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By the time this post goes up we will know if Trump has decided to pull out of the Paris Climate Treaty, (I’m writing this the night before as tomorrow is moving day – I hate moving day.)

Anyway, here’s hoping that Trump sticks to his winning script of winning over and over and over again, just so we can see more and more and more shitlib heads explode all around the worlds. Of course, he may not pull out of the treaty. That is a possibility. If that happens I will put on my genuine and germane sad face. Which would be very sad indeed.

Anyway, I have come up with a few good links this week. And of course, the hawt chick. Incidentally, I am losing my desktop computer to the removalists, upon which are stored all of my hawt chick files. So I cannot be sure what the next few months will bring hawt chick wise. Just warning ya.

On with it.

The Right Geek has come up with a template of what college presidents should say when besieged by SJWs:

No, I’m not going to give you anything you want. You can scream, you can cry, you can stomp your feet — but I’m not changing our policies one iota.
I’m certainly not going to admit that we here at Noname State College are racists because I know we aren’t. If we were actually racists and you were actually oppressed as “black and brown” students, you would not be here. Period.
Over at Alpha Game Vox Day has a very interesting riff on the drawbacks of being an alpha male.
 This is what Alphas actually do. For all their socio-sexual success, they are, to a certain extent, clueless buffoons. They have little to no understanding of why what works for them works, they only know it does. That’s why their “advice” is so uniformly useless. They are like the strong man who can easily lift the boulder, who tells the weak man to “just pick it up”.
I may have to riff on this at some point in the future.
A really interesting article on what men lost with the casual revolution of dressing.
We need not agree with Nicolás Gómez-Dávila’s claim that evening dress is the first step toward civilization to think that something has gone amiss. Is it possible to believe that when we now wear polo shirts, khakis, and hyper-designed athletic shoes to weddings, funerals, and graduations, it’s a sign that we have forgotten how to enjoy the events by which we measure life?
A city council bans a farmer from a farmer’s market because he reserves the right to not host same-sex marriages at his orchard. The farmer is also an ex-marine and doesn’t seem like he’s backing down. Good.

Nevertheless, East Lansing moved earlier this year to ban Tennes’ farm, the Country Mill, from participating in the farmers market when it resumes June 4. The city cited its human relations ordinance, an anti-discrimination law that includes sexual orientation.

So Tennes and his wife sued the city for religious discrimination.


A new Youtube channel for me this week is Bombard’s Body Language. Lots of cool stuff and the chick who does the videos has one hell of a voice. I don’t know what she looks like but that voice, hawt damn. And that’s saying something because most American females make me cringe when they open their mouths.

Here’s a video that I really liked:


Hey, you know how I am all cautious on vaccines? And a bunch of you gave me a lot of grief? Psychologists to develop Vaccine Against Climate Wrongthink.

But two recent, preliminary studies suggest there’s hope for the facts about climate change. Borrowing from the medical lexicon, these studies show that it may be possible to metaphorically “inoculate” people against misinformation about climate change, and by doing so give the facts a boost.

I bet you all just love the sound of that, right? Why, you’ll be lining up around the block to get your vaccines to inoculate you against misinformation.

Enough already. Hawt chick me please.



Only kids pee in the pool.


A side note on the hawt chick of the week.


  1. Adam

    “He suggests that inoculation messages may serve to put listeners on alert for trickery, making them more likely to scrutinise the information they receive.”

    That is what those bastards at the ABC did when they showed the film, “The Great Global Warming Swindle’ to their viewers years ago. They would show a bit, and then their lefty panel would come on and criticise it, then they would show a bit more, panel back on laughing at the ludicrous points made, etc etc. And yes, their loyal, lefty, bovine audience thought it was all a good laugh. AS IF climate change isn’t real! Ho ho ho.

    I think this approach only works on the simple minded – once again, those poor, brain-washable leftys.

    Go Trump! He pulled the pin on the Paris Climate Treaty!! Hallelujah!!

  2. Marostegan

    We know you are moving to Europe, and you promised once you would inform us where you move and why in reasonable detail.
    My guess is you will end in wifey’s home country, Holland, to what I can only say excellent choice sir.
    One small note, there is no lack of mature ladies ( from 30 to 50, untainted by botox or surgery) that can be featured in your weekly hawt chick column. I hope you agree with me, having lived in Italy for quite a long time, that some can be quite stunning, both in absolute terms and compared with 20ish chicklets.

    • Hmm. Would they really be “hawt chicks” at that point or would they more appropriately be referred to as “beautiful women”?

    • Advo

      Once you bring Italian women into the discussion, you’ve raised the bar above “hawtness”.

  3. I don’t wear a suit to a rodeo, but then I don’t wear jeans to a meeting. It all depends on what you’re doing. All sorts of appropriate behavior is out the window anymore. I prefer the rodeo actually, my wife wears her tight jeans. As the saying goes, “I sure hate to see her go, but I do like to watch her leave.”

  4. Good going with the packing and travel, a huge change .

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