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The Australian aboriginal industry.

I have wanted to write about this topic for some time but I was unable to do so due to the onerous speech laws in Australia concerning the subject of race. The Racial Discrimination Act, also known as the infamous 18C, forbids the humiliation of anyone based on their race. While perhaps noble in intent, what it has allowed is the unmitigated race fraud that is contaminating Australia.

But seeing as I now longer reside in Australia I am now free to write whatever the hell that I want on this subject.

For many years it has been an advantage to declare oneself as aboriginal in Australia. It is an advantage in a financial sense as aboriginals have access not only to special welfare programs but lower interest rates on mortgages as well. It is an advantage in a professional sense as all public service position applications have a box that you can tick to declare that you are an aboriginal. Tick the box and you go to the head of the queue. Many private companies now have this same system in place as they all want to proudly display their aboriginal credentials. Companies that have aboriginal CEOs or board members receive advantages on government tenders, for example.

There are numerous programs, university scholarships, mentorships, competitions, and the like which are for aboriginals only. In my own position as a writer, if I were to declare myself as an aboriginal then the doors to the publishing world would be magically opened for me in every sense.

I know that right now you’re wondering how I could possibly identify as aboriginal. But you see, I would only need to claim a 1 in 64 genealogy to be on the aboriginal gravy train, and even then I would never be genetically tested as to the truthfulness of such a claim because to do so is not only racist, but it would humiliate me based on my race, and that is illegal under section 18C of the Act.

But unlike many people in Australia I am not a liar, I am not a crook, I am not a fraud, and I do not mooch off the public purse while simultaneously bemoaning my so-called existence as a poor downtrodden aborigine.

The 2016 Australian census has unintentionally uncovered an astounding fact. It turns out that there are far more aboriginals now than there were since the last census was undertaken 5 years ago, 18.4% more to be precise, a figure which is in no way explained by the birth rate which is not even close to approaching this number. People are choosing their race, over 40,000 at the current count, because declaring oneself as aboriginal brings so many advantages.

This is quite simply a racist policy. It is racist for one race to have such advantages over anyone else in the same nation simply because of their perceived genealogy. That it can never be questioned under threat of prosecution is even more outrageous. Australia is being purposely divided along racial lines, an extremely dangerous situation. Recent examples of previously peaceful nations that were destroyed by just such a division are Rhodesia and South Africa, conveniently forgotten by the same leftist ideologues that interfered and stirred up trouble along racial lines in the first place.

But it isn’t just personal financial advantages that this state of affairs offers up to the crafty individual. There are great power games afoot as well. This piece on the arguments over the Murray-Darling river system is but one example.

As a number of people around Australia voice their opinion of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, Aboriginal people say they are the only ones who can truly speak for the river’s health and future.

Is that quite clear? Aboriginals are the only ones who can decide on the future water flows of the most important river in the country for crop irrigation. Identify as aboriginal and you can be one of the only ones as well.

Like this guy.

Red hair, freckles, and pale white skin. I bet you thought that aborigines were really dark fellas living out in the bush. Not so with the great aboriginal industry. To call out this man as the complete fraud that he is would be illegal in Australia. But seeing as I’m not in Australia I will do just that. Rene Woods is about as aboriginal as I am. In other words, he has 5 parts of fuck all aboriginal in him. For him to claim the role as the spokesman for the Nari Nari tribe is simply beyond belief. But he wants power and he’s going to get it by claiming to be something that he is not.

He described the river as “our lifeblood … it’s just like our veins.”

I don’t know what is in his veins but it ain’t being a blackfella.

So what are these cultural flows that these fraudulent aborigines are going on about?

The term cultural flows can mean anything from modern-day farming practices, to delivering water to a culturally significant area.

Bugger me, who would have thought it? Apparently aborigines had modern farming practices before the white guys showed up.

It is of course a giant scam dressed up under the guise of the aboriginal industry. There isn’t any money in delivering water to a culturally significant area, whatever the hell that means, but there sure is a hell of a lot of potential money involved in determining and controlling water flows for modern farming practices. If this keeps going then farmers will one day have to pay money to frauds like this asshole in order to provide food for the nation. Or perhaps Australia will go down Rhodesia’s path of confiscating farms and handing them over to pretend abos. At least in the case of Rhodesia the thieves were actual blacks, unlike these imposters.

But nobody can say anything because that would be racist and 18C, oooohhh it’s the bogeyman 18C.

Yeah? Well, fuck 18C. I’m now in the position of being able to say whatever the hell I like, so you can expect many more of these articles from me in the future.

Aboriginals my ass.



