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It’s either sport or revolution.

Organised sport as a spectacle was perfected by the Romans. It was an important tool to keep the proles content and to distract them enough during the week with arguments over who should have won and who is going to win so that they didn’t have the concentration span to plot revolutions against the state. Organised sport on this scale was necessary because Ancient Rome was a highly successful society and as a result a lot of people had free time who otherwise would have been busy.

Organised sport died out with the Romans because the societies that followed returned to the age old custom of keeping the proles occupied by way of maintaining them one step away from starvation. It was only with the advent of the industrial revolution and the rise of a middle class as well as a structured working week that organised sport on a large scale returned after a hiatus of some 1500 years.

The two most successful industrial countries were Great Britain and the USA and it was no coincidence that each of these nations introduced the most number of modern sports to the world. Great Britain gave us soccer, cricket, rugby, hockey, golf, netball, and tennis, while the USA came up with baseball, gridiron, basketball, and ice hockey. Even Australia has a unique sport, the spectacle of Australian Rules Football.

Sport has become big business in the last 40 years, but it is at heart still a method of distract and control. Men are the traditional participants and spectators of sport because historically men were the ones that the powers at be most needed to distract. But in the age of the culture wars nothing is sacrosanct, and the progressive lunatics that are intent on breaking our societies have been gnawing away at sport for quite some time.

This week is only two days old but so far it has been quite extraordinary in regards to the make up of sport in Australia. Yesterday the headlines screamed of an imminent power shakeup at the top of the Australian Olympic Committee. The president of the committee is John Coates and he has held the position for a staggering 26 years. He has held this position for so long not due to torturing and executing his competitors but by the simple act of doing a very good job.

But the one constant that the progressives desire is change for the sake of change. And as always they pull the old political trick of equating change with progress. In other words, if you’re against change then you must be against progress because all change is inherently good.

The headline read, Powerful Women call end to Coates Reign. What women, powerful or not, have anything to do with calling a halt to anything is of course ludicrous. But logic takes a holiday when the wymens are on the march. And who is the individual that these powerful women are putting up as a replacement? Why a woman of course.

Ms Smith-Gander is part of a group of influential women ­involved in business and sport backing the campaign for Hock­ey­roos Olympic champion Dani­elle Roche to topple Mr Coates in Saturday’s AOC elections.

Roche has boobies, and all of the other women have boobies, so of course it’s a natural fit. Mind you, Roche wasn’t the only other woman that the powerful wymen’s bloc was prepared to throw at the incumbent nasty white male. But their other choice had the temerity this week to accept the position of CEO of the Hawthorn football club, and thus in the process becoming the first female to head an AFL organisation. The headline? You guessed it, Portrait of change as Hawks appoint woman CEO. Interestingly enough her main rival for the top job was another chick, former AOC exec Fiona de Jong who doesn’t like that John Coates guy either:

De Jong last week accused Coates of failing to deal with a culture of bullying within Australia’s Olympic committee, a claim that was outlined in a letter distributed to AOC board members just before last week’s emergency meeting. Handy timing.

Indeed. “A culture of workplace bullying” is the tactic du jour for the progressive entryists who have no rational reasons for inflicting their awful mandates on the rest of us. Workplace bullying means nothing and thus means everything.

Some of you may be wondering why all of these wymens are a bad thing. But apart from the fact that women are terrible leaders, they also have much success at ruining everything. To understand where this is going to lead we only have to turn our attention to a country that is a little ahead of us on the progressive nutjob bandwagon; the USA. As it turns out, ESPN jumped the shark this week with an article titled, Four Poets on the New Feminism.

In honor of National Poetry month, espnW asked four poets to reflect on their definitions of feminism, and the importance of movement. 

Featuring poetry on a sports channel is bad enough but if the poetry had been about sport it just maaaaaay have slid home. But new wave feminism? And how bad can the poetry be?

Beneath the bi***h of buzzer, beneath the crowd’s sputtered swear

and bellowed worship, beneath the joint gasping of sweated air as

tree trunk women hurtle fiercely from east net to west, just beneath

the rampaging pummel of their feet on the hardwood and the hurting

screech when they stop short, pivot and slingshot back,

Really bad. And how politicized can the poetry be?

I knew black women paid a price —

those who went out to work every day

in the service of white folks — none

of these women are free.

Only black women I knew who had control

over their destinies were single,

childless, and owned property.

I never thought about the place of love

in their lives.

I’ve heard there’s a thing called slam poetry and I assume that it got the name from audience members slamming their heads into wall buttresses in despair.

Progressives seek to change all of these institutions at their peril. Organised sport exists to stop the proles from storming the palace with pitchforks. It only works when the sport is worth the distraction. Perhaps this undermining of sport is the best mistake the progressives could have made. It will get the men up off the couch and fighting for their cultures. After all, beating loser Antifa members with sticks is far more satisfying than watching your sporting code being turned into a pink sacrifice to the gods of change.



A privilege of birth.


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  1. Carl-Edward

    I think the greatest of all tragedies was the collapse of the Roman Empire, and the spread of Christianity. The word civilisation must have surely been coined to describe Imperial Rome. (It bewilders me to think that any sane human being should prefer the backward and squalid Dark Ages – a time of superstition, ignorance and servitude.)

  2. Brandon

    I’m quite partial to a bit of snobby elitist garbage masquerading as art. But in light of your observation I thought you’d like this.

    Its not just sport that women must lead of course. Everywhere they are being touted as leadership material. In European countries there is a fad for women Home Secretary’s and Defence minister which usually precedes the outbreak of spikes in rape, knife and gun crime and terrorist bombs. I see you Aussies have one

    What else could we have women do that is totally pointless, keeps them from caring for men, and elevates them to high office. I know pick a poor Home Secretary, who opposed Brexit and put her in charge of the country and the exit negotiations and give her a landslide victory, that should sort it.

  3. You could do both, sport and revolution, simultaneously. For the French peasants the guillotine was an immensely popular spectator sport. Here in the US feeding the members of Congress to lions would have huge audiences. Watching them trying to run would be quite the show.

  4. Mr Black

    A friend of mine is on the club board of a Melbourne suburban side, he was recounting the debut of the womens ‘football’ teams this year at the local level. While there are some genuine athletes, a large number are out of shape, can’t play with any skill and were included solely because they put their hand up and no one else was available. How on earth can this be promoted as some grass roots competition when they are scraping the very bottom of the barrel just to put sides on the ground. Apparently the standard of play is awful, as few of them take the game seriously or practice in any way outside official practices.

  5. Amanda

    Aussies will put up with a lot of shit before they become rebellious. I can’t wait for the tipping point when women leaders have fucked enough things up for the rebelling to start. I can’t wait for girls footy to fail & injuries to bring them unhinged. For more women-mandated PC rules and regulations in AFL to result in falling numbers of crowds. For people to stop watching ‘The Footy Show’ because Sam Newman is probably the only decent un-PC man left. For everything to fuck up and men to turn around and point their collective fingers at the cowering women in charge. Just like, ‘The Emperor’s New Clothes’, these women have no business being in charge and will only con the crowds for so long.

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