All the indicators are pointing to women being an unmitigated disaster in the workplace.

An unintentionally hilarious article in The Australian today: All the indicators are pointing to a dearth of women in economics.

I wholeheartedly agree that the lack of women in senior roles in business and economic policymaking is bad for our economy and that we are “missing out on the potential contribution (women) have to make as our most senior economic policymakers”.

No reason or evidence is provided as to exactly why the lack of women in these senior roles is bad for the economy. As with everything else to do with feminist ideology it is simply made up on the spot. If the female writer of this drivel is desperate to cast around for a reason as to why there’s no chicks up there in the stratosphere, this example of a distinct lack of empirical evidence to support her wobbly premise is all that she needs to know.

The funniest line in the whole piece comes immediately after:

A lack of senior female figures across the sciences is well known, but there is equally a problem in the social sciences. A US study of female academics in social sciences found women with children were less likely to be in professorial roles.

Not only did they need to do a study to tell them the bleeding obvious, they still can’t see the bleeding obvious when it’s directly in front of their faces. You want to know why you’re not getting the pointy roles in the big end of town? This is the reason you’re not getting those positions, you stupid, rent-seeking, useless harridan. Not because you have kids, but because you wouldn’t be able to recognize reality or a logical fact if it slapped you over the head with a rolling pin.

But I digress. What is heartwarming about this article is the 50 odd comments that follow it. Not one, and I repeat, not one is in support of this obvious nonsense. The most telling comment came from someone called Melissa:

The comments to this piece are extraordinary – not one seems to be in support of the author’s position, yet a year ago the choir would have been echoing the call to diversity, trying hard to be the loudest voice signalling their virtue.

Has there been some turning point in people’s views? Or have people (men, it seems) looked around and decided they don’t care if they’re politically correct, and that they’re going to say what they think anyway? Perhaps the tide is turning on political correctness and the appeal to victimhood.

The Fonz has jumped the feminist shark, baby.

Here’s the really rewarding aspect of all this: women were told that they could selfishly have it all; the stupid dunces believed the pretty lies; they went out of their way to dedicate their most productive and fertile years to believing the bullshit; and yet not only has it come about that they can’t have it all, but they can’t even be successful in the professional side of what they were promised.

Don’t believe me? Well how do you explain the fact that if the sexes are hidden then men are far more likely to get hired than women.

Researchers assumed that removing gender identifiers from an application would make it easier for women to obtain employment in senior positions that have traditionally been dominated by men.

“We anticipated this would have a positive impact on diversity — making it more likely that female candidates and those from ethnic minorities are selected for the shortlist,” said Professor Michael Hiscox, a Harvard academic. “We found the opposite, that de-identifying candidates reduced the likelihood of women being selected for the shortlist.”

There you go, girls – it’s all been for nothing.

Why this is a surprise is beyond me. Men don’t go and forge a professional career because their greatest wish is to toil in the office for 80 hours a week as they slowly grind their way up the professional totem pole.

They do it to get laid. Men will do anything to get laid. The greatest achievements known to man, the biggest bridges, the tallest skyscrapers, the most successful companies, the greatest inventions, all of it was driven by a desire to get the girl. That’s biology. A few million years of natural selection going: hey, the guy who kills the most wooly mammoths gets the hawt chick.

That’s why we do it, ladies. That’s why we go to work. That is what drives us. But you don’t have that drive. It’s not in your biology. It’s not in your DNA. You think turning up to work is all that’s required. Well it is if you want to punch a clock. But if you’re driven to mate with the hottest chick you can find then you’ll go way beyond what’s expected of you in a professional sense to achieve that.

Ladies, you’re competing with guys who are driven by testosterone. Good luck with that. In a generalised sense, you’re never going to make it. These guys are always going to work harder than you, they’re always going to perform better than you, and they’re always going to put in every ounce of effort needed to beat you to that next position because their future progeny depends upon it.

Your entitlements are meaningless in the face of this biological reality. You were always doomed to fail by your very natures. Oh, sure; a few of you got there, but those outliers always existed even before the feminist movement jacked itself into this make-believe world of women being able to have it all.

And to top it all off, to put the final cherry on the cake if you will, even if you do make it all the way to the top, so what? Us men, we don’t care. We’re not attracted to power or success. You’re attracted to power and success. Do you see how badly misled you have been? We’re attracted to tits and ass.

