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I slept badly and I now have a killer headache. So I got some lunch and I sat down and there was nothing on the TV which isn’t surprising for the middle of the day. I rooted randomly through my rather large DVD collection and I pulled out The Big Short. I’ve watched it probably a half dozen times but it never gets old. If anything, it only gets better. I enjoy it immensely at every viewing.

Because apart from a tiny little bit right at the end the movie deals with the truth. I like the truth. If I could put the truth in a stick of a deodorant I would, and then I’d rub it under my arms every day for my daily truth dose. That would be a big fat stick of awesome right there.

My absolutely favorite part in the movie is when the chickens are coming home to roost, so to speak. Christian Bale, playing real life broker Michael Burry, has just posted a $2.3 billion dollar profit. To get there he had to fight his investors for two years, as well as several who were in the process of suing him when his calculations proved correct and paid off in a big way.

I haven’t got to the best bit yet. After he posts this massive profit, (almost 500% return), he starts going through his messages. The messages are from his clients who are abusing him and questioning the rationality as to why he has suddenly decided to start reinvesting in stocks when the market is imploding. The market implosion that he had said was coming the whole time and none of them believed him.

I’ve always said that the only way you can make people learn is through their hip pocket, but most of the time you can’t make them learn even then. The dumb fucking shits.

Yesterday I posted my views on vaccinations. Out of all the topics on which I have stuck my neck out on a limb, this was the one that I was most hesitant about. But then a reader questioned my view on the topic and I thought, fuck it – I’ll just put it out there.

The comments, both here and over at XYZ magazine’s Facebook page where it was cross-posted, were interesting to say the least. I had a lot more support here than on Facebook, that’s for sure. Those who disagreed with me, really disagreed with me. Mostly the commenters hoped that I would get sick which I found charming. Apparently I am not allowed to have an opinion on this matter because, Science! And of course there were a few people who tut-tutted and pontificated that I had “disappointed” them.

It’s strange. People can express zero trust in government, in the media, in pharmaceuticals, in the police, in authorities like the FBI, in universities, in their teachers, in their employers, in the Church, in women, in the food that we eat, in doctors, in lawyers, in architects, in big business, in small business, in climate change, in celebrities, in big banks, in pensions and retirement funds, in the gay mafia, in just about every facet of our lives. And yet, and yet …

You question vaccines and you have crossed a line, man. Don’t you go there. Because that shit is fucking sacrosanct.

But why?

I don’t know. Perhaps because people need that one thing that they have to believe in 100%. That one thing that they just can’t allow to have any doubt at all enter their minds for even the smallest moment. I didn’t disparage all vaccines. I pointed out that I think that some such as the polio vaccine with their huge upside are definitely worth taking. You’d be a fool not to.

But it’s like I hit a nerve, and I knew that I would hit a nerve, which was why I had avoided talking about it for all this time.

There’s another scene in the movie that I like, earlier on in the piece. Steve Carrell is playing market trader Mark Baum. He and his small team have been convinced by Ryan Gosling’s character to short the mortgage market. Then the mortgages start to go bad but the bonds rise, leaving them owing money on the difference. Watch the scene from the 1:10 mark:

They should have been over the moon that the banks had raised the value of the mortgage-backed bonds in the face of the real life losses because this proved beyond any doubt that the banks didn’t know what they were doing. But they wanted to believe that the system wasn’t that stupid, even though they had fucking bet against just that eventuality.

Questioning what is going on around you is a warren hole. Because if you start questioning one thing then it means that eventually you have to question everything. Which is why most people, the vast majority of people, do not question anything at all. They do not want to open that Pandora’s box. They’re the easy ones to deal with. They just dismiss you as a kook; some crazy guy saying ridiculous shit on the internet.

But it’s the ones who question some things but aren’t yet prepared to question everything that are most hurt when they come against someone who questions one of their last remaining holy grails.

All I did was question it. All I did was express some doubts about some parts of the whole equation. I didn’t question the entire edifice. I even stated that there were some parts that I think are extremely valuable. And yet … boom!

I have a good mate who questions just about everything. He is almost as cynical and contrarian as I am. Except for one thing – the environment. It’s his last holy grail of believing that something isn’t fucked, that there’s that one thing that he hasn’t been lied to for all this time. I can talk about the most politically incorrect topics with this guy and he will be on fire. He will be slapping them out of the park. He is so good at exposing the cynicism and the corruption around us.

But don’t bring up any doubts about man-made global warming or whatever it is they’re calling it now. Because he will turn into exactly what he was only just skewering.

