Only kids pee in the pool.

A couple of years ago I was working as an instructor in underwater helicopter escape for the oil and gas industry. If you came on my course I would talk to you for a day and a half and then I’d put you in a big indoor pool and we’d swim into a helicopter module and have some fun. At least, I thought it was fun. Some of the participants viewed it rather differently.

Here is a stock photo from the internet of what it can look like.

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Do the world a favor and break a lefty’s glasses.

Apparently some sniveling low-life Guardian propagandist got his glasses broken by a Republican candidate over in Montana. The loathsome nerd went on a rampage of crying and wailing and feeling hard done by, while the politician went on to take out the election by a handy margin.

Two years ago this would have played out entirely differently. The shitlibs would have done their same peacock displays of moral outrage and indignation and the conservatives would have duly rolled over and taken it up the proverbial Khyber. Because the one common denominator amongst conservatives for the past 50 years is their refusal to turn up to a fight. The reasoning behind this abject cowardice is that if they did fight back then ‘bad things might happen;’ hell, someone might even get hurt.

We can’t have that. After all, someone has to be the grownup here.

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Let Quadrant go down in flames.

It’s been an interesting week on Catallaxy files, a site where I spend too much of my time but where I get inspiration for many of my posts, this one being no exception. The Cat, as it is affectionately known to those who grace its pages, is Australia’s leading libertarian and centre-right blog which is run by RMIT economics lecturer, professor Sinclair Davidson.

The Cat is one of the very few Australian sites run by someone as prominent as Davidson that encourages robust discussion and forthright views on just about any topic. If your ideas or opinions are weak then they will be ruthlessly exposed by the many educated, experienced, and informed regulars. Which is what makes the place so invaluable. Shrinking violets do not stand the heat for very long.

And my word there has been a lot of heat over the last few days.

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Squat to live.

I love squatting. I love how it works every facet of my body; my core, my legs, my back and shoulders, everything. I hate squatting. I hate how much it hurts; the grit-your-teeth moment when you begin lowering that bar to the floor while knowing that you mustn’t skimp out and cheat by not getting low enough. I grimace at my own weakness when I do skimp out.

The squat is the most fundamental lifting exercise at the gym. It is that important. Not performing a squat at some point in your routine is like riding a 250cc bike; you’re wasting your time, and everyone else knows it even if you don’t.

For 30 years I was that guy riding the imaginary 250cc bike.

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