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Stop relying on your fake disabilities, morons.

A comment on Facebook that met with my approval:

Only patriarchy will save us from the autistic screeching of the manhaters.

A reply which is typical of the losers which infest our society:

Please don’t misuse the term Autistic. Speaking as a man with Aspergers, who has two children with Aspergers, I find it incredibly distasteful.

You can substitute distasteful for offended as it’s the same thing. Being offended is the modern version of ‘shut up!’ when you don’t like what someone has said but you have nothing to counter with, usually because you’re a retarded moron.

Social media is full of examples such as this but I particularly like this one due to the supposed Aspergers situation. I say supposed because it’s just such a convenient catch-all for what used to be known as inappropriate behavior. You can lump ADHD and autism in with it, although I am sure that there are others of which I haven’t yet heard.

As I wrote in the 26th trait, children are little barbarians waiting to be civilized. An effective tool for this is a short sharp shock, what used to be referred to as a smack. But modern parenting methods having been infected by the progressive virus has made such techniques out of date, if not illegal.

Parenting has thus become more lazy than ever, and an especially agreeable method of abrogating all responsibility for the sheer awfulness of your children is to latch on to one of these modern ‘disabilities’ such as Aspergers. It is also a convenient excuse for adults who have difficulty fitting in with society. Instead of taking responsibility for your circumstances and making an effort to improve, the asocial behavior is thrown under the bus of autism or any of the other convenient disabilities.

This has led to the rise of the government funded disability industry, known as the NDIS in Australia, for National Disability Insurance Scheme. Once again the government is here to take care of you with other people’s money. Although the scheme is in its infancy it is already making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Two NDIS providers in ­Sydney said their clients included children with autism whose parents were able to have their gardens maintained under the scheme. One said he had delivered services including gutter cleaning, hedge trimming and weeding to these families.

“I feel for these parents; they have difficult lives,” said a lawnmowing contractor who asked not to be identified for fear of losing work through the NDIS.

Another lawnmowing business owner said he questioned whether all of his clients genuinely needed assistance. “I’ve wondered whether I should ­investigate them but I would lose clients,” he said on condition of anonymity.

He said he recently spoke to an NDIS case manager who admitted to approving unworthy clients because she was trying to build a client base in her new business. “Only since then have I started looking at my (NDIS) clients and questioning whether they need assistance or not,” he said.

Back in the day, these autistic kids would have been expected to mow the lawn and trim the hedges themselves. Just because an individual has certain challenges does not mean that they should get a free pass not to contribute and fit into society. Even more so when the cost of this must be borne by the next door neighbors in the form of the taxpayer.

Work and chores are a normal part of life and the sooner that difficult kids are taught what the expectation levels are, then the sooner they are able to integrate and construct useful and happy lives for themselves.

Now we have the situation where NDIS case managers will be all too eager to rush in and conveniently diagnose your difficult kid with some newfangled malady that lets you get a bunch of taxpayer cash just so long as your kid stays retarded.

Which is why I have no time at all for anyone attempting to emotionally blackmail people into silence over a condition that is entirely propagated by the same person’s unwillingness to get up off their backside and take responsibility for the fact that they make no effort to fit in and contribute to society.

You’ve got Aspergers and both of your kids do too? Well, you’re a loser mate, and the sooner enough people shame you into jettisoning this insidious safety net then the sooner you’ll be able to stand up on your own two feet, despite the personal challenges and hardships which you need to overcome, as does everyone else on this planet.

In other words, you’re not special so stop acting like it.


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  1. Amanda

    Bad parenting can result in spoilt brats or maladjusted offspring but it doesn’t cause autism. Kids who make no eye contact, don’t develop speech, sit & rock, etc… (too many variants to mention) have neurological problems. They exist and I’m not sure if they can mow lawns or not…. Would I describe a bunch of feminists as screeching autistically? I think it is an apt description. Autistic kids can screech and so can feminists and they make almost as much sense! People need to toughen up and stop getting offended over words. Sticks and stones.

  2. b g

    Autism does exist and so do spoiled brats…but they are not necessarily the same.

  3. Dan

    Bad parents who neglect their children by not playing with them, teaching them, reading to them etc can definitely leave their children’s brains underdeveloped and the children can subsequently become uncivilized little turds. This is sometimes referred to as Global Developmental Delay. It is not a cause of Autism or Aspergers.

  4. ADHD [and the hyperactivity, poor self control symptoms] is different to Autism . Its existence as a condition is arguable.
    Feminists have been trying to argue their way out of the fact that ADHD [ and similar ] comes predominantly in children, mainly boys in poorly educated solo maternal households.
    The feminazis say it is a genetic condition ,inherited from the father of course.

    Now what do we know about boys with absent fathers > oh yes thats right > thay lack discipline, good socialisation, are hyperactive > are sometimes aggressive to the mother, and have a higher tendency to pronblems with the law later on. Boys and children need fathers.

  5. Helen Steggles

    Autism is a neurological disorder that makes many things more difficult for people who fall on the autism spectrum. That said, society doesn’t really give a hang what anyone’s individual issues are, and life is MUCH better for the autistic person who can learn to behave properly in society, and find a way to be a productive member of it. There’s a clear line between “stuff an autie can’t do” and “stuff an autie gets away with because of his diagnosis”. All of the things that fall into option B are just bad behaviour. (I am a parent of a child with Autism).

  6. Jimmy Flounderello

    There are pills for “social anxiety disorder,” which was once called shyness and was cured by beer and smiles.

    • Serapion

      I’m a medical professional and I have never really encountered this diagnosis, but I hear it exists. It is most definitely not a serious “diagnosis”.

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