If you’ve opened Pandora’s box, if you’ve taken a few steps down the rabbit hole, if you’ve swallowed some of the red pill, then you may as well just finish it off and get it over with – go the whole hog so to speak. It’ll save you time and it’ll be easier and less painful in the long run.

But if you don’t, what do I care? I’m on my own journey. I have this little blog and I write stuff here. Frankly, I couldn’t give a flying fuck if any of you are disappointed in me or not. But I do find your reactions very interesting because from them I learn a great deal more than I would have than if I’d just shut up and not opened my big fat mouth in the first place.

There is only one thing that I trust in this world and that is that people have an infinite capacity for being stupid. And every single entity and organization that I previously mentioned is made up of one thing – people. They’re that dumb, and even when they’re not, the vast majority of them are too scared to act on what they know.

And that’s the gold-plated, rock solid, 100 caret, AAA rating, honest to God truth.




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Humbled by my lack of questioning.


  1. Amanda

    A friend of mine chose not to vaccinate her son after researching the issue 20 years ago and I thought she was crazy. Why over think something that everyone agrees is worthwhile? I vaccinated all my children but questioned giving the HPV vaccine to my son in year 7 when he clearly has no uterus. I started doing some research and voila! I opened Pandora’s Box. WTF??!!!

    I would ask all those who consider themselves to be open minded to sit on the fence, play devil’s advocate and research the other side. I guarantee it will shock you. You don’t know what you don’t know.

    In 2007 my husband said I should watch, ‘The Great Global Warming Swindle’ on YouTube. I refused because I thought I knew it all and I wasn’t about to watch some Big Oil propaganda movie. He said, ‘You should keep an open mind’. He got me! I watched it and have been an ardent skeptic ever since.

    Get up on that f’ing fence all you ego centric know it all’s and research the other side of vaccines. Otherwise you are as dumb and closed minded as all the other numb skulls out there.

    • Mr Black

      I would be hugely interested in the Other Side. Please, give me the 3 most convincing pieces of evidence (with links or descriptions I can search) so I can inform myself.

      • Amanda

        Mr Black, I forget how to do the hyperlink thing but search ‘The Truth About Vaccines Docu-series – Episode 1’ on You Tube (

        It is the first of many episodes which just goes to show how much information there is out there that we aren’t told about. Many scientists and doctors are interviewed – they aren’t affiliated with the pharmaceutical industry although I believe there are some whistle blowers. And just like with Global Warming, the scientists who speak out have had their reputations annihilated. A common theme with controversial subjects which should be a huge red flag.

        If you have the curiousity, just start watching it. You don’t have to watch it all to get a sense of the depth & breadth of the subject.

    • Mr Black

      OK, so I click on that link and am greeted with the smiling face of Ty Bollinger, a well known snake-oil salesman and quack. He also has a similar business venture selling “truth about cancer” materials. How lucky that he is an expert in TWO medical fields, that accounting degree really came in handy. (Yes, his degree is in accounting. He has no medical qualifications what so ever).

      HIs first guest, who he refers to as “doctor” is a doctor because she holds a Ph D, not because she has a medical qualification. In fact she holds a Ph D in literature. She is a writer. They do not make this clear, for obvious reasons.

      Now, I’m going to watch this documentary, but if the first 90 seconds is any indication I already know what I’m going to see. This is not evidence. This is a confidence trick. If this is the best that is out there, then there is nothing out there.

      • Amanda

        You can do it Mr Black, challenge those deeply entrenched beliefs systems. He mostly interviews people and doesn’t give his own opinion. All I ask is that you criticise it after you watch it and not before.

    • Mr Black

      What exactly am I supposed to get from this? Publicity seeking quacks who between them are involved in just about every fraudulent medical scam known to this day, making statements that are unverifiable and would not be taken seriously by anyone outside of their bubble.

      If I were asked to present evidence in favour of vaccines, I’d go through the statistics on effectiveness, adverse reactions, historical patterns, control groups, double blind testing and so on. I have looked at this data already to form my own opinions. I would build a case that you could verify and that was very well supported by confirming evidence from a wide range of sources. That isn’t the same as Truth, but it’s a pretty good place to start the discussion.

      Are these quacks and their marketing (which is what it is, ALL of them are selling their own products, be it books, diet scams, herbal treatments and so on) really what you base a life altering decision on?

      Science is the gathering of evidence to provide a robust explanation of something. Have any of these quacks done any science in their field? Where are their research papers and lab work? Can you cite any? I’m not going to take their word for it about hunches and feelings. The paediatrician that featured throughout the video dismissed re-categorisation of other conditions as autism with a wave of his hand, yet the published material on this shows that is exactly what has happened. As “autism” has increased, conditions that are similar have decreased. The net gain is much smaller than the raw numbers. Other factors like better diagnosis also helped to increase raw numbers for kids who are marginal and might have never been detected 20 years ago.

