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We are divided – the three enemies of Western civilization.

On the one hand the terrorist attack in Manchester can be dismissed as just another outrage in the countless outrages to which we have been witness over the last two decades. But it is unique in that the cowardly loser behind the attack specifically targeted young women and girls. I’m not sure that he will be able to be quite as successful a pin-up boy for future terrorist recruitment as previous dim-witted ex-goat herders have proven to be.

But it has also hit a visceral nerve. Men are supposed to be able to protect their women and children, the same women incidentally who are the first to participate in candlelit vigils, supportive hashtag outbursts, and marches for universal peace and togetherness, whatever that means.

As I wrote last year, the mass rape attacks in Cologne on New Years Eve were an indirect attack on men. The perpetrators were taunting Western men by demonstrating that they are unable to protect their women from the invasion of the culture enrichers. But it is not fear of combat that paralyzes Western men; they are handicapped into inaction by their own governments who are heavily invested in protecting the status quo.

Regular commenter Brandon wrote an insightful comment on yesterday’s post:

I’ve realised that when the apologists say “They will not divide us.” The “They” they are referring to is not the murdering spawn of Satan.

No, the “they” are us. Those who want ever terrorist tracked down and….

The unity they do not want broken is the Labour Party and it’s Muslim block vote, the Marxists and there Islamist coalition, the Liberals and their free movement of terrorists, and the Cuckservative Party and their infatuation with diversity, foreign skilled and unskilled labour.

To the government the enemy is not the terrorists. The enemy is the general population. The thousands of extra police on British streets today and the military being deployed are not just there to stop future terrorist attacks. They are present to stop the populace from taking matters into their own hands. It took the killing of young women and girls for the government to finally act in this way because the ruling powers know that such an attack has the best possible chance of causing a docile public to rouse itself from in front of the football on the television and go out seeking retribution for what seems like an endless series of outrages.

As Tim Newman notes the people may well begin to see the forces of law and order as the enemy if those same forces are seen to be protecting the Muslim invaders.

The first sign of things going badly wrong in Britain might not be a mob firebombing a mosque but a policeman or judge winding up in a ditch, throat cut, with a note stuffed in his pocket.

This is what the authorities are worried about, not little girls getting decimated by nail bombs at concerts. And this tactic was used in the troubles in Northern Ireland.

Likewise the progressive white shitlibs are heavily invested in promoting Islam, as this aids them in their goal of smothering Western civilization with their toxic ideology. So when the chant goes up of ‘they will not divide us’ what they actually mean is that they will not allow their fellow citizens to stand up to the invaders. By not being divided it means that we remain unified, and the unification is a complete adherence to the multicultural agenda in spite of all evidence to the bed of lies on which it rests.

Western civilization presently faces three enemies; the third world invaders, our own governments, and progressive shitlibs. Each needs to be dealt with in different ways but the overriding message is that they need to be dealt with. This isn’t going to be solved by toeing the acceptable line.

For the invaders, nothing short of expulsion back to their own countries will suffice. France expelled every German out of Alsace and Lorraine at the end of the Second World War. Some German families had been there since 1870. They were given a day’s notice and allowed to carry one suitcase each that could not weigh more than 60kg. Czechoslovakia did the same. There are countless other examples from history. It can and will be done.

For the progressive shitlibs who undermine our nations from within there needs to be another tactic. They are Quislings intent on our own destruction. In other words they are collaborators with the enemy. From the Roosh V forum, (unfortunately I don’t have a link), came this comment:

Seeing those tweets from DarrenB rekindled a memory that only just fully formed.

All such tweets like DarrenB’s should be simply retweeted by patriots with the addition of #collaborator.

No need for explanations or reasoning to clutter the message and dull the accusation. It’s one thing to get 1000 retweets telling you to drop dead, go to hell, fuck off, suck a dick etc.

It’s entirely more chilling to get 1000 retweets that just say #collaborator. That sends a message that patriots are not a ramshackle pack of drunken hooligans but a very pissed off and typically silent majority of professionals that are beginning to recognise traitors and mark them for future justice.

Beyond that, it’s impossible to thought-police and doesn’t qualify as a threat. It’s also fanciful to attack one person for saying the exact same thing as 999 other people.

