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How to break up with someone.

Breaking up is hard to do. Or that’s what the song says anyway. In reality it’s easier than you think and it gets progressively easier the more you do it. I am a veritable expert in dumping people. But I didn’t used to be. Anyone who has read my first book, Pushing Rubber Downhill, will be more than familiar with my series of epic fails with unsuitable women, and my tin ear when they attempted to send me unsubtle signals that it was all over.

So let’s take a look at my crash course in how to dump someone from your life.

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Not all women are like that.

There’s an old saying in the writing game: if you’re taking flak, you must be over the target. My piece the other day on how men can either be masculine or emotional but not both got cross-posted over at XYZ magazine where it generated a fair number of negative comments on their Facebook page.

The upset individuals were overwhelmingly women, and their collective panties were all in a bunch because I had dared to suggest that women were, shock horror, emotional, and screwed up as a result of this emotional dependency. Their objections were primarily based on the fact that I had committed the cardinal sin of generalizing women. Comment after comment gave examples of how they were “strong women” or that they knew plenty of women who did not conform to my biased and misogynistic male views.

It was a collective outpouring of a rule which is known as NAWALT. Or for those of you who are unfamiliar with the acronym, Not All Women Are Like That.

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Hawt chicks, links, and updates.

With just a warm tickle to go we are getting to the end of the month, which so far has been the biggest to date on ye old blog of this here most humble writer with over 50K views, a 20% increase on the previous month. The comments on the articles are also becoming consistently healthy which I put down to the copious amounts of virgin sacrifices that I have been enthusiastically performing.

We also have good news on the podcast front which has been offline while my worldly goods were transported across the oceans. It appears that various pirates had no interest in my collection of mint nose boogers stuck under my desk and our stuff arrives this Monday. This means that I can get back to the weekly podcast so I thank all of my dear listeners for bravely going about their week without my comforting take-downs of the world to accompany them. So the podcast will be back up next Wednesday in its usual time slot. And the heathens everywhere rejoiced!

But come now, enough of these meanderings; it is merriment and good cheer on which we depend, not to mention the usual bevy of hawt chicks of the week. Press the button and all of your desires will be met. Guaranteed or none of your money back which you didn’t send me because I don’t have things like Patreon to swing my cold and tired ass out in the wind.

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Transsexuals in the military? Don’t make me laugh.

President Trump, that’s president in case some of you filthy lefties had forgotten that he won, president Trump banned transsexuals today from serving in the US military. The media are collectively losing their shit like this is a betrayal of American values or something, when in reality the law was only brought in several months ago on the ass-end of that Obama fucktard of a presidency, and it had a veto date of a year.

But to the media, which means to the left, anything that they bring in is “American values” and anything which the right brings in is “evil and hateful and bigoted and awful”. Or something like that.

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You can be masculine or emotional, but not both.

All of you stop. Just stop. Enough of it already. It’s demeaning, it’s depressing, and it’s been going on for far too long. Worse than that it’s dangerous. Dangerous for men, dangerous for women, and dangerous for society.

I’m talking about the victimhood stakes. The great socialist competition to place as many manufactured minority groups as possible under the banner of oppressed victims. To be a victim you must have an evil arch enemy, and the common enemy of choice for the last 50 years of mindless Marxists everywhere has been the great catch-all of the patriarchy.

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Innovate or perish.

The main aim of a business is to find a customer. In order to continue to thrive in the marketplace the business must also innovate. A business innovates to stay ahead of its competitors and thus find more customers. The customers are the main beneficiaries of this. There are many examples of businesses failing to innovate in an historical sense; Kodak is one of the best known cases. But with the rise of internet shopping we are seeing this play out in a huge way.

It is a time of chaos, and chaos is another word for opportunity.

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You can’t get your hair cut online.

After my first month here in the sunny green fields of Holland I have come to no conclusions whatsoever, as it simply isn’t possible to do so in such a short space of time. If I want to be honest with myself, and let’s be honest – who wants to do that? – then I reckon I’d probably need a few decades to be able to get a handle on things. That’s the way it is with assimilating into foreign cultures, even with a culture that has similar roots and pedigree to your own.

It’s why the entire multicultural charade is simply that: a charade. I have old Australian buddies who have lived for over 20 years in Japan. I love Japan; it is one of my favorite cultures on the planet. But they’re not Japanese, they will never be Japanese, and the kids that they have with Japanese wives are doomed to some half-breed existence, forever wandering between two half closed doors.

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The female orgasm is submissive.

I’ve been sitting on the following video for two weeks now, trying to work out the best way to approach it. It’s presented by Bettina Arndt, an Australian sex therapist, online dating coach, and now champion of men’s relationship issues. The video in question is titled, Bettina Arndt on today’s sex starved husbands, and needless to say, she gets everything wrong.

We don’t have to even get one minute into the video to realize that this woman has no idea of what she’s talking about. Like a hideous relationship destroyer, up bubbles the cringe-inducing word that scuttles all relationship help in its tracks:

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I love me some hawt chicks and links.

Greetings to the good morons, delcons, and deplorables everywhere, and welcome to another Friday, another round of links and drinks, tongue kissing and video gazing, and hawt chicks who like to do nothing more than to be as hawt as they can for as long as they can. What is better in life? Not much, unless you listen to Conan, and it’s hard to listen to a guy who talks like he has a platoon of cheeseburgers in his mouth.

But enough of randomness, time for the good old stuff.

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#Fake Australian parliamentarians.

The last week has seen some extraordinary developments in the Australian parliament. Two senators from the far-left Greens party were each forced to resign when it was discovered, (the first case in a search by a private citizen), that they were dual citizens, rendering them ineligible to serve in parliament under the terms of the constitution.

But it gets even more amazing with a former Greens senator who served for over a decade in parliament now admitting that he held dual citizenship for the entire period. And the leader of the Greens is now under scrutiny as he is being asked to provide documentary evidence that he does not still hold Italian citizenship. From The Australian:

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