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Greetings fellow adventurers and travelers of the cyberspace, and welcome to another downright hip and groovy edition of the weekly smorgasbord of links, vids, and resident hawtness.  This week I have been more inclined to post snippets and videos rather than essays, simply because this is what caught my fearful yellow eye.

I am aware that there are many big events that transpired around the world this week, momentous happenings that have shattered the cosmos and left people reeling with alternate feelings of amazement and despair, blah blah, blahdy-blah.

And next week it will be entirely new momentous shatterings and the serpent will continue to eat its own tail. Here at the weekly links, consider this your shelter from the worldwide legion of crooks, charlatans, and grifters, better known as politicians, bankers, and economists. I am also feeling in a generous mood so I am going to offer you not one but two hawt chicks of the week! Yes, dear friends, you read that correctly. Pay for three and get two! A bargain in any man’s language.

Enough dither, enough dather, enough blather. On with it.

Courtesy of Law of Markets we have this bit of propaganda informing us that the entire world really is scared of Trump. Here is one of their graphics:

Based on this it appears that those Africans who just the other day I accused of being rather stupid are in fact the most based of the lot. Heavens-to-britches, Margaret, just how is that there possible?

Yeah, well scroll down the links and you’ll discover that they had almost exactly the same reaction when asked about the last three presidents that preceded Trump. It doesn’t matter anyway though, as this is the same research center that issued reams of polls showing that Hillary would win.


One of the dumb arguments that climate change whores like to bring up whenever they can is that Australia has lots of sun, so if we just cover the desert in solar panels we’d be laughing, mate! Apart from the fact that the sun does not yet shine at night, (although I am convinced that the progs would believe that we could change that too if instructed by their puppet masters), it turns out that those solar panels don’t do well at all if not regularly cleaned of muck and dust.

As anyone who has ever spent any time in the Australian desert knows, there is a lot of wind out there and a hell of a lot of what we call bulldust. You’d probably need to hand clean them every day. With water. In the middle of the fucking desert.


To ensure that every child wins, Washington athletic association removes ball from soccer. Is it real or is it satire? The fact that you may have some trouble deciding is what is so disturbing about this.


The one essay of this edition – Kurt Schlichter goes to town on so-called conservative principles.

First, the “If it’s wrong for them to do it to us, then it’s wrong if we do it to them” formulation is less a principle than a tired cliché. This minor disruption was a tactic; shouting was a tool. It is moral for the good guys – and we are the good guys – to use tactics and tools against an enemy that are immoral when they do it. It was immoral for the Nazis to bomb London; it was moral for us to bomb Nazis. Of course every tactic and tool is not acceptable, but the guys who stormed Omaha Beach did not “become what they were fighting” because they used the same tools and tactics as the enemy.

Using the excuse of not fighting because we would be reduced to their level is simply that; an excuse for not fighting.


Your red pill baseness of the week courtesy of Roissy – Is This The Reason Men Adore Virgins (And Abhor Skanks)?

The greatest disconnect between whom a man claims to love and whom he really loves is that produced when asking him his thoughts on the superiority of the virgin bride. You’ll hear variations of the following from him:

“Hey man, I don’t care who’s she’s slept with as long as I’m her last dick.”

I caught the first episode of Mad Men last night, which is possibly the very best pilot episode of all time. The one where the young exec is about to get married and he’s acting all boastful about women in the office to his male buddies and then it transpires that he’s a virgin.



Speaking of red pill, an excellent interview with Rollo Tomassi over at The Mark Baxter podcast.

(And speaking of podcasts, mine will be back in just a few weeks, I promise).


The Z Man comes up with a Devil’s Dictionary of prog and shitlib language.


This week’s Woodpile Report.


Awesome piss-take of Elizabeth Warren:


Why the mail-order bride business exists:

Don’t you love how her handle is ‘Faithful’?


This week’s cool tunes. Radio Birdman live back in 1976 doing L.A. Woman:


Or maybe something more in line with the hawt chicks of the week?


I promised you two hawt chicks so here they are. Nominate your favorite in the comments for the chance to win a hawt date with one of them.

And for number two bonus play:

Have a great based Friday, morons.


Bad decisions.


The Australian aboriginal industry.


  1. Robbo

    some sort of cruel joke i assume…

  2. Bloody delicious hot chycks of the week.

    And I think you wrote some stuff too. I noticed some words as I was scrolling down to the hot chycks….

    • Adam

      You’re supposed to choose between them. Can’t you read?

  3. gospace

    #2, not even close.

  4. The [ we hate Donald Trump research] by Phew Research, gives more reason
    again to despise political social science. For what its worth , I see some reaction by the Philippines and Vietnam to the Spratty islands invasion by China .
    And another thing, don’t be led astray by that Spanish expression ” Che” he used in reply to Robbo.
    He is really in Amsterdam, and can not tell you, [ calls it somewhere in Europe] because his wife made them shift there, and he dare not admit that.

  5. The navel is often underscored for hawtness points, so I’ll give the young lady in the crop top the win. L.A. Woman, oh yeah, surf chicks especially.

  6. Hans

    The top photo has been photoshopped extensively.
    Head looks wrong for the body, arms look wrong….proportions seem odd.
    The bottom chick, what is up with her left hand ?
    Veins like a 100 yr old granny. Hands are very masculine.
    Odd shape navel is a real turnoff.

    Probably both are sluts with well used gashes a mile wide.
    Count me out.

    • Adam

      Yes, but would you kick them out if bed if they farted?

  7. OK, the first girl, she is straight up and has an honest face . And the rest of her is very good looking also.

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