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  1. John Ricketts

    One of my friends here in Western Australia had an Aboriginal friend offer to buy a new vehicle on her behalf. Since the Aboriginal people get to pay a lower rate (seemingly 25% cheaper or so) than the whites, she was quite prepared to stand in as a go-between. Not for any gain, but simple as a friend. So tell me, why would an Aboriginal person get to buy a car cheaper than the rest of us? Is that some ancient right?

    Inequality is racism.

    • The truly disgusting thing about your example is that the 25% “discount” will be provided by the Australian taxpayer.

    • Dimity

      That is literally 100% false. If it were true my partner wouldn’t be working his ass off to pay for a car. Don’t know where you’re getting all your facts but might want to check your sources.

  2. Aleks Sim

    I used to work in the Registry of Births, Deaths & Marriages in one of the state governments. All it takes to become a declared abo is a birth certificate and your claim to be processed by a regional land council (tribe) to determine your “aboriginality”. Now, god forbid I claim that such a process would be open to fraud, but I am sure you could think of scenarios where that would be possible.

    Keep the posts about this topic coming. There is much to say about it and you are in quite a good position to do it, unlike me and many others.

    • Check out the comments on the Andrew Bolt article that I linked to. Plenty of white Australians are ticking the aboriginal box and there is no checking going on because checking is racist.

  3. OZ  got nuffin’ on BRA (Black Run America).

  4. A couple questions about legal matters.

    Can you be arrested and prosecuted if you go back for a visit or do you have to be a resident in order to fall under the jurisdiction of 18C?

    Can they prosecute for violations that did not occur within the boundaries of Australia?

    • Only within Australia as far as I know. If they did attempt to prosecute me internationally it would cause so much publicity that I would be the winner by a very large margin.

      • Dan Flynn

        You would love it if they tried Adam, it would make you famous.

      • Who is your Publisher? If it’s the Internet, then you’re not a writer.A blogger at best. Google me at will. I’m more than happy to answer any questions you have -and if i have to prove myself to you – then the same goes for you Adam. One of your points is about equality,remember?

  5. Beau Loots

    Race Differences in Intelligence by Richard Lynn has a chapter on Aborigines and Africans.
    Worth a read

  6. I have a relative who has claimed to be aboriginal and is now scooping up with a large ladle all that gravy. This relative does not have a drop of aboriginal blood but no one wants to know about it because apparently you can’t ask the person to prove their claim. From the looks of it we may as well all start jumping on this bandwagon and reap some of the benefits as well, after all we are paying for them.

    • Ivan Tipp

      I have a “Prick Relly” Who’s right on the “ABO” Gravy train. 2 of her 3 kids have gotten “ABO” scholarships. I really think fraudulently. But as you say; Anyone questions it and they’re RRAAAACCCIIIIISSSST!

  7. It the man in that picture was an Australian aboriginal, so was Eric the Red.

    • Di Carroll

      Ive known that man all his life and i can assure you he is Aborigional as his father is. Hope you all get sued for slander. Get your facts right before you start throwing shit around. Im a white Aussie and i am proud of what this young man has achieved. He works damn hard like the next person does.

      • Konrad Steinmuller

        You’re obviously not getting the real point Di Carrol. It doesn’t even matter if that particular guy is part aboriginal or not, the real point being made is that if you identify as aboriginal then you get benefits that other Australians do not get. Its a blatantly racist policy that upsets a lot of people in Australia who are against racism. Assistance based upon economic need… that seems reasonable. Assistance based upon disability… sure absolutely. But assistance based upon your race or religion is just plain wrong.

      • Mark

        He may be PARTIALLY aboriginal. We do have eyes you know?

  8. Hans

    It’s interesting that there seem to be more aboriginals every year.
    Sort of like the WW 2 Holocaust, where there seem to be more “survivors” every year.
    And not only that, the Holocaust “victims” are getting younger every year !
    Victimhood, or falsely claiming victimhood, pays handsomely.
    Aboriginals are on a plush 5 star gravy train, now they are demanding a Treaty, no doubt with lots of gibsmedats non stop freebies attached.

  9. areukittenme

    What I can’t understand is why the real Aborigines aren’t complaining about whites stealing their identity. They can’t all be drinking cheap wine in country parks. In the future there will be outrage about the stolen ‘identity’ generation. The left government of the day can apologise for that too.

  10. What I can’t understand is why the real Aborigines aren’t complaining about whites stealing their identity.

    I expect they are, but everybody is too busy listening to the fake ones.

    • areukittenme

      Just reading that the IQ of full blood Australian Aborigines is only 62, that’s at least 10 IQ points below the Africans! I’m now thinking that they don’t fully appreciate what is going on. For the unscrupulous, it is probably a bit like taking candy from a baby.

