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Podcast #46 – The believing the media episode.

The one where I point out that you believe the media, the government, your doctor, and your architect at your considerable peril. And before you think that I don’t mean you, I mean you.


It’s either sport or revolution.


An argument with a Lefty.


  1. Brandon

    Loved the podcast: food for thought. Here’s another way of looking at things: The black Caribbean Marxist cricket journalist CLR James linked the cultural and political state of a country to the performance of its sports teams. If you follow football at all the state of the UK’s national and international teams is a terrible decline into mediocrity. The Dutch and Italians, the Spanish and German national teams are really interesting in what I think they say about their national masculine psyches.

    The Dutch are virtuoso individualist, opinionated, always disagreeing and rebelling against authority even before they had multicultural squads. The Italians are ruthless disciplined tacticians with the strongest mental frame so even with weak teams they can find a way to win. The Germans are athletic perfectionist, tactically strong with a powerful team ethos (they expect integration so I expect their failed migrant policy will eventually be ripped up). The Spanish are highly creative, patient bordering on passive, organized but like the Portuguese slightly mentally brittle.

    All of these nations have won major tournaments in the last two decades. The English, by comparison have lost all frame and drive, have been in an inexorable decline since the 1950s with a blip in 1982, there has been talent and hard work (Beckham springs to mind) but something is always missing and we are often beaten on penalties. This is mainly because English football agreed to convert their premier league into an international globalist league with no migrant quotas. Some “English club teams have no English born players.” But also it is the absence of a determination to win both institutionally and on the grass.

    With the end of empire there was a crisis of Anglophone identity. This was never properly filled by the English, leaving a vacuum that, after the war solidarity expired, became filled with various forms of socialism. England was pathetically knocked out by Iceland in the last world cup because the Icelandic’s wanted it more; and there was minimal consequence other than a shrug of the shoulders. If the Italians lose a tournament they are scared to go home. English players went ion holiday with their super model girlfriends and no misgivings.

    In the seventies the Australians, English and West Indian cricket fans knew cricket was a life and death struggle of masculine frame. Alan Border virtually rebuilt Australian cricket by himself, the West Indies where indomitable and have since imploded, Richards, Rice, Dujon, Marshall, Ambrose, Lara, and Walsh all ghosts.

    At root, running through ISIS propaganda is the idea that Europeans are pussy’s and ripe for the taking; both the women and the sissified men. It will be interesting to see what happens going forward. I look forward to your dispatches from the Netherlands.

    • Adam

      Brandon, great comment as per usual. I will mull over a few of your points.

  2. John C

    Hey Adam, I live in Australia in QLD and I have to say I agree with you. I have been to Sydney, Gold Coast, Cairns, Rockhampton, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide and Melbourne. In some of the major shops in Sydney it is like find the white guy. Some of the cities there are parts that are all written in Korean, Chinese or Arabian, barley a word of English spoken. In almost every major city all the taxis are full of Indians, Pakistani or Arab.I even had a cab driver tell me off for eating pork. Mosque are going up while churches are closing. The schools well whites are being out number and being told that Australia is multi cultural and always has been. This is not Europe I am talking about but Australia. If anyone tells you that you are wrong then they are the ones that are blind. And by the way what is Multi-cultural? If anyone knows history Multi cultural societies they break up when the economy crush since every person stick with their group.

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