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Month: April 2017

Women ruin everything.

One of the most important aspects of the alt-right is its determination to learn from and not repeat the mistakes that conservatives have made over the last hundred years. The mistake that got the ball rolling, the grandaddy of mistakes if you will, was women’s emancipation. As The Z Man pointed out the other day, as soon as women got the vote they banned alcohol, gambling, and prostitution.

Morality, at least in the modern age, is the set of rules the girls use to control the boys, which is why the prim-faced moralizers of today are running around trying to stamp out anything that smacks of masculinity.

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Male anti-violence is the latest “shut up!”

Mark Steyn has described how freedom of speech is being shut down under the guise of making us all safe. It would be nice if we could listen to speakers that the left has deemed inappropriate, but the threat of violence against all those involved makes this rather unpalatable.

Nice little Festival Hall you’ve got there. Shame if anything were to happen to it.

In a similar vein, efforts to rid boys of their pesky and inconvenient masculinity all fall under the guise of promoting “anti-violence”. The propaganda states that men and boys are naturally violent and awful creatures and they must be taught to be nice young girls with dicks.

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On Trump and Syria.

I am presently reading the second volume of Churchill’s exceptional history of the Second World War. One of the things that strikes me is how much was going on behind the scenes, particularly with regards to the diplomacy and strategy that Churchill was having to execute, not just on foreign powers and allies but also to dissident ranks within his own party, let alone the opposition.

Churchill was not only exceptionally intelligent, but he also had a superb appreciation for the wide fluctuations of human behavior. Trump has demonstrated on many occasions that he also possesses this same capacity to understand what people are capable of doing, no matter how seemingly irrational.

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It’s happy Friday hawtness time.

Dear friends, dear deplorables, I say this from the bottom of my heart – I’ve never liked any of you. It’s all just been a fake. Here you sit, on your internet sites, thinking that the world gives a damn, when in fact all your hits come from spotty teenage boys in mainland China. That’s why you don’t sell any of your crappy books.

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Podcast #43 – The kitchen table episode.

“ … sadly you can say what you like around the kitchen table at home”.

Gillian Triggs, Australian Human Rights commissioner.


Jonathan McAloon. Mangina.

A prime example of beta husbandry in action.

I’ve said before that the interplay between couples on the Australian cooking show My Kitchen Rules is illustrative of the general alpha/beta dynamics that govern us all, and last night’s episode was a prime example of this modern relationship malaise.

The scene found “hipster couple from Richmond” Duncan and Court Hall-Eastey, (a clue to their predicament in their married name), sitting at the table after having cooked up a botched meal in the previous episode that had left them on the bottom of the leader board.

this is a photo of a poor downtrodden crybaby and his wife.

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One ring to bind them all.

A recent advertisement on Australian television features an extraordinarily plain looking young woman who spends the entire commercial in bed in her pajamas as she attempts to choose an internet service provider or something of that nature. It seems that the new feminist and equality paradigm does not allow actresses and models to be attractive anymore.

The conclusion of the spot is a scene where she is offered an option that she had not previously even contemplated – in this case it is represented by another young woman who is a bit more attractive but dressed up so as to appear to be a transvestite. For all I know it is indeed a tranny; it’s so hard to tell these days.

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Mark Latham – public internet beggar.

I am somewhat of a suspicious chap. This trait has been honed over a lifetime of being screwed over and of seeing other people being screwed. I’ve also come to the conclusion that everyone will always act in their own best interests until proven otherwise. Morals are rather thin on the ground these days. We’ve all been taught that each of us are the most important people in the world, and this narcissistic worldview has saturated our community.

So forgive me just a little as I fail to find any enthusiasm for the recently sacked Sky talk show panelist Mark Latham and his announcement that he intends to launch his own website and Facebook page in direct competition with his former employer.

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My future farming wardrobe.

When people get asked about their dream job it is doubtful that being a farmer would top the list of hopeful candidates. But running my own farm has always been the dream profession that sits lurking away in the dark recesses of my ill-informed brain. My friends would find this idea hilarious considering my complete ineptitude at fixing things. I myself find it hilarious; I could just imagine the scene – me, calling up some local handyman to come out and fix a blocked drain in the sheep dip.

In fact, just the other day I had a professional handyman come around to look at the wooden screen doors that lead onto our terrace. They are more or less rooted and need to be replaced, but the landlord keeps patching them up in the hopes that he won’t have to invest in some aluminum doors. The handyman was a little old Greek chap who has lived in Australia for over fifty years. We got on very well, even though he turned down my offer of a cup of my delicious coffee.

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Dave Allen had it.

The best comedy is always prescient.

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