      It would require a book to rebut all these claims in detail but I don’t doubt that they are all as shoddy as those I could pick up on right away. I’m still quite willing to examine evidence otherwise, but story telling by known frauds is not the place to start. If they had real data to work from, that is something to begin with, but do they? Have you ever read any such studies, or is it all story telling?

  2. Brandon

    “Questioning what is going on around you is a warren hole. Because if you start questioning one thing then it means that eventually you have to question everything.”

    Bravo, Mr Piggott. I guess the key thing is to not be afraid of rejection. Seven years ago I voted Labour with no enthusiasm. The changes created by the modest austerity in the UK tipped my world sideways. I started to question things that now seem elementary but at that time were paradigm shifts. I’ve worked with local politicians and seen their calibre and what really matters to them. I could not un-see things.

    Just before Ferguson I joined Twitter and heard Jesse Jackson say that the shooting of Michael Brown was a “state sponsored assassination.” It got my attention. I realised “that’s obviously a lie” and the whole democrat edifice started to crumble. I read the Grand Jury toxicology reports, read some of the evidence taken by the FBI, read Coulter and Peterson. Everyone told me the police officer followed procedure… to the letter. As a Christian how could I unsee that?

    The migrant Crisis was huge. I was in complete cognitive dissonance it was obviously a huge threat and everyone I knew seemed to think it was a wonderful opportunity to help the down trodden. I saw terrorists, economic migrants, corrupt NGOs, I could not understand it. Why were leaders doing this?

    I researched Brexit decided it was right after years of supporting greater cooperation. In the last year or so I came across Molyneux and Vox Day, Aaron Clary and you Adam who recommended Rollo Tomassi. I wish I’d known this red pill stuff 30 years ago; just “s*** tests” alone would have made so much difference. I have struggled for something to make sense of things that I knew were to do with what it means to be a man. It appeared to be my frame, my agency, that needed fortification. I started to see what my Dad, a Jamaican who spent 30 years down the British coal mines was talking about.

    I sit in work related meetings, church services, family gatherings, surrounded by women and men, talking, a language I understand and used to talk and now I see much of it is sentimental self deluded nonsense, and I can not unsee or unhear it. When I open my mouth friends, family colleagues, the chap at the newsagents are shocked, bemused, even scared. Now I say things just in case I fall asleep again. Even the story of the fall in the Bible now looks totally different: hypergamous woman with beta boyfriend s*** tests God and both get put in their place.

    “Questioning what is going on around you is a warren hole. Because if you start questioning one thing then it means that eventually you have to question everything.” Amen to that.

  3. Lab Guy

    I will always be suspicious of the entire vaccine system. It always bothers me when the government pushes stuff like flu shots every year though there is about zero empirical evidence it does anything to prevent flu. They can never see in the future what strain might be prevalent.

    It is also becoming clear that a lot of medical and other academic research is mostly junk. I’m not anti medicine or vaccine if it really works and you can show me that. I would guess most diseases have been reduced thanks to sanitation more than anything else.

    I would like to know what the medically accepted vaccine schedule is for children and whether it is spaced out one by one, or are multiple ones given at one time and how does this impact a child’s immune system development? The fact is that we don’t know. The vaccine makers also have a great deal of immunity, so that is another issue not openly discussed either.

  4. John Ricketts

    I must have read THE BIG SHORT five times before the film came out. It’s the only film I’ve been to the cinema to see in the past year. I love Michael Lewis’s THE FLASH BOYS and am currently eating THE UNDOING PROJECT. Gripping narrative: journalism as it ought to be; uncovering the truth. Thoroughly thought-provocing all. I recommend.

    BY THE WAY. It cost me $6 a ticket for the movie in Corpus Christi, TX. Tickets are $20 in Australia. It’s not just the exchange rate. What’s going on?

    • Sjonnar

      When Hollywood releases a new movie, a guy has to fly the film reels down so Aussies can watch it. But then that guy gets eaten by a drop bear, so the Australian movie industry has to pay death benefits. And they pass those costs along to the consumer.

  5. hoboken411wp

    Amazing how decades of fear tactics and general public support make ideas and beliefs hard to reverse. The list is so long – it might as well include everything in existence. I’m now even questioning the alternative health options (Chinese medicine, supplements). Imagine they corrupt both sides? Anyway – great post as always! Spot on. AAA+ rated.

  6. On films:

    These are two you have to see.

    “Under the Skin” exposes the true nature of women as the life-sucking demons most of them truly are. Very well done.

