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Podcast #48 – The Lying episode.

The one where I discuss how we lie to ourselves, both individually and in large groups such as nations. The problem is that if you lie, you can’t trust yourself.


You do not punish conservatives by voting for your political enemies.


The Great Ugliness.


  1. Amanda

    I think men lie more than women. And I think it’s because they are like peacocks who have to preen all those feathers and try to impress each other and us, the plainer, less lying sex. I lied twice that I remember in prep – once to make myself look better & once because I didn’t want to disappoint some parents – so that must make me smart. Or maybe just a wooss. I have never lied on a CV. I might tell little white ones now and then but I think only to save someone’s feelings. I never knew what liars you guys were! Or is it just the alpha males or beta males pretending to be alphas?

    And about immigration. Down here on the Mornington Peninsula we have so far been insulated from all that but drive through Box Hill, Glen Waverley and Mount Waverley, amongst other suburbs, and it is ‘spot the Aussie’. We have been brainwashed to think multiculturalism is a good thing and that we must share, but when they take over whole suburbs and keep everything ‘in-house’ like you say, how is that good? We will just become little countries within a country. Sucks.

    It’s a stretch but Pauline Hanson is like our Galileo, except she didn’t die in prison. She is no scientist but is courageous enough to speak the truth to a closed minded society. Most Australians will never wake up. They will simply lie to themselves about how good it is to be invaded.

    • Adam

      Women are the plainer sex? You got me there.

      • Amanda

        Metaphorically speaking? Their tail feathers are their bluster and bullshit? Some of those high fashion models are starting to look like plain grey foul funnily enough

  2. Ciaran Saigir

    I’m an English guy, and I was interested by how you see Britain, or England, as distinct from the rest of Europe regarding our susceptibility to being subverted into accepting what I suppose is basically the “proposition nation”. Much as it pains me to agree with you, I’m inclined to concur. I think we are in many ways one of the worst-placed countries in Europe with regards to population replacement. Along with France, we have had the longest sustained period of third world immigration of any European country, with mass immigration starting in the 1950s. In countries like Italy, Greece, Spain, Finland etc., noticeable shifts in demographics are really a 21st century phenomenon. Even in Sweden, their demographic shifts have been much more sudden and severe, not to mention the convenient reality that the low-IQ idiots they’ve imported from East Africa wouldn’t last one winter in that country without whitey’s support.

    Furthermore, I think the fact that we share a language with the primary source of universal poz – America – has meant that fellow Anglo-Saxon nations have borne the brunt of this subversion, whereas the nations with the fewest English speakers have felt this the least. I think this explains the Anglo-Saxon curse at least in part, but certainly not in full, and I am also still wondering why else we are so vulnerable to ethno-nihilism.

    I listened to this podcast whilst walking in Birmingham, Britain’s second city, and I have to say your live commentary resonated strongly with me as I watched all the immigrant faces (not to mention the odd interracial couple) pass me in the street and stare out at me from several advertisements. How depressing.

    The silver lining for Britain is that our fate will ultimately be tied up with the rest of Europe. If continental Europeans get their act together, then I can’t see Britain remaining an outpost of multiculturalism after Europe ‘removes kebab’. Our fates, I believe, are ultimately intertwined.

    • Adam

      In countries like Italy, Greece, Spain, Finland etc., noticeable shifts in demographics are really a 21st century phenomenon.

      Excellent point. We are much further down the disaster road of mass immigration than continental Europe. Hope fully they will learn from our poor example.

      On the subject of the English language, as English is the universal language then it makes it far easier for immigrants as they will have at least some knowledge of it. Whereas immigrating to somewhere like Italy is more problematic.

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