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I went to a Greek wedding yesterday, the first of its kind that it has been my pleasure to attend. But today I am feeling somewhat poorly; a little behind the eight ball. Not hungover; more, shall we say, debilitated somewhat. Comes with the territory I suppose. Mid forties and all that. It turns out that Greek beer is quite good. Who wouldda thoughtit?

So it has been a day spent on the couch. I was watching a film, or part of a film. It was just something to keep me there so I wouldn’t wander off and do something stupid like write a blog post. At one point it got to a sex bit. A serious sex bit, the kind where the director is trying to tell you that the people on the screen are ‘making love’. That it is all meaningful, and to show its meaningfulness they have them panting and other laborious types of heavy breathing. If you are unlucky they will have some sort of close-up.

What I normally do during these bits is get up and go get a drink. Failing that I’ll just hit the fast forward button. I’m not a wowser, far from it, (you overseas chaps can look that word up). I’m all for some gratuitous nudity of beautiful women. That was the best part of Youth. Some Romanian stunner by the name of Mădălina Diana Ghenea. Here is a random hawt photo of her.

I’m never going to fast forward shots of that. Unless she is in a sex scene where she is ‘making love’, and then I get up and go get some rum.

I just don’t see the point of sex scenes. Why do they have to inflict them on us? Just about the whole of Dutch cinema is apparently sex scenes. Like what we would consider a normal family friendly film. I’m just not going to be game to turn on the television when I get over there.

I can’t do rape scenes either. I can do all sorts of violence but when it comes to that then I’m back looking for a Campari and soda. A friend said that I should check out this film called The Hounds of Love due to it being set in my old home town of Perth. Here’s part of the description:

Set in 1980s Perth, Australia, Hounds of Love follows a serial killer couple that stalks, abducts, rapes, and murders young women. It’s a grim and grisly gut-wrencher, and Young knows well enough that it shouldn’t be easy to watch. Indeed, it’s not the subject matter that’s special — a beautiful young girl is abducted and horrible things happen to her, it’s Young’s approach to it.

I don’t care what his approach to it is, I’m not watching it. I am completely bewildered one anyone would want to watch people getting realistically raped on screen. Do they eat popcorn while this is going down? Munch away contentedly? “Pass me some of that will ya, Mildred. Oh look, he really gave it to her there.”

If I had to decide between whether the rape scenes or the sex scenes make me more uncomfortable then I would have to go with the sex scenes. Because we’re expected to enjoy the sex scenes. We’re expected to sit there and patiently observe how the guy on the screen is doing it to her. With the touching music, and the soft focus, and the panting, and her arching her back and closing her eyes, and then maybe he’ll place a strawberry on her lips and, oh God, enough already. Can you just get on with the story for fuck’s sake?

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m the only guy out there who doesn’t like the sex scenes. It’s possible. I know that I’m weird. But we don’t want them showing us shots of people taking a dump, so why should we be all over other bodily functions? They should get rid of people eating food in a noisy manner on the screen as well.

The only sex scene I’ve ever liked was the one in Stripes but that was because it had Sean Young in it and Bill Murray had the other chick sitting on a stove top while he used some sort of kitchen implement on her bottom. That was entertainment. I laughed at that. If I can laugh then I’m okay, but if I have to sit there and take it seriously then I am squirming in my seat.

And that’s what happened this afternoon – I got to a sex scene. And here I am – writing a blog post on it while I wait for it to be over. The things you do. Pass me a Greek beer.


Humbled by my lack of questioning.


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  1. I particularly hate sex scenes in movies on planes. They should take them out. Worse than watching a sex scene is watching someone watching a sex scene.

  2. Adam

    I think it’s partly about the suspension of disbelief for me. If i get into the story, and if the sex scene is a necessary and believable part of an interesting story then sure. But normally i just don’t believe it, so i don’t like it. Especially the soppy romantic stuff. I just can’t stand it.

    May also be why i don’t see the point of watching strippers. They aren’t taking their clothes off for me, they are taking them off for money. How is that a turn on?

    Same with sex on tv, it’s not me on there so what is the point.

    • Adam

      Hang on – are you saying that if it were you on there then you would watch it?


    • In the country I live in you and a group of businesses associates can pay a handsome amount of money in order to sing karaoke with attractive hostesses. You can touch them, take their clothes off, force them to drink more than they want to, but that is it. I’ve never seen the attraction – if you can’t shag them, all the rest is just embarrassing torture. I’d rather invite over a real girl or, failing that, read a book.
      I sometimes like sex scenes in books, though. Isn’t that funny?

      • Adam

        I think sex scenes in books are even worse, if that is possible.

  3. classical_hero

    You must love the sex scenes from the “Fifty Shades” series. :p

    • Sjonnar

      I’ll go way out on a limb here and assume that Adam has never watched (nor read) that crap and never will.

  4. I once had a girlfriend who had a large mirror in her room. I caught a glimpse of my romantic efforts – red-faced and puffing, my pale, hairy legs straining and little bum pounding . It’s the oddest thing; women naked look hot but men look ridiculous.

  5. Sjonnar

    I do the same thing if it goes too long. I can tolerate a little bit, but ten to fifteen seconds of “yep, they’re still goin at it” is about the limit of my patience.

  6. John Ricketts

    In twenty years we’re all going to look back at these sad sex scenes and think it is so passé . Unless you’re 12, don’t you know what goes on? I prefer the suggestion.

    It’s like those 1960s James Bond films: From without we see two men enter room. Some banging and rumpus. One man exits. I know what happened within.

    Isn’t suggestion better than the explicit?

    • Wait, what? John, are you suggesting that the men in James Bond films were having hidden sex scenes?

      Kidding aside, I agree. They don’t advance the story. Used to be they could just start kissing and cut to later or the next day. You knew they had sex and you went on with the story.

      Of course let’s not get into how easy it is to have sex with someone in the movies. Flirt, flirt, bedroom.

  7. John Ricketts

    BY THE WAY, the hawt chick in this post is seriously scrumptious. Good choice.

    You see? I fill in the blanks.

  8. Sex scenes in books are usually excruciating. Good luck getting women to read a book without one, though. They’re damned near compulsory, which is why they appear in almost every book.

    • Adam

      Hope you’ve got your sex scene all worked out then.

  9. The Hood

    I too reach for the FF button. I’m more than happy with implied.

  10. Was that Greek beer called Mythos?

    • Adam

      I think that is the one. I reckon it would be an excellent quaffable very hot day beer.

  11. And I thought I was the only man who did this. I also fast forward through the sex scenes. They are universally terrible. Especially when the director is trying so hard to make the sex scene into “art” and you can tell he/she/it was trying “soooooooooo super hard” to make sex into “art” and that makes it even more unbearable.

    If I want to watch sex I’ll watch porn.

    Can we get on with the fucking story and skip the filler material and padding of the sex scenes….

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