      The more European blood the Aborigines have in them, the higher their IQs so the better their ability to take advantage of government programs & positive discrimination. But the more they look like Europeans, the less racial discrimination they suffer, surely?

      Trust the left wing politicians to totally stuff things up.

  11. Roland Wilson

    OK. Lets deconstruct some of the absolute BULLSHIT this author has written. First, Section 18C of the RDA does in fact stop the intimidation of people based on race. Section 18D of the RDA also lists a number of exemptions, including for journalists writing on the topic, so long as their article is based in FACT, not lies or innuendo. The mere fact this person has then gone on to describe the physical characteristics of a brother, and this as an indicator being fraudulent is a potential breach of Section 18C as he provides no context to his argument.
    Second, merely identifying as Aboriginal is not an open invitation to gaining access to equity measures such as scholarships, cadetships and book contracts. You must provide a statutory declaration in all these cases that you meet the three point criteria of Aboriginality; that you identify, are accepted by the community and are a descendant of Aboriginal parents/grandparents etc… For government cadetships you MUST provide a proof of Aboriginality with a community seal. For highly public spaces such as books and authorship, if he claimed Aboriginality and was found to be not, then he would have a ruined career. He also has ZERO idea of the offensive nature of talking about blood quantum (1/2, 1/4, 1/8th Aboriginal). This is an outdated Darwinian theory used in the Assimilation Era to justify taking children away from their families.
    Third,He has absolutely no idea of the need for equity measures within Australian universities. Our first university graduate was Charlie Perkins, graduated in 1963 from a university system that was hostile to Aboriginal people and actively taught the absence of Aboriginal culture, identity and ownership within Australia. It is also a system that is thousands of years old, but which now recognises the value of Indigenous voices. Albeit there is a long way to go, but the fact that our peoples were actively excluded from a university education has held Indigenous Australia back for decades on multiple fronts.
    Fourth, it is not surprising that more people are identifying as Aboriginal. How many of us grew up hiding our Aboriginality because we were afraid of the consequences of racist acts? How many of our ancestors had to deny their Aboriginality so they could get a Dog Tag (Exemption Certificate) to leave the town camps? How many denied their Aboriginality so their kids would not be stolen?
    Fifth, he talks about advantage? FFS, we just went through the biggest mining boom in history, with most of the wealth of that boom pissed up the wall on middle class welfare, football stadiums in Perth that are uncompleted, a billion dollar hospital in Perth that has lead contaminated water, tax free superannuation for baby boomers. All the while NOT ONE SINGLE GAP has been closed in Health, Education, Life Expectancy, infant mortality, housing or chronic illness in the broader Aboriginal population. JUST WHERE IS THE F..KING ADVANTAGE in having the wealth literally stripped out of your country so that the rest of Australia gets wealthy off the lands of Aboriginal people?
    Sixth, yes Aboriginal people speak for the health of country. We managed it since day dot and in 200 years look at the state of it. Maybe they can learn a thing or two about natural resource management from the mobs? And YES Aboriginal people did have sophisticated farming techniques before colonisation. Look at the Brewarrina fish traps, look at the Aboriginal wheat belt map from the work of Henry Reynolds, look at the historical records describing the fields of cultivated yam that were destroyed by pastoralism. Look at the Cape York mobs and their aquaculture techniques. Look at the role of mosaic burning in the landscape to manage plant and animal populations.
    You have ZERO idea of your own nations history and the destruction that 230+ years of destructive, failed social policy has wrought on Indigenous Peoples. Your hatred is not welcome, nor are your uneducated opinions regarding contemporary Aboriginal Australia.

    • Dominique Sullivan

      Nailed it. Thank you

    • Laura

      Well said he does not understand and very uneducated about it all he does not see the work on country between traditional owners and farmers where I live he is to busy fingering his keyboard and not seeing reality seriously he has no idea what it is to be aboriginal in Australia

    • If things are anything like other commonwealth countries, one can state as many facts as they like, they are all racist. Facts which disprove the nonsense of the left are always treated in that fashion. Truth matters not a whit and is no defense.

    • Ted Dolkens

      Roland- How much do you have to pay one of the aboriginal elders to get the “community seal” you speak of?

    • Dimity

      Thank God I read your comment. I was this close to becoming upset at the ignorant, hateful comments on this post until yours spoke the real truth.

