In my piece the other day on what I referred to as the aboriginal industry I made a significant error. A blunder if you will, even a miscalculation. At the very least a gross oversight. I may have even offended and hurt some people by doing this. And so I need to set the record straight, to make sure that we are all clear on exactly where I stand.

It was wrong for me to call it an industry, deeply, deeply wrong.

It’s a fucking racket.

I was hoping that my article would get someone to take the bait, and today I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the reality had by far exceeded all of my expectations. So let me slowly cast my fearful eye on one of the comments that was so foolishly left on my blog. It’s time for a critical dissection.

But before I do that let me state in general terms that the entirety of the comment, in all its bombastic length, is written with a single objective – to get me to shut up. Keep that in mind as we proceed.

From one Roland Wilson we have this:

OK. Lets deconstruct some of the absolute BULLSHIT this author has written. First, Section 18C of the RDA does in fact stop the intimidation of people based on race. Section 18D of the RDA also lists a number of exemptions, including for journalists writing on the topic, so long as their article is based in FACT, not lies or innuendo. The mere fact this person has then gone on to describe the physical characteristics of a brother, and this as an indicator being fraudulent is a potential breach of Section 18C as he provides no context to his argument.

It’s straight off the bat with 18C. Shut up, shut up, and shut up. Well, sorry old chum, that ain’t happening.

Second, merely identifying as Aboriginal is not an open invitation to gaining access to equity measures such as scholarships, cadetships and book contracts. You must provide a statutory declaration in all these cases that you meet the three point criteria of Aboriginality; that you identify, are accepted by the community and are a descendant of Aboriginal parents/grandparents etc… For government cadetships you MUST provide a proof of Aboriginality with a community seal. For highly public spaces such as books and authorship, if he claimed Aboriginality and was found to be not, then he would have a ruined career.

How delicious; he admits it himself. Do you see it? He is not denying at all that anyone can come along and claim to be aboriginal, as long as you have the “community seal”. What is implied here is the sacrosanct impartiality of the aboriginal community. Why, they would never ever give someone that seal unless they were really truly an aboriginal. No siree, why they would never, and I mean never even countenance the very thought of perhaps doing someone a small favor by giving them the stamp of approval. Why, they are aboriginal so that must naturally mean that they are above reproach.

Let’s have a look at one of these approved aborigines that I wrote about last year. You know, the one that was studying overseas on an aboriginal scholarship and who threatened to sic the AHRC on the late Bill Leak.

Uh-huh. Seems legit!

He also has ZERO idea of the offensive nature of talking about blood quantum (1/2, 1/4, 1/8th Aboriginal). This is an outdated Darwinian theory used in the Assimilation Era to justify taking children away from their families.

This is another big shut up marker, one of the more common ones. This one has it all. Don’t you love how he manages to weasel the word offensive into a sentence pertaining to be about science? I didn’t know that science could be offensive, fancy that. And when did Darwin’s theories become outdated? Oh, and look – he’s included the myth of the stolen generation for good measure. Like I said, it’s got it all.

Third,He has absolutely no idea of the need for equity measures within Australian universities. Our first university graduate was Charlie Perkins, graduated in 1963 from a university system that was hostile to Aboriginal people and actively taught the absence of Aboriginal culture, identity and ownership within Australia. It is also a system that is thousands of years old, but which now recognises the value of Indigenous voices. Albeit there is a long way to go, but the fact that our peoples were actively excluded from a university education has held Indigenous Australia back for decades on multiple fronts.

Quotas for places in universities based on race, paid for by Australian taxpayer money, but controlled by nebulous and unaccountable aboriginal community councils which we are not allowed to criticize because racism! Let’s have a look at the definition of what a racket is, shall we?

A racket is a service that is fraudulently offered to solve a problem, such as for a problem that does not exist, that will not be put into effect, or that would not otherwise exist if the racket did not exist. Conducting a racket is racketeering.[1] Particularly, the potential problem may be caused by the same party that offers to solve it, although that fact may be concealed, with the specific intent to engender continual patronage for this party.

I’ll let that one just sit there and stew awhile.

