What a week it has been here on the old blog. There’s been action, and excitement, and adventure, and mockery, and just all round goodness. You guys must really love opening up this site every day and seeing what delights await you that I have dreamed up from the darkest reaches of my Vaseline tube. Today in the links I have some long nerdy stuff, and some more long nerdy stuff, but then a very funny video that makes fun of all the nerds. How about that? I give you what you want and then I send in Triumph the Attack Dog to poop all over your lives of unintended celibacy.

On with the show.

Here’s a beauty to start off with. MIT atmospheric science professor Richard Lindzen suggests that many claims regarding climate change are exaggerated and unnecessarily alarmist. No shit they are. The chickens are zooming in to roost like a squadron of Corsair fighters returning to their Pacific island base after pummeling the Japs into submission. Yee haw!

Universities were once about knowledge. Now they’re about 337 different genders. The humanities move off campus. This is long, detailed, introspective, and true. Just like I like my holiday views.

Do you reckon folks back in the day had some practical knowledge? You know, the types of folks who settled the American West or built Australia? Want to know what they knew? The Survivor Library. An exhaustive list of skills needed to survive and prosper without modern technology. There’s a lot there, right? Well, more than you think. Click on Farming and you get a huge list of downloadable files. I don’t know which one to read first.  Animal Fats and Oils – How to Use Them – 1898 or Canadian Life as I Found It – Four Years Homesteading in the North-West Territories – 1908. So hard to choose.

Hey guess what? So-called scientists lied to us for 60 years about cholesterol and heart disease and fucking everything because they got paid some lousy money by a sugar industry group. And the only reason that this finally came out is because the fucking scientists are dead. Does this sound at all familiar to anything else I have posted in these links so far??

May 4th was Star Wars day or something. Here is Triumph the Attack Dog going to town on nerds. My favorite line? “Which one of these buttons calls your parents to pick you up?”

And now for the hawtness that you have been waiting for. I do not know this girl’s name but I have decided to christen her, Candy. Because why the hell not?