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And so another week of carnage around the world goes by during the terror month of Ramadan with pretty impressive figures thus far when compared to the number of deaths last year. Most of these are in predominantly Muslim countries which just goes to show that the mayor of London was right when he stated that terror attacks are just a part of life. Just a part of life in Muslim countries that is, which London seems to be judging by the videos of the people standing in the streets during the major apartment tower fire this week. It looked like a scene from Mogadishu, and I’m not just talking about the way that the flames lit the street in a putrid orange glow.

Of course when there is an attack on a Western country then the usual platitudes come stampeding out of the progressive closet like the festering grab-bag of mindless blatherings that they are. The one that always astounds me, if I can be astounded anymore, is when there comes the call to pray for whatever location was the unfortunate hotspot. There’s been a few of them.

It’s astonishing because the progressive left jettisoned God and religion long ago. And yet they still cling to the old terminology to provide them with false comfort. Perhaps it’s because saying ‘Oh great Gaia’ doesn’t yet have a pleasing ring to it. Still, it’s an impressive list of praying to a God that they routinely mock and don’t believe in while they bend over backwards to accommodate a rival religion that wants to destroy them.

Crazy is as crazy does. On to the links.


One for the nerds. Angelo Codevilla on the Cold Civil War. Pretty much essential reading.


Another one for the nerds – E. D. Hirsch on Our schools are producing all manner of over-achievers. What they’re not producing anymore are citizens. And it’s liberalism that pays the price. And yes, it’s pretty much essential reading.


Dalrock has been smashing it this week with a great series of posts about the Church attacking men on Father’s Day. I was about to link to one of them but then he went and posted this piece titled Hair shirts and Chest thumping which details the attempts to make men responsible for women’s failings by turning men into the same demented creatures that women have become under feminism.


Related is this 8 minute clip of part of an interview that Dave Rubin did with conservative Larry Elder. The first part is Elder wiping Rubin over the floor as he demolishes the lie that systemic racism exists in The USA. But in the second half he speaks about how black fatherhood was destroyed by Democrats under Lyndon Johnson through the welfare state. In 1965 25% of black children came from broken homes with no fathers. That was considered a disaster then, but today the figure is 75%.

And today 25% of white children grow up in broken homes with no father, which is no doubt propagated by the incredible celebration across all media of the glorious joys of being a single mother.


This week’s steaming pile of goodness that is the Woodpile Report.


And now to this week’s hawt chick. Is the anything better than hawt chicks? I’m trying to think … Bacon? Nahhhhhh.


Taxi drivers rejoice! Uber goes up in flames.


Culture, language, and chicks.


  1. Readers make sure you have seen the interview with Larry Elder. He gives a compelling case for the terrible socio-economic situation of blacks being Fatherless families at the level of 75%. Studies repeatedly show that since the introduction of generous financial welfare to Mother only families, the collapse of real welfare [ spiritual, family, education, social ability] has been obvious .
    It has long been established that over 90% of people in prisons came from broken families. That is no father role model. Larry Elder ridicules the Black lives Matter movement as being, in fact, a negative, malicious force to the social advancement of Black people. His host on the show was a poofy little liberal , devoid of knowledge and facts,

  2. BoganinDenial

    It’s interesting how you pick and choose stats that further your own assumptions. Confirmation bias? I’ve giving up on numbers a long time ago, because they can easily be twisted and fudged to propagate propaganda. As you’ve alluded several times around here : life is not fair. Whites have done their part over the centuries, now people of colour have caught up, returning the favour, and causing pain. So why whine on a keyboard? Suck it up like a modern man.

    • Neville

      Assuming for a moment that the stats are correct, the main point appears to me to be that the casual or even propagandised claims of white-to-black ‘racism’ crumble to nothing on closer examination; and in addition, the tragic stats about deaths, education, welfare, currently-black-accepted ideology, and general well-being of black people in the USA are pretty much all more or less caused by lefties led by Johnson from the mid-fifties on.

      • BoganinDenial

        You maybe right. But in today’s world, unless it is a law of physics or something (even they come with a frame of reference, and assumptions) most of the stats don’t mean anything. Every side believes in their version of the “truth”.

  3. Eduardo the Magnificent

    Ha. #PrayforParis is on the list three times (four if you count #PrayforFrance), and German cities appear six times. But don’t jump to conclusions, people! Not All Muslims Are Terrorists! Religion of Peace!

  4. Dan-0-lee

    Hmm, could the real problem be inverse racism? That is, liberals believe that blacks should become the same silly twits that liberals are and their liberal angst(butthurt) comes from the secret realisation that this isn’t going to happen.

    Imposing white social mores on blacks is the ultimate racism.

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