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Tim Soutphommasane has to go back.

What comes to mind when you read these words: diversity, inclusion, change, best practice for cultural inclusion, starting a conversation? If it’s a mouthful of bile then you’re not alone. Courtesy of The Australian and an article on Tim Soutphommasane, the race discrimination commisar of the Australian Human Rights Commission, I came across a video that was put out by the AHRC last year. Titled, “Leading for change: a blueprint for cultural diveraity and inclusive leadership”, it had very high production values but barely over 1000 views.

I say had because the AHRC took it down about an hour ago which is interesing as taxpayer dollars paid for it in the first place, (I mean surely it’s the property now of the Australian taxpayer.) I still have it open on my browser and can play it but I am unable to download it for your viewing pleasure, (if anyone knows how I can then please let me know.)

So I will have to leave it to the anonymous journalist at The Oz named ‘The Mocker’ to best describe what was on offer.

It is July 2026, and Australians awake to glorious news that massive cultural diversity targets within government, universities and business have been exceeded. No longer is Australia an Anglo-dominated backwater, thanks to a leader and his ten-year plan.

“A driving force was Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane,” the newsreader continues effusively, before crossing to archival footage from ten years prior featuring the visionary himself. “Australia’s a very multicultural society,” said he, stern-faced and with much gravitas, “but we don’t see that diversity represented yet in our senior leadership…It’s pretty striking, and simply it’s not good enough.”

“Passionate words from Tim Soutphommasane,” adds the newsreader admiringly, repeating the great man’s name for posterity. All that was missing in this video were the shots of cheering citizens taking to the streets in spontaneous demonstrations of joy and thanks.


To sum up the video’s message I would put it like this – the less Anglo-Saxons there are then the better off Australia will be. The video claims that 32% of the population are of non-European background, but only 5% are in business leadership roles. As commissar Tim says, “That’s not good enough.”

Has there ever been a culture in the history of the world that let in a huge proportion of foreigners, convinced them that they didn’t have to integrate, and then went out of their way to chastise themselves and their fellow racial group as being awful horrible racists at every opportunity? Maybe the Romans came close, and look what happened to them.

Commissar Tim gets up there and decries the lack of people who look like him in positions of power, while he himself is in just such a position of power, and with no crednetials to merit such an appointment. Tim, the only reason that you got the gig in the first place is because you’re a chink. Hey, I suppsoe we must be horrible racists after all.

According to his wiki entry,

Thinethavone ‘Tim’ Soutphommasane[4] was born in Montpellier, France in 1982 to Chinese and Lao parents who had fled Laos as refugees in 1975.[2]

His family was resettled by the Family Reunion Program of the Australian Department of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs to Sydney’s south-western suburbs in 1985,[5] where he was raised. He was educated at Hurlstone Agricultural High School.[5]

Is he grateful for the opportunities that Australia has given him? Not exactly.

The Australian Human Rights Commission has called for more ‘cultural diversity’ in politics and the media because both are currently dominated by ‘Anglo-Celtics’.

In a submission to a Senate committee looking at ‘Strengthening Multiculturalism’, the AHRC urged the government to create a federal agency to collect data and report on diversity within leadership positions.

That was commissar Tim’s report.

The AHRC noted ‘The ethnic and cultural default of leadership remains Anglo-Celtic’ and warned the nation ‘may not be making the most of its cultural diversity’.

I’m confused. Just exactly how would it be better if there were less Anglo’s in a country that has been made successful by dint of their own efforts? We’re never told, it’s just the biggest blanket assumption of all time, up there with global warming. It goes something like this:

Listen up you Anglo-Saxon racist people, you might have made the most successful nations and cultures in the history of mankind but you are all horrible racists and the only way that you can continue to be successful is to make yourself minorities in your own nations. I’m here to help you do that.

More or less. You get the idea.

Commissar Tim is not grateful for everything that Australia has done for him. On the contrary, he possesses zero gratitude. He is outraged that in a country of white people the leadership is made up of … white people! How fucked up is that?

I wonder, Commissar Tim, how many white dudes are in leadership positions in Laos? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? How about China? Any white guys hanging out in the upper echelons of the Communist party? Gee, it looks a bit homogenous there. Could that be why China is not successful? Because they don’t have the diversities and the inclusions?

Tim Soutphommasane is a miserable fat immigrant turd, and a shining example of why mass importation of foreigners is a traitorous mistake. There is only one solution to the gaping wound that mass immigration and multiculturalism have done to Australia. They have to go back. Do it voluntarily before it’s done for you.

And we should start with Tim. Off you go, old chap. Laos is waiting for you. Let’s see what the ruling factions there think of your newfandangled ideas.





All the indicators are pointing to women being an unmitigated disaster in the workplace.


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  1. Hans

    HRC should be dismantled and flushed down the nearest shitter.
    Triggs is gone, or going, thankfully. Batshit crazy bitch.

    Tim Hotchipsnsoup should be deported.
    He wont be happy until Whitey is 100% genocided.
    He is just another pompous, self absorbed ungrateful, whining immigrant, like that Muslim banshee, Yassmin Abdel-Magied.
    Both with nothing worthwhile to contribute to Australian society. Trash.

    • Adam

      Not going to happen. It requires a commitment from both the government and the opposition. It will be with us for evah.

  2. Dan-0-lee

    So, Timmy boy is telling his masters in the main Australian political parties what they want to hear, and you can’t say that they’re not getting their money’s worth.

    White privilege is a statistical artefact that in a majority white country, the majority of positions will be occupied by white people, and left has devised a brilliant tactic of using that fact as cudgel to bash White’s with because they are dumb enough to believe that that is racist and racism is evil.

    I’d suppose that the essential nature of the problem is that the owners of Australia have decided to replace White Australians with Asians and that Australia’s polticians are delivering what their masters want.

    Asians are collectivists and don’t have the notions of individual rights that the White Australian pests have. Isn’t that so?

    Diversity means White Genocide.

  3. Richard

    What comes to mind at those words is the degeneration of western civilisation. More meritocracy please. Not less.

  4. Carl-Edward

    It is the politicians and the monied and ignorant liberals, who are destroying Western civilisation. I would vote for anyone who promised a worldwide – and wide-ranging – final solution (I have deliberately avoided capitalising this). It is time to rebuild on the ruins which the detritus of humanity have created.

  5. You should sincerely thank this invader for all his fine work. Shoot him in the head or run him over with a tank. Its their way.

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