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It’s Friday links and hawtness!

Before I begin this post I would like to thank the local Waranaijaiajia tribe who are the traditional owners of the land upon which this computer hard drive officially stands, next to a small pile of VB beer cans, a load of cardboard, some four by twos, and a tin thunder-box. I might have made that tribal name up, but then again we’re good at making up stuff for the aborigines. Like “welcome to country” ceremonies, dot paintings, aboriginal flags, and assorted mutant messages from down-under.

The big news here in Australia this week has been the government’s announced crackdown of the exploitation of the 457 visa program. Quite simply, it’s been rorted into the ground by hordes of sub-continental types. The visa program was intended for employers to source foreign workers if jobs could not be filled by Australians due to a lack of technical expertise. Surprise, surprise, but it now emerges that taxi drivers, service station attendants, hospitality workers, and hairdressers are amongst the occupations that have been filled with barely literate peasants from India, amongst other places.

A year on this visa and they could apply for permanent residency which hundreds of thousands have already done. We have filled our country with people who come from low trust societies, the effect of which is to gradually transform our own society from one that was high trust to one that is not so high anymore. One of the crucial distinctions between successful and unsuccessful cultures is the level of trust. High trust cultures flourish while low trust cultures remain backward shitholes. The city of Melbourne alone receives 100,000 new arrivals every year. We do not need these people. Our roads are full to overflowing, our infrastructure is falling apart, our housing prices are through the roof, and yet they continue to bring them in.

Enough lamentations already. On with this week’s links and hawtness.

On the one hand some of us are realizing how important the Church is to the continuing health of our civilization. On the other we have examples such as this one of the Anglican church and how completely subjugated it has become to socialist tendencies. You want church attendances to go up? Drop the PC rubbish.

You want to know what is required to make a marriage work? Then read this excellent piece from Matt Walsh. I’ve been happily married for almost ten years and I agree with every word.

His new book looks good too – The Unholy Trinity: Blocking the Left’s Assault on Life, Marriage, and Gender.

Mark Steyn interviews Dr Jordan Peterson.

Unintentionally humorous article of the week – A PhD thesis from an Arab university of how the world is flat.

Last week, a huge scandal rocked the Tunisian and Arab scientific and educational world: a PhD student submitted a thesis declaring Earth to be flat, unmoving, young (only 13,500 years of age), and the centre of the universe.


It was at this stage that fate luckily intervened: a copy of the thesis was “leaked” to the former president of the Tunisian Astronomical Association, who checked that it was not a hoax and then quickly rang the alarm by posting on Facebook the general conclusions of the thesis, verbatim.

They had to use Facebook to get it shut down. My sides are hurting.

But the latest shocking event (the PhD thesis) implies that we are not only failing to educate the public (that is manifest in the trendy “flat earth” and “Nasa lies” memes on social media) but also our brightest students.

It has been reported that the PhD student had previously graduated at the top of her class.

Stop it, you’re killing me.

Feminism is not supposed to be palatable to men – it is supposed to be threatening. Just deport the bitch already.

This week’s Woodpile Report has its usual load of steaming goodness.

One for my old gaming nerd buddies. My old pal The Greedy Goblin had a brilliant quantum leap which he has been working up to for years. Gold selling and criminality in the gaming industry is aided and abetted by low tier gaming company employees who line their pockets with bribes from the gold sellers. It’s so obvious and yet nobody thought of it.

And now we return to our regular hawtness theme. You know, the part that most of you skipped straight down to without reading all of the good stuff. What a bunch of heathens.



Nation is not a dirty word.


A nation of bludgers.


  1. Rob Sutherland

    Great Brit comic Spike Milligan’s mum lived at Woy Woy on the coast just north of Sydney and he was taken with the name which apparently means “big water” in the local Darkinjung language. Somewhat bewildered,he would often muse about which Woy meant “big” and which Woy meant “water”. He also referred to Woy Woy as the “largest above-ground cemetery in the world”.

  2. MarkT

    If foreign immigrants are being employed as taxi drivers, service station attendants, hospitality workers, and hairdressers; then it’s generally because they are doing the job better than what locals could, or for a wage lower than what locals would accept. It’s a well known truism amongst NZ private sector employers that for certain jobs (particularly those requiring hard physical work), the work ethic and trustworthiness of foreigners is generally far superior to what you get from Kiwis – if you can even find a Kiwi even wanting to take the job. Their presence benefits not only the employer but the economy generally.

    • Mr Black

      And again we see the corrosive and poisonous effect of a welfare state, removing incentives or even the need for work.

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