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The lottery odds of marriage for men.

From a red pill perspective there is so much wrong with this video by Gavin McInnes that I could write a dozen articles on it, each one of them on entirely different subjects. He really does get that much wrong. Aaron Clarey has already debunked the parts that he disagrees with, (which is how I came across the video in the first place).

McInnes is exhorting men to do the usual “manning up” and “stick a ring on it”. According to McInnes you have to do this by the age of thirty at the latest, which is news to those of us who understand the dynamics of sexual market value; (hint – your peak sexual market value as a man is around the age of thirty seven.)

McInnes pontificates that if you have been living with a woman for six months, (already a mistake as far as I’m concerned), then she’s it and you’re not going to get any better so just marry her already. This is such terrible advice from a man who can’t even dress properly that I am compelled to correct it for my legions of fawning fans.

The good Cappy has another video out this week from a guy who wanted advice on how to find a wife in Australia. Leaving aside my opinion that Australian women are just about completely ruined, this video ties in nicely with Gavin McInne’s exceedingly poor advice.

The Australian chap is 37 which as we know is the sexual market value peak for men. But he is making a big mistake. He has decided that now is the time to find a wife and have kids so he is actively searching for a suitable woman, (and hence his video request to Aaron.)

This next part is the really important bit so I want all of you to pay very close attention. Marriage is a lottery, and like an actual lottery there are very few male winners. Women have it entirely different with today’s skewed marriage laws. For women, marriage is an emotional investment for a financial payoff. They might originally enter the marriage with noble intentions, but if things start getting a little difficult, and things will always get difficult in every marriage, then in general, women will revert to the out-clause with the financial payoff the majority of the time.

In this environment just “sticking a ring on it” is the worst thing you could ever do. Gavin McInnes, if you’re reading this, you’re a fuckwit.

But the 37 year old Australian guy is also making a very big mistake. By actively searching for a marriageable woman he is severely restricting his odds of winning the marriage lottery. Here’s how it works:

If you actively search for a woman to marry then you have to win the marriage lottery twice. You first have to win it by correctly selecting the best possible available mate at that point in time. In the case of the Aussie guy his point in time is the age of 37. This is already rather difficult to pull off for most men. But you then have to win the even bigger marriage lottery:

This woman will have to be the best marriage match for you at any point in time across all your years of possibly meeting a woman.

That, my friends, is the real marriage lottery.

What does this guy do if he settles for the best chick he can find right now, only to meet a woman who would have been far more desirable in a couple of years time? The answer is not to divorce and marry the new one. Women can do that because they have the legal advantage. Men do not have that option.

So what do you do?

The trick is to not look for a woman to marry. Otherwise you are settling for whatever is around at that point in time. I had no intention of getting married when I met the woman who became my wife. None at all. I had been single for close to four years. Lots of fuck-buddies in that time but none of them were living in my house.

What I was doing was improving myself as a man on a daily basis, and not for the intention of impressing people or finding someone, but simply for myself. Whether it was my professional career, my fitness, my knowledge and education, my hobbies and interests, or my relationships with other people, each day was an act of small improvements. I was making myself into the best man that I could be and I wasn’t getting distracted by trying to fill a hole in my life with somebody else. If you use someone else to fill a need then you will always be at their mercy and they will find out the hold they have over you.

Thus when I met my future wife I discovered a woman who was not only the best possible woman at that time, (and I was able to see this due to my experience, my calm mental state, and the fact that I was single), but she was also the best possible woman in all those years. If I had decided to get married the year previously I would have settled for not just second best but probably much worse than that. And these days a man has to give himself every possible chance to succeed in this regard due to the odds being so terrible.

And if I hadn’t met my future wife? What then?

I can honestly say that I would still be single based on the standard of women that I have met in the nine years since I chanced upon my wife. Of course, if I hadn’t met my wife then I would have met different women, but I can only go with what I have.

So yes, I won the marriage lottery. But I was not just lucky. I gave myself every possible chance to win it. And that is the difference. That is what you need to do as a man in the world we live in today. The catch is that you might not ever meet her but that is the variances and chances of life. There are no guarantees. But I will guarantee you that if you do stick a ring on the best one you can find at a certain time, if you do settle for second best, then your chances of having a bucket of misery poured over you are very high indeed.


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  1. Adam has a tendency to smugness and self righteousness. Here he can read the future. All Christians do.
    Lets look at a different subject. We were glibly, and authroratively informed that the France election was about immigratnion, immigration Immigration, Adam was away out.
    Then of course he knows everything about fitness, and needs to pull people aside in the gym.
    I think Adam has a comy uppance coming. On this post, I agree in general terms about the lottery advantage of marriage being to the woman.

  2. Mcmike

    I guess McInnes reads your blog. Think you hurt his feelings.

    • Adam

      Probably not and probably not.

  3. Ken

    Got married at 43 yrs old and next month celebrate 35 years together

  4. I don’t think I’m mad, I had my rabies shot, but it doesn’t always work. Adam is brilliant . therefore we must pull him up, if he gets to sure ofh imself, or reverts to wearing Cardigans .

  5. Matt

    Hey Adam. I am the guy from the Aaron Clarey request. Thanks for your input on this. I will take it onboard. I’m only gonna get richer and stronger in the next 1-3 years. So in no rush for marriage and as you say she better be the best I can find going forward. I’ve started 5×5, (on your advise from reading the blog) – in the last month and can honestly say its changed my life. Keep up the good fight and hope to hear you collaborate with Aaron on this topic in future. Good luck with the move! 37 as my sexual market peak – that changes everything haha – I’m laughing bro.

    • Adam

      Heya Matt, good to hear from you. The only advice I have for you is this:

      Don’t be looking for a woman.
      Always be improving.
      And remember that a woman is supposed to compliment your life, not be the central focus for it.

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