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A side note on the hawt chick of the week.

I haven’t posted this weekend due to the sheer awfulness of cleaning up our rental property to hand back tomorrow. I’m not one to spend money on cleaners when I know for a fact that I can do a better job myself, and this is to get my bond back so I want it done right.

The hard yakka was only broken up by a lovely lunch today with a fellow writer and blogger and his lovely wife who joined the good wife and I for a Sunday lunch at our favorite Italian restaurant here in Melbourne.

My lunch companion expressed his gratitude and admiration for my hawt chicks of the week, which as you all know I publish every Friday. I would have preferred gratitude and admiration for the brilliance of my written word, but hey, I’ll take what I can get. And let’s be honest – boobies always win.

A few other commenters have inquired as to whether I would consider posting some older ladies in the hawt chick of the week time slot. My answer to this reasonable question is simple:

Are you out of your goddam minds?

The hawt chicks of the week are posted with sexual market value in mind. Click on the link, look at the chart, and there you have it; the average sexual peak for women is 23 years old. Why would I be posting images of women who have passed this point and impacted the wall?

Yes, these women in their thirties and even forties may be still attractive, but compared to their earlier, hotter, youthful versions, there just ain’t any comparison. And I want to promote women who are not just of an eminently bangable age, but also of a very eminent ‘lock ’em down’ age as well. These are the types of women you should be aiming at. Post the age of 29, just forget about it.

The more we promote the fact that women need to up their game early on and not believe the pretty lies of feminist bullshit artists that they can ‘have it all’ and wait until their late thirties to lock down a man, the more of a favor we are doing them.

In other words, my hawt chick of the week moment is altruistic. By posting it I am literally doing women a favor. How about that? What a good guy I am, eh?

So that is my answer to those of you seeking other types of women in this coveted weekly slot. It ain’t happening, and for very, very good reasons.

And no, you’re not getting a hawt chick now. I have to ration this stuff.

Oh, okay. I’ll give you my favorite hawt chick that I have already posted thus far. For those of you who missed her.


Getcha hawt chicks and links here!


The feminization of our workplaces.


  1. yes ok, but your mate is wrong.
    Its typical of an Australian to think the girl hawtness is more important than good writing.
    I can assure you Monday readers come here for the alt-right articles.

  2. Carl-Edward

    Another point about women, is that after twenty-five, they all seem to go mad.

    I have met some highly accomplished women, intelligent, elegant and far from poor, who nevertheless displayed – however subtly – a vein of lunacy, probably borne of penis envy, and the insecurity that this creates.

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