  12. I have known Rene “Bomber” Woods and his family for over 30 years. They ARE Aboriginal and ARE genuine in their support of issues around Aboriginality and land usage. This family has not become rich because of some imagined “industry”- in fact they haven’t become rich at all. They have even been subjected to abuse by their own Wiradjuri brothers when land rights issues were emerging. It is becoming increasingly common for ultra-conservatives to write racist Australian-denigrating comment as soon as their uninformed brain becomes airborne and declares itself as an authority on our country and its issues. This radical right man must have spent his time in Australia around the coffee bars of Double Bay or Pymble. For a rational reply to this moron, I refer media users to the comments by Roland Wilson. Roland is a young man of recognised academic standing. Oh yes…he IS Aboriginal and did grow up about 800 km from Yuppieland!!!
    Jim Mather.

  13. Rene woods

    Hi Adam my name is Rene Woods the man your talking about and picture that is in your article, I’m a proud Aboriginal man (Nari Nari)since the day my mother put life into me in 1983 being taught and while listening to my elders I have grown into a leader of my Community with the blessing of my Elders who have lead the way for me as did theirs for thousands of years before me IM NOT A JOHNY come lately !!!
    YES I DO HAVE FRECKLES AND RED HAIR so what just because I’m not what An Aboriginal man should look like you feel it’s ok to point this out in you article.
    my beliefs and creation stories are inside my mind and body My Aboriginal heritage I practice everyday !!
    As a kid I seen what my people were put through auntys and uncles were discounted to country because they were moved of country as kids taken away !!! being treated like Crap just because they were Aboriginal in a small town!
    Than going to Sydney in high school and seeing my mates not being able to get a taxi because they were Aboriginal soon as I hailed down a cab it stopped and we all got in .

    Your facts and figures are so wrong we don’t get cheap this and cheap!! our people work they work bloody hard !! substaining our Culture walking in two worlds daily to continue and enhance our Cultural practices so it can pass onto future generations, generations that go back over 60000 years.

    Farming/fire/land and water practices that date back well before captain cook came and tore our country up and our Nation groups apart !!
    I battle everyday day to improve my peoples voice in Water management where we have been left out of the room and not at the table with a say on where water is delivered and put onto our country ,as is our Cultural responsibility to look after the lands and water of our Nation groups.
    we weren’t even thought about when they were handing out land and water titles remember it will Always will be Aboriginal land mate.

    I’m not on no gravy train I work hard and long hours away from my family and friends I don’t own my house or my car thank you. It’s rubbish like this article that continues to knock us down when we are on the rise.
    Remember we have been here for well over 60000 years mate we are the most adaptive people on the planet.
    I’m going to Continue the fight because of people like you who sit behind your keyboards and write crap like this !!

  14. Adam its great to no that you no longer pollute our dear mother earth with all the rubbish that comes from your thoughts & you call yourself a journalist now this abo’s confuse cause its my understanding & what my white fella teachers taught me that to be a journalist u must state the facts not one’s opinon see white way of teaching mislead blackfella way of learning once again so my thoughts on opinon is this (opinons are like assholes everybodys got one) maybe those claiming to be journalist should be fact tested b4 hoping on the journalist gravy train hey watcha reckon cou’s bruz’ss

  15. Amanda

    Had to comment again. The fact that Rene Woods took the time to reply to your post suggests to me that he is genuine in his efforts to help his people, otherwise he would have just ignored you. He may not look typically Aboriginal but he has Aboriginal blood and has clearly grown up amongst his community and still lives there. He just might be the best person to represent his community when dealing with our overly complicated white system of government.

    I think this issue has layers, like everything. It wouldn’t surprise me if you had more common ground with guys like this than you realise. If a person is ultimately motivated to do good, as I think both of you are, then I have to give credit for that.

  16. Tony.

    Thanks for writing this Adam, you’ve pretty much nailed a topic that I would also like to tackle, but can’t at the moment due to the flack that would be thrown by the aboriginal industry.

    I live in the kimberley and there is so much blatant corruption up here, but instead of tackling the issue, politicians reward Aboriginal groups with more funding and no accountability, despite them achieving nothing to increase the living standards of vulnerable aboriginal people. The lack of accountability means pocket lining by Aboriginal ‘leaders’. It’s amazing how ‘proud’ and ‘connected’ these people are to the land and but rely on green groups and academics to give them the cliched soundbites to regurgitate the public. Its also amazing how much money they need to keep them connected to the land.

    Keep up the good work Adam.

    keep up the good work and don’t let the bl

  17. Wayne

    Hi Adam,

    Check out this podcast: . the first episode covered forced marriages in aboriginal communities under traditional aboriginal custom which led to the murder of a young girl who refused. the mung beans will probably ignore this but it is shows the violence of aborignal society. hopefully the corruption in the aboriginal industry will be covered in later episodes

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