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Humbled by my lack of questioning.

This morning I did my normal interwebs browsing, coffee in hand, second coffee ready to go; you know the drill. First stop was Vox Day and what do you know – he has a post on vaccines. What fortuitous timing.

And one doesn’t have to be “anti-vaccine” to question the medical community’s mantra that all vaccines are equally efficacious, safe, and necessary. Or to be aware of the reality of corporate profit motives, their historical indifference to consumer health, and regulatory capture.


At the bottom of the post was a little link marked vaccines, so I gave it a right good clicking and up came a whole bunch of posts that Vox has written on the subject, complete with loads of links to studies and the like. I shall keep that bookmarked.

Meanwhile, over at Dalrock’s blog, I read Step up so they don’t have to – part 2 with the increasingly uncomfortable sensation that my mouth was hanging open in disbelief.

So, I‟m thinking of a wife who is planning for that weekend. She’s got the option of either her husband, on Saturday, doing all the projects around the house so that he can watch the game on Sunday; or she can send him to the Stepping Up® Super Saturday event, down at the church, that’s happening in their community.

Remember yesterday when I posted that scene from The Big Short, and how I riffed on the theme that the guys still wanted to believe that the market wasn’t that stupid, despite all evidence to the contrary?

Well, this morning there I was with the amusing realization that I too had been holding on to some hope that the modern Church had not completely rolled over and prostituted itself to the great god of progressivism. I still had some hope, however small.

Well, that’s gone. I can no more relate to a man who meekly assents to a wife who plans out his entire weekend for him as if he were an 8 year old than I can relate to aliens on planet Woo-Haa. As for the fact that the Church teaches this behavior and marital balance as being normal and necessary, well that’s just completely off the rails. On this evidence I’m in disbelief that the divorce rates are as low as they are.

I thought I was questioning everything and then this morning I get my perspective shifted again. It’s pretty humbling.


You gotta question everything.


I skip all the sex bits.


  1. Crossphased

    Me too. I didn’t think I could get any more cynical about the church.

    It’s a cold splash of reality.

  2. On vaccines I like to reflect on the fact that virtually nobody in the western world dies of smallpox, diphtheria, tetanus, yellow fever, whooping cough, polio, and measles, diseases that used to kill millions. And then I think about how stupid some people are that they don’t think vaccines work.

    I suppose we could add influenza to that, but I have this vague feeling that there are different kinds of influenza, the one where we feel like crap for a couple days and throw up a lot and the one that kills us. Can’t remember. I can’t see millions dying because of the “flu” that people get now, even if we stopped getting our flu shots. I have been known to be wrong on occasion, however.

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