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The boiling frog.

You’ve probably heard the one about how you can’t put a frog in hot water, or even tepid water because it immediately recognises the danger, but if you put a frog in cold water and slowly bring it up to the boil then it will boil to death quite happily as it is used to the danger and doesn’t recognise it.

Australians for the most part are the frog in the rapidly boiling pot of water. The boiling water is mass immigration from unsuitable and even hostile cultures, people who have little to no intention of integrating into Australian culture.

Here’s a cool image that I got from Maggie’s Farm.

We are in the process in Australia of destroying every one of these bonds. Some of the destruction has been going on for decades. I’ve heard that approximately half of Australia’s landmass is now signed over to aboriginal groups under native title laws. In many of these vast areas non-aboriginals are forbidden to enter without a permit. In other words, this is a division of the Australian nation under territory.

The most common so-called benefit of mass immigration of foreign cultures cited by brain-dead shitlibs is all of the different cuisines that they now get to enjoy. But food as a shared way of life is part of culture, and it is part of what bonds together a successful nation. Here is an interesting article via Peter Grant which examines the steps that the founders of modern Israel took with regards to food:

Early adherents to the Zionist project, committed to creating a Jewish state in the territory now known as Israel, sought to abandon vestiges of their past. Just as the European settlers favoured Hebrew over Yiddish and khakis over frock coats and homburgs, they also purposefully chose to eat indigenous foods over Ashkenazi ones. “Many of the first Ashkenazi Jews who came here, the ideological pioneers, were interested in cutting off their roots from the past and emphasizing the newness of the Zionist project,” explained Shaul Stampfer, professor of Soviet and East European Jewry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. “One of the ways of doing that [was] through the food.”

The settlers abandoned their traditional foods in order to construct a national narrative and identity, and it worked because these things are critical to any nation. Australian on the other hand can boast of possibly the most diverse range of cuisines available anywhere in the world, while remaining oblivious to the fact that Australian traditional foods are not just being lost, they are being banned.

I have written recently on why I think Europe is better placed to weather this cultural storm than Australia, and I have also pointed out that Australia’s immigration rate is over twice that of Britain and the USA. Those pieces were cross-posted around the internet and received a lot of disparaging comments from Australians. They do not believe what I am saying because they are sitting in the pot and they do not notice that the water is getting very warm indeed.

I have noticed because I am red-pilled, but also because I lived overseas for such a long period of time. When I returned to Australia in 2011 it was after an absence of 10 years. What I saw shocked me. This wasn’t the Australia that I had grown up with. Hell, this wasn’t even the Australia that I had even last seen 10 years previously.

I know, I know. You’re rolling your eyes. You don’t believe what I’m saying. Well, if you don’t believe me, how about listening to American comedian Brendan Schaub who recently came to Australia for the first time, via XYZ:

He thinks that Steve Irwin would be rolling over in his grave. I rather think that the servicemen who died defending this country from the Japanese invasion in WWII would be slightly more annoyed.

All of the six bonds listed above that make a nation state are perilously weak in Australia. All of them. The water is getting hot, the frogs are feeling warm and cozy, and the country is racing towards an end-point.

But hey, enjoy those kebabs.


Culture, language, and chicks.


I have broken the law and I’m on the run.


  1. BoganinDenial

    Ok let’s, take another point of view to deconstruct the argument from Marry’s Farm, just food for thought ?

    Nationality : Mixing ethnicity with definition of nationality? But if you must insist, this one could be easy to agree on, because whether like it or not, most of us who identify ourselves as “humans”, descended from a single tribe in Africa some 65,000 years ago. Now let’s not pick or choose where the counting begins?
    Language. : Australia is probably doing ok on this one, because last time I checked, it was English, but with at least 3 different accents.
    Culture : This one will be difficult, especially in today’s world of Internet. Even rights don’t share much with alt-rights these days.
    Religion : Seriously?
    Territory : It’s legal to hold property in Australia. However, thankfully there is no feudalism, yet.

    Here is an idea. A successful modern national state, is more about rule of law, merit, with a long term focus on economic prosperity and general wellbeing for its people. Singapore might be one of the best examples of that, depending on how one views it on success scale. But you need smart, committed, and upright people at the helm, which is probably one of Australia’s biggest weaknesses (not immigration). There is widespread corruption, nepotism, and incompetency at all levels. The decay is only accelerating.

    • Craig

      Yes, Singapore is far more red pilled, their leaders just import more Chinese from the homeland to help keep the Muslim natives or any other minority in check. I like China’s military, just like Russia, a masculine core ethnic, who will fight to the death for each other. Just like the Highlanders, before the British military was liberalised, feminised… Though I believe our Western militarizes will survive the SJW mind virus and jettison it soon enough. If not, I wonder if the future British soldiers will be like the diversity bobbies of London and run away…

      If Australian politicians were for the people instead of the homoeconomicus man of the corporations, we wouldn’t have these problems that occur in our post Western cities.

      How’s this, finally a paragraph more appropriate to the article. Home economics is now multicultural propaganda spew… very little cooking or learning home skills, the only all boys classes in the public school. Instead of cooking, it’s tick and flick, fill in the multi culti propaganda check list. Serious they meant to cook twice per term, yet my son complains as they only get to cook once per term due to all the multiculti crap. What is funny though all the kids make fun of it, revolting against the dogma. they’re only 12. Ha. The revolution is coming.

    • Mr Black

      People like you are part of the problem.

    • Can you please provide evidence that we are descended from Africa?

      If you think a successful modern nation state is about rule of law and merit, that’s fine, but go make your Utopia somewhere else, and leave existing nations alone. You have no right to impose your will on others.

      • BoganinDenial

        Well the article itself is skeptic about the claim, and it’s not bad idea at all to be wary of everything, including the original theory …. quoting from your link :

        quote ~If accepted, this theory will indeed alter the very beginning of human history. However some experts were more skeptical about the findings. Retired anthropologist and author Dr Peter Andrews, formerly at the Natural History Museum in London, said: “It is possible that the human lineage originated in Europe, but very substantial fossil evidence places the origin in Africa, including several partial skeletons and skulls. “I would be hesitant about using a single character from an isolated fossil to set against the evidence from Africa.”~unquote

        But anyway, my POW was just an alternative viewpoint, and not an attempt to impose anything (and I wouldn’t dare, even if I wanted to) …Cheers!

  2. I see boganindenial is deeply in denial

    • Adam

      He’s my newest troll, but unfortunately lacking in both talent and originality.

      • BoganinDenial

        Hey Adam. Thanks for your patience this far (sort of knew it was not a question of “if”, but when it would run out…ha!) Decided to participate in the comments section, because somewhere in the title of your blog it said : “gentleman adventurer” Having been an adventurer myself, I could relate. But hey, titles can be misleading. Anyway, I would really miss not being able to be part of discussions like an adult. It’s unfortunate, because I really liked your blog, and podcasts. Even though I might disagree with some of your views, still think by and large you have great content. Really liked your guitar playing, and am a Zep n Floyd admirer myself. There were a few very good blog posts where you knocked it out of the park, especially the ones on parenting, marrying, the story of the guy with cerebral palsy, and the perils of modern day university education. I could listen to them any day. Best of luck dear adventurer, I wish you all the best for the pursuit of your calling.

        • Adam

          Dude, you’re not banned from commenting. I’ve only ever banned one person from my blog. Comment away to your heart’s content.

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