Imagine some globocuck celebrity’s feed filled with nothing but #collaborator.

How the hell could the media handle that?

It’s not just the media that would have a massive problem spinning this, and particularly if it is the journalists themselves who are receiving these messages. The government will have a real problem on its hands as well.

And that would take care of the third enemy.



The sheer terror of falling refrigerators.


Podcast #49 – The Collaborator episode.


  1. The enemy within
    Normally I am inspired here each morning, but today the news is glum, and it is the truth. To get his point across Adam has had to warn us of the terror of refrigerators
    In USA writers are now commonly expressing that they are in a civil war against the alternative deep Government, Islamism, and “ they who will not divert us from the richness of the global New World Order” .
    I do not have a single writer in all New Zealand who is capable of expressing the facts as Adam does, about ‘ the enemies within Western Society. We write in terms of ‘well maybe just a few less terrorist refugees, and it will all be ok,’ We are at less than the 2% tipping point. So the TV should warn us if anything happens.
    Here, I will be relatively alone and isolated when I call people #collaborators. The meme “ it won’t happen here, it’s not our problem, ” is pervasive in my country.
    Any way Trump is Hitler you know, the alt-right is fascist.
    I live in a benign Country where the Government # Collaborator, and mosu of our people are asleep.

  2. Amanda

    Collaborator… facilitator, enabler. Anyone who votes for a political party who supports the immigration of Muslims may as well have their hand on any future nail bombs. Aid and abet a terrorist by welcoming him into your country and you pay the price with dead children, possibly your own. Every single one of these lefty globalists has the blood of children on their hands today. I hope they have fun sleeping with that truth.

    • Sjonnar

      That attempt at shaming the collaborators is going to fail abysmally, Amanda. They have no problems “sleeping with that truth.” The blood of your children is a small price to pay for their feelgoodz.

  3. “They are present to stop the populace from taking matters into their own hands.”

    Problem is, all they have are hands, the EuroWeenies having affirmatively disarmed themselves “for their own good” decades ago. Hell, in England they can arrest and charge you for simply carrying a knife. (That bright idea didn’t save Lee Rigby, now did it?)

    They have also morally and spiritually disarmed themselves, again, affirmatively. There is thus no chance of ever going back. The muzzies are there for keeps. They reproduce like rabbits so there is no chance of the native population overtaking them with increase birth rates. 

    “Demography is Destiny” as Mark Steyn has famously said. Math has no mercy.

    America has our 2nd Amendment to protect our 1st, but also to swiftly correct problems like this.

    The time will come — probably when France, Belgium (which now has over 18,000 of these roaches),  or some other state — finally fails and we watch it happen in real time.

    Disappearing imams and “suspicious fires” at mosques just might do the job of keeping them at bay until the will to massively deport them finally takes hold. 

    (As an aside, the coming success of Trump’s border wall and deportations will fuel that will. Already, with no construction as of yet there is a more than 70% drop in border jumpers.)

    There will be more and more of these attacks in Europe and the armed men of America are already making lists, quietly, of them and the politicos and judges who enable this. I sincerely hope for the day when they all live in fear for their lives.

  4. Russian Limbaugh

    The public has been kidnapped at birth and raised to think the jewish child molester kidnapper is their actual parents. It is that sick. It is that bad.

  5. Amanda

    I think people suss out the attitudes of those around them (family, friends, colleagues, community) and toe the line because they just want to fit in, to stay in the tribe and not be cast out, alone, into the vast African desert around them where they will perish. A throw back to caveman days from our lizard brain stem. Some argue a point or two but we really don’t want to be ostracised.
    Therefore, we need to actively find and make our own tribe. “But together we can be great” from “the-truth-of-the-alt-right” post. Find our people online and amongst our communities. Like the early Christians would surreptitiously draw the beginnings of a fish in the sand with a stick to find others, we also need to open up conversations that test other’s attitudes. In Melbourne, Australia, I start simply by bringing up car jackings, home invasions, jewellery heists and Africans, then maybe move on to gender identities, throw in a joke or two to lighten the mood like identifying as a penguin. Slowly loosen them up. The more we talk about this shit, the more aware people will become and the more our combined strength will grow. Because we will suddenly belong.

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