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This week I’m going to give you, my mass of slathering at the mouth fans, a brief update on happenings here at the blog and podcast due to intrusions of real life. Last week the removalists carted off almost all our worldly goods for destination somewhere in Europe. Shipping time is around eight weeks, which means a roughly similar time where my usual regular output might not be up to its usual form.

The first casualty is the podcast. I had to pack my large and expensive mic due to its fragility and size as well as my desktop for similar reasons. I had hoped to use my laptop to record in the interim period with its built-in mic but my test results have not been great. Thus the reason why there was no podcast episode this week.

I am still hoping to get it going but at this stage consider the podcast to be offline until the end of July. I am not happy about this at all because the one thing that I have learnt on this blogging stuff is that it takes time to build up an audience and it takes no time at all to lose them again. So please bare with me until this move sorts itself out.

Presently I am traveling around Australia visiting family and friends before the big move. I have been able to keep up my usual stream of articles but it is somewhat more challenging due to the amount of distractions. But I will do my very best to get up something of quality every day.

I will most probably leave for Europe in the next few weeks so I can lock down a house for when our stuff arrives. This will mean staying with family which is not an ideal situation but just something that I will have to suck up while I am somewhere in Europe. Once again, it will be my intention to keep the output up over this time, but please understand if it drops off now and then.

Okay, let’s have a look at what caught my fearful yellow eye this week on the interwebs.

Roissy reports on Swedish middle aged spinsters who use young Middle Eastern migrant men for sex and who just happen to be the most enthusiastic supporters of bringing in the hordes of cultural enrichers to Sweden.

In Holland and France at the end of WWII, women who had collaborated with the Germans in any way were publicly humiliated by having their heads shaved and then were paraded through the streets. I imagine that they would have been social pariahs from that point on. Perhaps a similar exercise will soon be warranted.


Tim Newman has been on fire this week. If I have to pick one article then it will be his appraisal of Theresa May coming into the British election.


Post Trump’s exit from the Paris agreement, the climate change scam is showing the very first signs of unraveling. There has been a lot of great stuff written on the subject this week but my pick is this letter to president Trump from Dr. Richard Lindzen.

For far too long, one body of men, establishment climate scientists, has been permitted to be judges and parties on what the “risks to the Earth system associated with increasing levels of carbon dioxide” really are.

Let me explain in somewhat greater detail why we call for withdrawal from the UNFCCC.

The letter is a masterclass in brevity. Dr Lindzen knows that Trump is both a busy man and does not suffer fools. A similar letter to a president such as Obama would have probably needed to be ten times as long.


Lots of steaming goodness in this week’s Woodpile Report.


Matt Forney gives his appraisal of Theresa May.

While I enjoy sipping from the left’s tears of unfathomable sadness, a May mandate is nothing to cheer about. This would-be 21st century Iron Lady is in actuality not only the most left-wing prime minister the Tories have ever fielded, she’s the most left-wing prime minister the U.K. has had since James Callaghan.

Yep. May is a lame duck. I said as so almost a year ago when she took the leadership and announced that she was going to fight for the nebulous goal of social justice. Puhleezze.


A great little video snippet showing Milton Friedman schooling a young upstart student on just why wealth creation matters so much. Listen to it carefully as the points that he makes are a devastating rebuttal to all of the left’s arguments which amount to the politics of envy.

What is that I can smell in the air? Is it the smell of victory? The smell of righteousness? The smell of a bad hangover?

No! It’s the hawt chick of the week.


Magic dirt thinking and Western values.


A 60 year old lesson on female promiscuity.


  1. I have seen that Friedman clip before and I disagree with one part of it. The part where he talks about the parents building a financial legacy for their children as being irrational. My response: what is better than a lifetime of compound interest? Several generations of compound interest. Of course you have to raise your children with the same financial values. Sounds like a plan to me.

  2. Richard Lindzen letter, great and many good supporters ; one I see called Professor Bastard .
    So much for the 97% whose best work was to make us as suspicious of “political” “funded” scientists as we are dishonest lawyers.

    Theresa May’s speech after Manchester is being dissected all over the world, and the consensus is that she has no idea what she is doing.
    Her “pluralistic” values and nonsense about carrying the internal Islamic invasion to an overseas place to fight, and the idea of restricting internet, leaving your children on the front line are utterly vacant of any clue. The jihadists in Manchester were well known and four men could have preemptively dealt to the problem .
    This is what I call private enterprise situation when your Government will not protect its citizens and jail you for thoughts and speech. She is a shame and a pathetic disgrace.
    One good thing is that the Irish Democratic Unionist party are Conservatives who are climate realists and uninterested in toilet politics.

    Adam will not be surprised I imagine when I tell him, over in New Zealand they think none of this can happen to us.
    When podcasts resume Adam, is it possible to lift the sound a little. I go walkabout the room when Australians talk but i still like to hear what they say.

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