simultaneously helping her to find her natural boundaries while establishing yourself as a man.

You do women no favors by pandering to them. A man takes the effort, trouble, and risk to put a woman in her place, not because he hates her, but because he cares. And that is the opposite of what feminists are trying to achieve. Your actions go some way to nullifying their manipulations and thus help bring the sexes closer together.

It is indeed a great privilege to be a man. But with that privilege comes responsibility to others who are less fortunate. In order to rebuild our society it is necessary to understand these dynamics and how we have all been manipulated. Feminists rail against misogyny but the ironic thing is that they preach hatred. If you listen to what they say it will ultimately make you a misogynist, and that way everybody loses.

Take everything that feminists say and do the opposite. If they tell you to shut up then you need to speak even louder. If they tell you to hire more women then you need to reduce your female workforce. If they want more women in leadership roles then you must remove the women who are already in charge. If they protest against advertizing that features beautiful women then you need to support exactly those types of companies. If they tell you that you must not use certain types of language then those words must become your default phrases.

Feminists seek to marginalize men. Do not hand them their victory by checking out. Stand up and fight, and marginalize them right back. Ultimately women will love you for it.




Women ruin everything.


Podcast #44 – The United Airlines episode.


  1. Grammar Nazi

    ‘put a women in her place’ – Sorry Adam but you have nailed one of my pet peeves here. The singular for women is woman. It’s the same as man and men.

    It was a mistype that I failed to pick up in the proof. Get over yourself. AP.

    • Neville

      Yes, to Adam, Grammar Nazi.
      I realise that I’m as good a pontificating grammar nazi as anyone going. But on blogs, indeed elsewhere too, the difference is OBVIOUS between what’s a typo and what’s lazy – or ill-educated – shit grammar.

      • Neville

        PS, “grammar nazi”, where’s the appropriate commas in your comment? And the inapplicable use of single quotation marks? Perhaps it’s about time you stopped feeding that pet peeve – difficult breed, that.

  2. David Moore

    “Women don’t want to ruin anything much at all, but without the social constraints that were built up over thousands of years holding them in check, they find themselves slaves to their own desperate need for boundaries.”

    I’ve said this before, but the show ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ is a factual demonstration of a world run by women without men.

  3. Amanda

    Just thinking, I grew up as the youngest of five children and was allowed to run around with my brothers and/or friends in the street and didn’t have that many controlling rules to follow… my husband was one of six and his parents were pretty liberal too and now we are bringing up our four children the same way. I don’t like unnecessary rules and I see the feminists as being very rule-orientated which is a huge turnoff for me. Maybe part of the answer is the way we bring up our kids. Give them the freedom to play & roam around in their world without too many rules and perhaps they too will grow up hating rules and the stupid people who make them. From there comes questioning of the whole stupid system.

  4. Carl-Edward

    A very feminine woman friend (forty-seven years old), has asked me on several occasions, why I think to-day’s women are so hard – notably young women. I replied that the cause was a persistent evil known as feminism. She added that women were anyway horribly cruel to one another: I told her that this was atavistic, i.e. it is the nest-building instinct which they all possess, and that makes them so competitive for men. I rather doubt that any woman will ever be made to understand this.

  5. Adam

    David, it’s always hit and miss. I was also surprised that that didn’t get any comments but it was back in July 2016 when the blog was only beginning to get some traction. Lots of good posts have fallen through the cracks that way but the only way you can build an audience is to write good stuff. You can’t save it for later, as it were.

  6. Whitehat

    Feminist globalist communists (FGC) or I’m sure an alternative long form of the acronym would also be applicable.

  7. Wouldn’t it be better to simply ignore the feminists and get along with women? It may put a stop to this ridiculous war between the sexes…

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