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Weak professors translates to weak degrees.

There are so many trending stories of anarchist insanity from undisciplined students on college campuses that it almost seems to fade into the background, like a white buzzing noise. Kind of like, oh, I don’t know, Islamic terrorist attacks?

But this piece over at Powerline Blog got me thinking about the nature of what is happening on campuses. Specifically this quote within a quote:

“A few students discovered that pompous teachers who catechized them about academic freedom could, with a little shove, be made into dancing bears.”

If adult professors are so easily manipulated into debasing themselves in this way by what are essentially immature children in young adult bodies, what does this say about the quality of the information that they are teaching? If they are unable to show any moral or intellectual backbone in an actual ideological confrontation then it’s not much of a jump to assume that the classes they teach are similarly lacking in rigorous content.

Someone who is morally weak is not only by default not a good teacher; they also lack any real knowledge to impart as they have spent their own life avoiding the types of personal challenges and crises that necessitate personal maturation. They might be able to recite words from a book, but they will not be able to frame them with any real life meaning.

This should be no surprise. One only has to glance at the professional track that a tenured professor needs to take to reach their status to understand that they will have spent their entire professional life inside the walls of an academic institution. Thus when a professor with actual real world experience such as Jordan Peterson comes along, suddenly he stands out, not just for his abilities but for the sheer lack of any competition among his peers.

Universities are no longer institutions of higher learning; they are businesses, and their product is the degree that students receive on graduation. The value of a degree is dependent on a few factors; the number of degrees in relation to the number of jobs available; the quality of the candidates that apply for jobs with the degree as a qualification; and the quality of the teaching provided by the institution that issued the degree.

It has long been recognized in the general workplace that the vast majority of skills needed by new employees will be learned on the job itself. University was traditionally a method for the elite of society to network and form contacts that could then be used in professional life. In addition to this was the focus on developing one’s personal maturity, which usually comes as a direct result from encountering a mentor like professor Peterson and discovering that everything that you think you know is shit.

But that isn’t happening on today’s campuses. The students themselves are telling the professors that everything that they know is shit. And they’re right. The problem is that the students are also full of shit. It’s a good old fashioned shit sandwich.

Undoubtedly there are a number of students on campus who are not behaving in this way. But surely they must be able to observe what is happening and come to the conclusion that their professors are weak cowards with nothing of value to impart. More importantly, how can they not understand that they will be receiving the exact same degrees as the little Fascists who are holding colleges to ransom?

It will be guilt by association, or to be more accurate, incompetence and immaturity by association.

Over the years there have been many instances of people lying on their CV by including fake degrees and qualifications. But perhaps a time is coming where people will lie by omission. In other words, they will neglect to mention that they hold a degree because having one will be the mark of a sucker.

Myself, if I were a student on campus at this point in time, I would probably quit and demand a refund. Or better yet, don’t go in the first place. Simply because the product on offer has next to no value. The only thing keeping the whole show going is the exorbitant cost of degrees. People assume that if something is expensive then it will be worth a lot of money.

But that’s a sucker play.


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  1. tehy5

    let me pitch my version of what’s going on:

    University is now a consumer product. And the customer is always right.

    This is for two reasons: firstly, American colleges specifically require a lot of general-education courses, such that engineers are required to analyse poetry and lawyers are required to understand the inner workings of atoms, and secondly, many students simply go to university to get “a university degree” instead of a specific degree in a field. In other words…I don’t really need to learn what I’m being taught. I just need to be able to show good grades to my employer. So now university is fully a consumer product, and the universities are reliant on this. So they roll over to save their jobs – even if they have tenure, they still need to have students taking their classes, or they run into problems. Administrators have to roll over or else risk students leaving, which could mean their job.

    • Adam

      In other words…I don’t really need to learn what I’m being taught. I just need to be able to show good grades to my employer.

      I thought that this was what high school was for.

      • not anymore

        actually i could do a bit about how we’ve literally jumped an entire level in terms of education – old high schools used to have entrance exams and not everyone got in, sort of like college today. But I would have to do more research before really committing to that belief, this is mostly based on bits and pieces i’ve picked up

      • No in the US. People aren’t expected to come out of High School educated. So, if they go to college, they are required to take a bunch of general ed courses to make up for it. Alas, on the college level those course have been so degraded as to be utterly useless. Except, of course, to produce good mindless leftists.

        • Adam

          People aren’t expected to come out of high school educated? How twee.

  2. Adam

    Bret Weinstein is a professor of biology at Evergreen State College and the trouble started because he questioned an email directive from the school asking that all white people stay away from school (professors & students) on their traditional ‘day of absence’. Usually this day was held annually for coloured people to stay away from college to take a stand against racism.

    Weinstein protested saying that inverting this day and keeping whites away was “a show of force” and “act of oppression” rather than the “forceful call to conscientiousness” when coloured people traditionally stayed away.

    He was actually standing up to and questioning a school policy even though he is a politically progressive, crazy lefty himself. The students found out about the email, came to school and harassed him. He tried to diplomatically discuss the situation with them and they turned on him with a pack mentality involving a lot of “fuck you’s”. The president of the university then sided with the mob. That college is corrupt from the top down and without competent leadership they will even eat one of their own. Just shows how far fucked the left has come and there is still a ways to go.

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