How saggy are those boobs of yours? Oh look, there’s a hawt young chick of the week standing over there.

You’re invisible to us and your careers are literally meaningless. And now society is beginning to realise that you bring nothing to the party.

What a beautiful time to be alive.

14 thoughts on “All the indicators are pointing to women being an unmitigated disaster in the workplace.

  1. David Moore

    “And to top it all off, to put the final cherry on the cake if you will, even if you do make it all the way to the top, so what? Us men, we don’t care. ”

    This is the real kicker. Quite a few women find the climb to the top rewarding, but once there there is absolutely no reward waiting. Men will fight like hell to stay there because their entire position in society and ego requires it, for the vast majority of woman it’s a brutal grind to nothing except for very rare exceptions.

    That grind is then followed by the realisation that she has priced herself out of the ‘dating’ market. 15 years climbing a career ladder to discover anyone she would view as acceptable is going to have, literally, thousands of younger women as options.

    Cue frozen eggs, short haircuts, and cats……

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    1. Advo

      Yeah, I love reading the posts of managerial women who reach the top of a company and then bemoan the lack of “suitable” men. Even when they make the top, women want someone “better”.

      They don’t understand that they shouldered them out of the way to win. Now they have to marry down. Men will do that for a lovely young lady any day of the week. Women generally won’t, even if they find a man willing. Willing men are also usually temporary, because they find a more suitable peer to pick up (Ashton and Demi).

      They aren’t fighting against men, and they aren’t fighting against society, they’re fighting against biology. The only reason they even get to tilt this windmill is that the modern world gives them support and protection.

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  2. areukittenme

    Another hard hitting & truthful post. The more I read your blog, the more I realise how very different men and women are in an age where, ironically, we are being told there is no difference. Women who want a sex change think they can remove their breasts, cut their hair, take some hormones and become a man. They don’t realise they will need a total head transplant as well. There is no escaping your biological sex.

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  3. Hans

    Don’t forget Affirmative Action. Jobs for Vaginas.
    I have seen many,many useless and incompetent females put into positions of power purely to fill AA quotas and tick the feelgood PC workplace HR policy requirements.
    These useless twats then proceed to cause mayhem in every direction.
    Many of them are nasty,vengeful lesbo rug muncher man haters into the bargain.
    What a fucked world we live in.

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  5. RS

    “A US study of female academics in social sciences found women with children were less likely to be in professorial roles.”

    Undoubtedly true, but the reason is not The Nefarious Patriarchy. The reason is that feminist academics loathe Motherhood and children. Female academics who marry and have children are systematically discriminated against by other female academics because the mothers are viewed as traitors to the struggle. I’ve personally witnessed it. Well-qualified female academics who had the audacity to have kids and be married are passed over for less-qualified females who misspell words on their applications.

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  6. morris

    Calls to mind a line from “Dead Poets Society”….Robin Williams asking his young male students WHY all the great works of poetry, of drama, of literature were written….
    His answer? “To woo women!”


  7. Edwin4321

    I was in the Navy for 20 yrs, 4 of those on a ship without women 16 on various commands with women, the differences are stark and tragic, the truth of your post lies in all men want to get laid, that is the motivation, and women in the military especially on navy ships bring a High School attitude into a very dangerous environment.


  8. Interesting conversation with my daughter who is in a managerial position, but is not a feminist. She made a good point about a man and a women, both equally qualified for a position going to an interview with a male boss. The man might walk in and in the informal greeting, say to his potential employer, say what about those” local sports team”, and right there he’s made a connection.

    A lot of women aren’t that interested in sports and them offering to share their recipe for Whoopie Pies isn’t going to make the same connection. Nine times out of ten, the man is going to get the job.

    She is realistic and when she goes for a meeting with men, she prepared by dressing appropriately, wearing high heels so the men don’t have to look down to speak to her and she uses make up to accentuate her pretty eyes because that’s where she wants them to look.


  9. Kaminsky

    “A lot of women aren’t that interested in sports and them offering to share their recipe for Whoopie Pies isn’t going to make the same connection. Nine times out of ten, the man is going to get the job.”

    Yeah, huh? Not horseshit? A woman anywhere near a male in terms of resume strength is getting the job. Where have you been? Sounds like your daughter can tweak reality any way she wants to daddy.


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