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Do the world a favor and break a lefty’s glasses.

Apparently some sniveling low-life Guardian propagandist got his glasses broken by a Republican candidate over in Montana. The loathsome nerd went on a rampage of crying and wailing and feeling hard done by, while the politician went on to take out the election by a handy margin.

Two years ago this would have played out entirely differently. The shitlibs would have done their same peacock displays of moral outrage and indignation and the conservatives would have duly rolled over and taken it up the proverbial Khyber. Because the one common denominator amongst conservatives for the past 50 years is their refusal to turn up to a fight. The reasoning behind this abject cowardice is that if they did fight back then ‘bad things might happen;’ hell, someone might even get hurt.

We can’t have that. After all, someone has to be the grownup here.

But things are starting to change. The moral dictum that binds the alt-right is the fact that we don’t care. We don’t care what the shitlibs think. We don’t care what conservatives think. We sure as hell don’t care about the academic, talk-show circuit, bow tie wearing, suck up to the left at all costs, conservatives, (Nick … cough cough … Cater … cough cough).

We don’t care.

This attitude is seeping into the mainstream. And the shitlibs on the left do not like it one little bit, oh no siree. Because if you haven’t had to fight to get your own way for over 50 years then one thing is certain: you don’t know how to fight.

A shoulder push from a 60 year old politician and a 25 year old shitlib goes down to the floor, breaks his glasses, and then runs around crying to anyone who will listen? Puh-leze.

Some conservatives who are coming around to this same realization aren’t yet fully accepting of the new delicious reality:

We conservatives have been warning for a long time that liberals are not going to like it when everyone plays by the new rules, and – surprise! – they don’t. But guess what? Most of us don’t like the new rules either. Yet it’s ridiculous to expect human beings to remain in perpetual denial about the situation they face, and to forever live under a double standard that results in their faces getting pressed into the dirt.

The hypocrisy has become intolerable, and we have stopped tolerating it. This is just the beginning of the reaction, and – make no mistake – this entire situation is a bad thing.

Au contraire, it is an entirely beautiful thing. This is a joyous time. I wake up every morning and rub myself furiously under the arms with the previous night’s outpouring of shitlib tears.

Bit by bit, more and more conservatives are getting it. 72 year old former tennis champion Margaret Court announced last week that gay marriage conflicted with her Christian beliefs. The entire Australian mainstream media went into total meltdown. Calls were made for her name to be removed from the tennis court named in her honor. And what did she do in response to all of this manufactured vitriol?

She doubled down and told them to take a running jump. How about that? A 72 year old grandmother knows how to do it. Too bad Quadrant’s board members were too busy blinking to show similar qualities of calm steel.

The alt-right scares the left. It keeps them up at night sweating into their mugs of warm chocolate. Because they know. They know that we know. And we know that they know that we know. What do we know?

That they are a toothless tiger. That all you need to do is to tell them to take a running jump. And when you do and they revert to form and run around screaming in agony, you can rest assured that it doesn’t work half as well as it used to. The more that people refuse to kowtow then the more that large organisations will find the courage to stand up as well.

Perennial tennis loser Sam Stosur has called for players to boycott all matches on Margaret Court arena at next year’s Australian Open. The following would be the correct response from Tennis Australia once it finds a set of balls:

Tennis Australia concerns itself entirely with the continued success of events such as the Australian Open. Social causes and faux outrages have no place in this context. If Ms Stosur wishes to boycott certain matches then that is her decision. But based on her past performances spectators would most likely only miss her for one round.

Don’t think it can happen? The shoulder charging Montana politician is evidence that it can.

Be afraid, shitlib lefties. There is a lot of furious anger coming your way. I might just invest a few bucks in Specsavers.


Let Quadrant go down in flames.


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  1. On a related subject, I can recommend the Joe Rogan podcast with Jordan Peterson. At around the 1hr35m mark, Peterson explains the psychological reason why the beta males who align with the left and especially feminism do so.

    You will like!

    • Adam

      I’ve listened to both interviews a couple of times, and I’ve already appropriated a number of his ideas. Truly excellent stuff.

  2. The thing that makes a society such as the US work is civic virtue. The campaign to get to people stop littering highways in the 70’s was not fear of fines but fear of shame from their fellow citizens and the idea that it’s a virtue not to litter. Imagine if enough people said “fuck it all.” The government couldn’t do a damn thing about it and the country would devolve into chaos.

    The left keeps thinking that they will get their way and everything will return to normal. Not if other citizens decide all bets are off. They’re playing with powerful forces with absolutely no idea about what they might be unleashing

    • Olorin

      “Civic virtue” relies on largely genetically conserved traits like self-control, forward thinking, higher intelligence, higher order social thinking such as respect for tradition (i.e., individual, family, and cultural memory), and lower ratios of sociopathy in the population (i.e., it having been selected against rather than for).

      “Civic virtue” is not equally genetically distributed among all individuals/groups.

      For the first time in my life, those incapable of “civic virtue” far outnumber those capable of it by a large margin. Mass immigration and incentivizing of degenerate breeding–i.e., importing/breeding a new American electorate–ensured this.

      We’re not going to fine or shame our way out of this. Anyone who thinks so is cucked to the gills.

      • It’s a behavior thus it’s learned. It still results in the same situation. If you have a cultural group that doesn’t assimilate you end up with strife. If history has taught us anything it is that two disparate cultures will always struggle for dominance when they are co-located.

        The interesting aspect of this is that the left and the right have evolved into two separate cultures, not just political differences. The right is slowly learning that this is a struggle for survival for their cultural preferences. The left has always known it’s a war, and it shows.

  3. John C

    “…bow tie wearing, suck up to the left at all costs…”

    I was thinking Jeffrey Tucker when you said this

    • Ciaran Saigir

      I used to be an AnCap-leaning Libertarian, and I used to find his saccharine and effeminate articles to be entertaining, rather embarrassingly. I think another candidate for this description has to be Glenn Beck. That guy.

  4. We must love and support the right wing community or the Montana Republicans will win. Right wingers everywhere are now living in fear of a rightphobic backlash. The right wing community is the real victim. Show your support and drive a right winger to work today. The Montana Republicans are trying to divide us but we won’t let them!

  5. Mr Black

    The left is fighting to win. They don’t care in the slightest what they have to do or under what conditions that achieve that win. They will lie and cheat and steal, all perfectly moral for a greater good. The “conservatives” are fighting for their credibility. They want to be taken seriously as men and women of learning and reason and judgement. Hence ALL the dirty tricks of the leftist playbook are off limits to them. They can only talk dry facts and figures, because anything else would damage their credibility and that is the one thing they cannot stand to see suffer.

  6. A similar situation happen in the Texas legislature yesterday.

    A bill was passed earlier in the year basically outlawing “Sanctuary Cites” and is going to hold accountable “public servants” like the head sheriff of Austin, Sally Hernandez with huge fines (daily, no less than $25,000) and extended jail time for refusing to cooperate with ICE or CBP (Customs and Border Protection).

    A whole lot of illegal aliens took over the spectator’s gallery and tried to shout down the session. The GOP Rep publicly called for ICE to come in and deport them. 

    That’s where it got interesting. 

    Two open borders Mexican-“American” Reps threatened a Republican during the session and almost came to blows. After one of the two said he was going to “get him” after the session ended the Republican responded that if that happened he was going to “put a bullet in his head.”

    Texas is an “open carry” state and very much believes that an armed society is a polite society.

    Read and revel in the fact that some, like the guy in Montana, are sick to fucking death of these shitlibs and are willing to give as good as they get.

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