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Another aboriginal industry example.

Continuing on the theme of last week’s post where I wrote about the ludicrous aboriginal industry, let us examine another example of people participating in this wholesome activity – it’s fun for the whole family!

I do this not so much to name and shame but more to point out the ubiquitous nature of this deceit. It is not hard to find examples of this nature; in fact it is astoundingly simple. I don’t even go in search for them myself. I have simply ‘liked’ a few pages on Facebook that specialize in crowing the wonderful success of aboriginals and how brilliant the entire edifice is working, and all without a shred of self-awareness. They pop up on my feed with a depressing regularity.

When seeking to recognize these potential fraudsters it helps to follow these general points:

  1. A photo of someone who looks about as aboriginal as Hugh Jackman or Nicole Kidman.
  2. Some sort of pressing advantage for their claim to be a bruddah, usually financial or professional. However, these advantages can also be hidden, but usually pretty badly and without much effort at being deceptive. (I mean, who’s going to call them out – you’d have to be mad with that 18C threat floating around, right?)
  3. A few calls by them to random white outrages supposedly perpetuated on their brethren, for which they themselves have since suffered mightily at the terrible injustices, (this is often obliquely implied.)

So with that all in mind, step forward this week’s winner on the aboriginal industry gravy train, Dwayne Simpson!

that’s Dwayne on the left, in case you had trouble spotting the aboriginal guy …

Perhaps my dear readers thought that last week’s red haired, pale white skinned, and freckle faced example was a simple abomination, (in more ways than one.) No no no mon petit cheri. There’s Dwayne, who according to The Brisbane Times is a proud member of the Gamilaraay people. So what possible motivation could have induced dear old Dwayne to claim membership of this clan that perches near Grafton in New South Wales, (although Dwayne doesn’t hang out down there – he’s up in Ipswich which is a fair hike away.)

Dwayne Simpson’s Indigenous background as a Gamilaraay man is the reason why he has joined of (sic) a new crop of ambulance paramedics in south-east Queensland.

I bet it is. Let’s see; could this have enabled him to, oh I don’t know, jump a queue?

Queensland began a program to employ Indigenous paramedics in 2013 to bridge the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Queenslanders.

Today there are eight fully trained Indigenous paramedics working in 15 communities from Palm Island, Normanton, Doomadgee, Mount Isa, Cooktown, Ravenshoe, Woorabinda, Yarrabah, to Rockhampton and Hervey Bay.

Twenty-four others are studying their way through four-year programs.

Mr Simpson is the first of three Indigenous paramedics to be trained in south-east Queensland.

So the program began almost five years ago, but according to the article Dwayne is just a year into his paramedic studies. I know a few people who have changed careers and joined paramedic courses around the country. Getting in can be a bit of a challenge as can staying the distance seeing as they do their best to weed out those that won’t cut it. Unless they have a vested interest in keeping them, such as, oh I don’t know, an indigenous paramedic program?

But let’s see if our hero this week can carry it off with the necessary aplomb.

He said his Indigenous background is very important but “not always helpful”.

“At times it can be (helpful) … Not always,” he said with a gentle laugh.

Scroll back up and take another look at the photo and then come down and read that bit again. In what possible way can his so-called aboriginal background not be helpful? I mean, he’s hardly likely to walk down the street and be called an abo, is he. Perhaps it’s more like when he’s at a party, and sitting around having a laugh with everyone, and then someone recites an aboriginal joke, and then he gets the great sadness. Could that possibly be it?

The Indigenous link is important to him and part of the reason for his change of emphasis in helping people.

“My people were stolen people. So part of me looks back on that and how we were treated,” he said.

“So it does have significance to me to see how far we have come.”


Another bonus play of this week’s example is the other fellow in the photo, Acting Commissioner Craig Emery. You know, the one giving him the ribbon in front of the assembled media. How the fat fuck is able to do this and keep a straight face is another depressing aspect of this racket. People at all levels act the part of buying into this massive fraud because to do otherwise is career suicide, and if you’ve grimly done your best over the last few decades to climb the greasy totem poll until you’ve reached the giddy heights of Acting Commissioner in the Queensland paramedics, then you’re sure as hell not going to throw it all away by turning around and making the eminently simple observation that this guy looks about as aboriginal as Paul Hogan. We can’t expect people to have courage or personal integrity, now can we.

Anyway, this one ticks all the boxes. I have no doubt that Dwayne got the elders of the Gamilaraay people to give him the seal of approval as to his inclusion into the tribe. But whether or not this process was all above board I’ll leave that up to the sparks flying around the communal bonfire to decide.

Remember, this guy is being promoted as a shining example of the Queensland paramedic service filling a quota for aboriginals to be in their ranks. This is hypocrisy of the first order, and in the racket brigade he ticks all of the boxes. Don’t blame me; I’m just the one shouting that the emperor has no clothes, or boomerang if you like.