    If you like Christian Bale you have to see “The Machinist”. And yes, he literally, slowly, starved himself for the role. Took guts and balls to do that. Brilliant movie.

    On Flu shots: I quit getting them about 20 years ago as all they ever did was make me sick as a damn dog for 3-4 days. Chills, low-grade fever, aches and pains galore. Now I just keep my hands away from my mouth, nose and eyes (yes, you can infect yourself through your tear glands) and wash my hands *after* I put away whatever I’ve bought with hot water and soap.

    Got the flu only once in all that time.

    But as a former Sp Ed  teacher, vaxxes are absolutely necessary. If we didn’t have them mandated for enrollment there would be outbreaks everywhere.

    Two cases in point:

    Some rich women in Beverly Hills stopped vaxxes for the kids (measles) about five years ago.

    Sure as a Swiss timepiece there were outbreaks in almost every K-6 school in the district.  All their kids we’re kicked out of school and not allowed back in until they got all their shots.  As a result, that bullshit came to a quick end.

    Right now there are measles, mumps (if you’re a grown man you don’t wanna know what that can do to you) and TB cases in heavily Somali and illegal alien areas. Even some scattered polio cases.  All because these savages and idiots like Robert Kennedy and some famous blond bimbos don’t want to vax their kids. 

    So, yeah, I’m pretty sold on vaxxes.

  7. David Moore

    This is simply a case of coat-tailing. Diseases like polio where wiped out with immunisation, and even a moderate level of side effects from this were far far preferable to having polio. Most people associate all vaccinations with that level of risk/reward, and judge all vaccinations to be that valuable, and make no mistake, getting rid of polio was a major achievement for the world.

    Once you start using vaccination for ‘lesser’ conditions, that risk/reward trade off starts to change.

  8. Mr Black

    Adam, the problem I have with the “question everything” mantra is that is sweeps aside wisdom and common sense. An idiot can “question everything”. It takes no intellectual power to say “I don’t believe you”. However that is meaningless when it comes to discovering the truth. It is even more meaningless when the idea being put forward is well supported with real, verifiable evidence and the “question everything” man has quite literally nothing to stand on. Using ones complete ignorance of a subject as a basis on which to “question” something is ludicrous.

    People “question” the moon landing. And they are morons. Utter, complete morons. Their “questioning” isn’t valid scepticism or a search for the real truth, it is the uninformed babbling of people who have decided to intentionally remain ignorant. They fill their minds with equally uninformed nonsense from people just as ignorant as they are and refuse to acknowledge that the mountains of evidence for moon landings even exists. A million people are all in on this hoax, but they and their stupid friends are the only ones clever enough to figure it out.

    Vaccinations are in the same category. The evidence of their benefits and their effectiveness is so overwhelming that to be unaware of it is an act of intentional ignorance. There are mountains of data, studies, research programs and so on that can tell you exactly what the risks are and what the benefits are. Real evidence from real people who have an interest in knowing the truth. So what if companies make a profit on medicine. Even if they are profiteering, SO WHAT? Their profit motive doesn’t change the medical facts. They don’t control the research efforts and the GP’s that record adverse reactions, their initial claims will be quickly found out if they are false.

    And what does the anti-vaxxer cause stand on? Nothing. There is no medical evidence behind it. There are frauds and frightened idiots spreading rumors, imagining causal links that don’t exist and for which there is no evidence but which their ignorance allows them to create and remain unchallenged in their minds. And when people die from preventable diseases, they are other people, far away people who pay the price for listening, for assuming that so many people couldn’t be wrong when they say they are “just asking questions”. Now it’s true that there are some vaccines that save millions of lives a year and some that only save thousands or perhaps only hundreds. But the cost of that benefit is what, a handful of adverse reactions or a handful of fatalities among millions? Even at 5 deaths to 500 lives saved, we are getting an amazing bargain from medical science. And that assumes the worst case scenario. The best case scenario is orders of magnitude better.

    If there really was widespread adverse reactions that are being kept secret, how many people have to be in on that cover-up? GP Doctors, certainly. Nurses and hospital specialists who deal with the sick or dying children and presumably many employees in the company that makes it. And yet these people jab their own kids with these vaccines that they KNOW cause these problems. That is quite a conspiracy theory.

    But please, if there is any real evidence I am not aware of, lay it on me. I am willing to be turned around on any issue if I see the weight of evidence is against me. As Amanda has not yet replied with anything, I open the floor to you Adam or to anyone else. Show me this evidence. Show me real, verifiable evidence that ANYTHING at all is going on which is not already published in the medical literature. Show me this vast conspiracy and cover-up and the intellectual foundations on which you want to stand when you “question everything”.

