Podcast #47 – The vegetarian episode.

The one where I explain why being a vegetarian is bad for your health, and not because people are likely to hit you because you’re an arsehole.

4 thoughts on “Podcast #47 – The vegetarian episode.

  1. Amanda

    We went to our nephew’s wedding the other day and the food was vegetarian. Our nephew and two nieces are all vegetarians. They are saving the planet. I spoke to a few of their millennial friends who aren’t keen to have children because of the planet. One told me with some insistence that there was going to be a war. I assumed he was talking about North Korea but wondered if I had missed something on the radio on the way up! They are brainwashed and mad. It made me really sad because the fools in government & education have fucked up a whole generation with green guilt. And if they do have children, how are they going to grow baby brains that function properly on vegetables alone? Their children will be on the autistic spectrum, they will be socially deficient and have physical coordination issues at the very least. I begged my favourite niece to eat meat before having kids. It makes me sick with worry.
    Also, wait until you have kids and then you will have to swallow the red pill about vaccines. I can’t wait for that post.


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