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Podcast #45 – The $800 bottle service episode.

The one where I talk about dumb and broke Millennials ordering $800 bottle service at nightclubs.


The Millennial shit sandwich.


Nation is not a dirty word.


  1. Brandon

    Driving home from a family holiday in Blackpool with the missus, the 6 year old sprong and her cousin. I listened to a Pushing Rubber on the ear plugs and enjoyed a well lager-ed show. I was stifling laughter as everyone else was asleep. Top Man.

  2. Brandon

    PS when I reached the Wolverhampton junction on the M6 I thought to myself the generational comments actually help me, born in 1964, to understand my journey. Always looking for truth, trying to make sense of my place. Thanks Mate.

    PS I’m still using Harry Palmer’s rusty nail to resist Crosby’s “messaging”.
    Teresa May is another non-conservative using Brexit to complete the “detoxification” of Thatcher’s Nasty Tory Party.

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