    • Amanda

      “They don’t control the research efforts”

      Actually, the pharmaceutical companies that make the vaccine DO control the research efforts. They should be testing their new vaccine: biological agent + chemical soup (mercury, aluminium, formaldehyde, etc..) against a needle of saline. Instead, they test their new vaccine against a needle containing the chemical soup. Hello! The main problem is with the chemical soup! How convenient.

      “If there really was widespread adverse reactions that are being kept secret, how many people have to be in on that cover-up? GP Doctors, certainly. Nurses and hospital specialists who deal with the sick or dying children and presumably many employees in the company that makes it”

      It’s called ‘brainwashing’ and it turns out that humans are really brain-washable. Mr Black? Mr Black?

      Also, do you think that maybe the “you gotta question everything” title might mean until you find out the truth? Then I think perhaps you can stop. I think it’s implied in the title actually but some people need to have everything spelled out for them…

      • Mr Black

        Okaaay, so the best and brightest of humanity are brainwashed into killing children (let me repeat that, into KILLING CHILDREN) by “big pharma” but you’re immune to it and can see the truth. I ask for evidence, I get conspiracy theories and lunatic speculation.

        I guess question everything doesn’t include questioning the things YOU want to believe.

        • Amanda

          I do try not to get too attached to what I believe to be true so that if evidence to the contrary comes up, I can get back on that fence and evaluate it. I commend you for watching the video. We may have to agree to disagree.

      • Mr Black

        And I commend you for at least replying and trying to take a stand for your position. But what evidence is this that you speak of? What evidence have you seen that suggests vaccines are safe and why didn’t you believe it? How much medical literature have you read on the subject and what was your evaluation of it? How hard have you really looked to try and dispel your own opinions?

      • Mr. Black
        You appear to be unaware of the data associated with risk in vaccines but I can assure you the fine people at the CDC are acutely aware. Why, they even study it and they write it down for other people to read.

        They’ve even gone as far as putting in writing that some people should not receive certain vaccinations due to the risk. Will wonders never cease?

    • Adam

      Mr Black,

      It takes no intellectual power to say “I don’t believe you”. However that is meaningless when it comes to discovering the truth.

      How so? The very first step towards discovering the truth is saying I don’t believe you. You may circle back at the end and admit they were right, but this is the starting point of a journey seeking truth.

      • Mr Black

        When you reject something with “I don’t believe you” before you have even learned anything about the issue, that isn’t an intellectual decision. That is your biases and emotions responding to a challenge that makes you uncomfortable. Your defences are going up and you close yourself to reasonable interpretations of the evidence. Your brain wants to be consistent with itself and now you’ve primed it to reject all but the most in-your-face proof.

        An intellectually honest position is to say “I don’t know”. You take no position at all. Although to a lot of people that is itself an uncomfortable position. Admitting you know nothing and being OK with that is hard, especially when someone is claiming you are in danger. They will want you to commit to their point of view. But admitting you know nothing is where you should start if you want to inform yourself or investigate an issue. However if you approach the investigation with an attitude that the evidence is going to prove a particular view that you favour, well that’s your biases at work again.

        Be honest now, you’ve never seen any medical evidence against vaccines, have you? All of it, without exception is quack “experts” who are selling alternative cures and lifestyles. It’s suggestions, assumptions, anecdotes – but no evidence. No statistical studies of populations and control groups, or rates of infection or adverse reactions.

        I’ve asked for this evidence here and the fact I am staring at a blank page is telling.

        • Adam

          When you reject something with “I don’t believe you” before you have even learned anything about the issue, that isn’t an intellectual decision. That is your biases and emotions responding to a challenge that makes you uncomfortable. Your defences are going up and you close yourself to reasonable interpretations of the evidence. Your brain wants to be consistent with itself and now you’ve primed it to reject all but the most in-your-face proof.

          This is pure projection. I do nothing of the sort.

          As for me having to provide evidence, go provide it yourself. I never told you what to think. I merely stated what my own views are. I’m not trying to evangelize you on the matter. All I’m saying is that you need to seek evidence for yourself and not believe so-called experts, no matter which side of the fence they reside on.

    • Mr Black

      Allen, I am aware of all that, having read it myself. But then if it’s public record stuff then it’s not a conspiracy is it? There are known risks, very well known. But those risks are small next to the benefits, so they are risks worth taking. Only an idiot takes a 1 in 100 chance to avoid a 1 in 10,000 chance. The whole anti-vaxxer nonsense is built around that idea of the government concealing problems so you’ve added nothing to the conversation in your attempts to be smart about it.

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