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Good Friday links and beauty.

A very good Good Friday to you all. May your Easter eggs be yummy goodness and never ever halal certified. This is the day that Christ demonstrated that he had skin in the game, as opposed to all those other pesky fake religious figures. It’s one thing to walk around saying you’re the son of God. It’s another entirely to get nailed to a cross in order to give it some credence. I’ve spent the week getting together some thoughtful reading material. As this is a holiday you should all have time for a bit of reading. So let’s get right to it.

Quadrant magazine has a satire on Australian politicians that is depressingly close to the mark.

Nathan Forest explains why he is no longer a libertarian.

Ex-army captain has a book out called Dog Company – A true story of American soldiers abandoned by their high command. Breitbart has an excellent interview with the author. Gripping stuff.

This week’s Woodpile Report.

Don Rickles died last week and a bunch of new videos have popped up online. This one is my favorite.

Dear Emma Watson, you are the goodwill ambassador for a rape culture.

College today makes no sense and yet the kids keep signing up like lemmings. Cappy explains why.

Dan Mitchell mocks socialism. My favorite image is this one:

Normally I would now post the hawt chick of the week but this is Good Friday and decorum is required. So I give you what I consider to be the best painting of the Virgin Mother by Raphael. And a happy Easter to you all.


Go anywhere, young man.


The wall can not be disobeyed.


  1. John C

    Happy easter Adam

  2. Dakota D

    Thanks for the intro to Don Rickles. It’s a shame I discovered him after his death.

  3. Good going. Happy Easter Adam and readers all..
    >Request > Can anyone lad me to the post where Adam mentioned the Australian Human Rights Commissioner saying something like :
    “Its a pity we can not control what they say in their own homes “

    The free speech discussion has just now burst on to the New Zealand scene in a big way [ don’t laugh it is 2017 here, ] and we have our own disaster HR Commissioner.
    I want to remind our what you people are up against, with your precious little HRC.
    On the good side I am printing ” The Koran and Allah say kill the infidel. Therefore islam is terror “, and most bloggers will allow it.

    • Adam

      Paul, it was a podcast episode where I mentioned it. Her name is Gillian Triggs so if you put that in a search engine with “kitchen table” you’ll probably come up with a fair bit.

  4. MarkT

    Nathan Forest does expose some contradictions and flaws in the libertarian movement, but it exposes more contradictions and flaws in his own thinking more than anything else. If he’d stuck with Ayn Rand and understood that properly before moving on to other libertarian thinkers (many of which Rand would violently disagree with) he would have been much better off.

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