My initial Dutch observations.


Representatives of the people?


  1. Adam Piggott …
    … Lynda here.
    I have only just! discovered a few of your writings over the past week!
    You are a HOOT!!!
    And you are OhhhSooo SpotOn! re. a few “controversial” issues Australians must currently endure (eg., “whites” pretending to be “abos”. And I use the word “Abos” as I do in the way of “Aussies”, btw).
    May I ask? what your political leanings?? are these days??
    I seriously cannot quite pin you down!?! (Yep, in a tad basic with some issues).
    I used to be very Labor/Right, but in the past 10yrs have definitely become more conservative. These days, I have developed a serious! crush on SenNickXenophon (who pretty much has conservative leanings).
    Anyway, keep up the fab!, entertaining writings!
    Kind Regards,

    • Adam

      Hi Lynda,

      A few points:

      Number one, I’m allergic to exclamation marks. They make me come out in hives. Please consider this for future comments.

      Number two,

      I used to be very Labor/Right

      Labor is to the left, not the right. I think you may be a tad confused here.

      Number three, Xenophon is pretty much the opposite of what it means to be a conservative and is a shining example of everything that is wrong in Australian politics. He is a rent-seeking, pork-barreling fuckwit of the first order. He routinely holds the interests of the nation to ransom for his own personal political career and power. A more loathsome creature is hard to find.

      Glad you like the musings, spread the word.

      • Hans

        Ms Lynda seems to have been experiencing great excitement when she responded to your Blog.
        Her left/right political preferences baffle and elude me,however.
        I do know that she enjoys the odd !!!!!!!!! mark…
        When it comes to the Circus Maximus of Aussie politics, these wonderful lyrics from Stealers Wheel always come to my mind:

        “Clowns to left of me, jokers to the right, here am I stuck in the middle with you.
        Yes, I’m stuck in the middle with you and I’m wondering what it is I should do.
        It’s so hard to keep this smile from my face, losing control, I’m all over the place.
        Clowns to left of me, jokers to the right, here am I stuck in the middle with you.”

        PS: Yes. Xenophon is a self serving cuck.

      • Sjonnar

        Pretty sure you’re talking to a bot, hoss.

        Note how its URL is your website? The odd capitalization choices and random punctuations are another big tell. Finally, there’s the callout to “SenNickXenophon”, who I’m assuming is an Aussie senator. But why smash his name and title together like that? I’m guessing it’s because that’s his twit handle, and he’s hired this little bot’s handler to spread positive words about him to various right-wing sites. Might an election be coming up, in which his self-named party (good grief) is expected to run?

        Pretty sleazy of him to hire Chinese spammers to hawk his name around the interwebz like a cheap rug, but hey, maybe that’s how Australian politics work these days.

        • Adam

          Nah, she’s real. Email checks out as does the ISP or whatever it is. And her comment is actually very indicative of how Aussie women talk. You can’t fake that. She’s the real deal.

  2. Hans

    Dwayne, the white as white can be Ambulance chap, looks about as authentically indigenously Aboriginal as the Pope.
    It’s all part of the inclusivity Circus. The cucked Commissioner in the photo is just covering his arse and going along with the PC charade to protect his career and pension.
    Self interest always wins the horse race of life.

    Then again, we are talking about Queensland, an odd place, with odd people.

  3. Dan-0-lee

    If White Australians can game the PC system by pretending to be Abos; why not?

    The guilty ones are the politicians who voted for this.

  4. Adam

    I will say it one more time. IQ. Okay, and again IQ, IQ, IQ. Ambulance paramedics require a high one. What are you gonna do? A background with indigenous peeps, knowing some customs, talking the talk, it may sooth & help bridge cultures when they make that triple 000 call. That’s my guess anyway.

    • Adam

      Yeah, no. I don’t accept that smoothing bridges crap. Why then is he going on about stolen aboriginal generations? Please. You’re gonna get a free pass to the front of the queue because we need more guys to be able to speak to the abos, but then you’re going to ponce around declaring that you’ve been hard done by and you’ve been persecuted? I don’t think so.

      • Adam

        Having a higher IQ doesn’t guarantee that you wont be a wanker. He’s just another lefty with a cause, his cross to bear for his bruddas. My point is simply that you need a European combo to be smart enough. A South Asian combo would be even better.

  5. coppertopper

    So we have this in the USofA. While pure Native Indians live on reservations , I work with a few guys who have genuine claim to 10% Native Indian heritage and get a check from the government because of it. They look about 10% Native American (like the pics you posted) and benefit for the heretage. Honestly it is up to your government to determine how much a certain percentage of the Native heritage gains benefits. And if 1% of the 10% have the intelligence to take advantage of that are they to blame? This happens in Canada as well – Native leadership is not all the same. So don’t rush to judge based on the color of a guys skin – that makes you the most judgmental of all people.

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