Mind you, as far as I am able to understand, I don’t think the aborigines had universities when us white fellas showed up. They didn’t have the wheel either for that matter. Isn’t this all just a tad like cultural appropriation? Just sayin.

Fourth, it is not surprising that more people are identifying as Aboriginal.

I know, that’s my entire point. It’s not surprising at all when you give one group of people financial and professional advantages over the other group but you make the ones that are left out pay for it and then denigrate as them being racist if they dare to speak up about it. Oh wait, I don’t think he meant that.

How many of us grew up hiding our Aboriginality because we were afraid of the consequences of racist acts? How many of our ancestors had to deny their Aboriginality so they could get a Dog Tag (Exemption Certificate) to leave the town camps? How many denied their Aboriginality so their kids would not be stolen?

I’ll translate this shit-lib prog abo ranting for you:

“Shame on you, racist white prick, all of you white people were bad, all of your ancestors were awful racist pricks, we’re gonna make you pay and pay and pay and you can never arrive at a final payment and cleansing of your awful guilt because of all the hurtful hurty hate that you have perpetuated for eternity.”

I’ll say it again so it’s nice and clear. As regards to any and all accusations of racism and for my supposed white guilt at things that may or may not have happened before I was even born:



Fifth, he talks about advantage? FFS, we just went through the biggest mining boom in history, with most of the wealth of that boom pissed up the wall on middle class welfare, football stadiums in Perth that are uncompleted, a billion dollar hospital in Perth that has lead contaminated water, tax free superannuation for baby boomers. All the while NOT ONE SINGLE GAP has been closed in Health, Education, Life Expectancy, infant mortality, housing or chronic illness in the broader Aboriginal population. JUST WHERE IS THE F..KING ADVANTAGE in having the wealth literally stripped out of your country so that the rest of Australia gets wealthy off the lands of Aboriginal people?

This one is easily translated – we want more of your stuff and more of your money and just shut up because you are a bad white person and we have the disadvantages.

Sixth, yes Aboriginal people speak for the health of country. We managed it since day dot and in 200 years look at the state of it.

It looks a lot better now than when my ancestors rocked up, and if you disagree then go and live out in the middle of some aboriginal lands. There’s a lot of it. Why, I seem to recall Pauline Hanson making a visit to one of those places many years ago. Didn’t she make the pithy observation that it didn’t seem like your lot cared that much about the land seeing as how much rubbish was strewn around the place?

Maybe they can learn a thing or two about natural resource management from the mobs? And YES Aboriginal people did have sophisticated farming techniques before colonisation. Look at the Brewarrina fish traps, look at the Aboriginal wheat belt map from the work of Henry Reynolds, look at the historical records describing the fields of cultivated yam that were destroyed by pastoralism. Look at the Cape York mobs and their aquaculture techniques. Look at the role of mosaic burning in the landscape to manage plant and animal populations.

That’s it, that’s all they’ve got. Fish traps, some yams, and some so-called aquaculture. He forgot the one where they set fire to a spinifex bush and stand around it in a circle waiting for the snakes to come out so they can bash them on the head with a stick. Real modern fucking farming techniques, bruddah.

You have ZERO idea of your own nations history and the destruction that 230+ years of destructive, failed social policy has wrought on Indigenous Peoples. Your hatred is not welcome, nor are your uneducated opinions regarding contemporary Aboriginal Australia.

And the final shut up. I know nothing and I am not allowed to say anything, at least according to people like this guy.

It is no coincidence that nations that do not allow dissent have poorly functioning economies. The core strength of the free market system and democracy is the freedom to voice one’s opinion in the free marketplace of ideas. And especially so when so much of one’s own taxes are being diverted to racial programs such as the ones outlined here by this man’s own comment.

The tragedy of 18C is that we brought it upon ourselves. We took away a core tenant of our system, one that is vital for self-policing our own communities, and now 20 years later we have the aboriginal racket. No dissent is allowed.

We have given people a cultural and social exception to criticism and examination based on their race, we have allowed a situation where minority power groups hold all the cards for entry into the racial gatehouse, and we have forced people into silence by threat of being labeled a racist or even prosecuted.

(Oh, and yes, I am well aware that the subject of my original post has commented on that piece. His turn will be next.)


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