Those that do not value themselves will not be valued by others.  The American Interest examines the deconstruction of the West.

Today, in the wake of decades of group identity politics and the attendant deconstruction of our heritage through academia, the media, and popular culture, this conviction in the uniqueness of the West is only a pale shadow of what it was a mere half century ago. It has been replaced by elite narratives substituting shame for pride and indifference to one’s own heritage for patriotism.

Vox Day examines the same article:

This is what the Alt-Right ultimately stands for: the survival and restoration of the West. This is what logic, truth, science, and history all dictate. And upon this, everything from Netflix and smartphones and freedom of conscience and the rule of law to the ability to flush toilets in your house ultimately depends.

This is why I don’t blink or back down when people call me racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-semitic, or anything else. Because doing so necessarily makes them anti-West, anti-Christian, and anti-White, and I will choose the historical reality of the white Christian West over whatever bizarre, dysfunctional dystopia they imagine will take its place every single time.

We have let in the interlopers who desperately desired what we enjoy; Western civilization. But our collective self-loathing in our nations and heritage has resulted in these people simultaneously despising us and believing in the delusion that their own inferior cultures are equal to or superior than our own.

Our nations have value and they have consistently demonstrated their superiority to anything else on offer over hundreds of years. White men have created just about everything of value that you and I take for granted in this world. I agree wholeheartedly with Day – the alt-right stands for the survival and restoration of the West. Our forefathers created what we currently enjoy and it is our duty to preserve it for future generations.

Here in Australia we see a so-called aboriginal flag flying over our parliament houses around the country. The aborigines had no flag before the white man arrived; they didn’t even know the concept of a flag. The Anglican Church values people from the stone age more than thousands of years of Western and Graeco-Roman culture:

The young guest minister entered from the vestry and moved along the nave much as on any other Sunday in church. He stopped before reaching the chancel, turned to face the congregation, then recited: “I acknowledge this church stands on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people. I pay respects to its elders past and present, and affirm our church’s commitment to indigenous reconciliation.” The minister then continued walking and commenced the service with the usual prayers.

Our leaders conspire to move the date of Australia Day so as to “heal divisions” when in effect they are creating them through the outlet of shaming us for our own heritage. On and on it goes.

The only way to combat this insidious undermining is to step up and take every opportunity to have as much pride in each of our Western nations as possible, whenever and wherever we can. Do not contribute to the national self loathing that is so much on display. Not only that but call out your fellow citizens who debase their heritage in this manner. You get to keep what you value only if you stand up and fight for it.

To finish we have a comment from Vox Day’s article:

“Dear France, we love you because of your tasty croissants, your fine wines, your outdoor cafes, your accordian music, your fresh baguettes and cordon bleu cuisine etc. But if you vote for the one candidate who wants to preserve your culture which we all adore, you are a horrible, horrible person.”