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Another week, another few new words in my Dutch vocabulary. The hard part about learning Italian was the grammar. With Dutch, the grammar ain’t hard, it’s the pronunciation that’s a real bitch. I have no idea why they pronounce stuff this way. The only reason that I can think of is that a thousand years ago in The Low Countries everyone had a persistent hacking cough.

I’ll give you an example. A Dutch word that most people are familiar with is Gouda. It’s the name of a famous Dutch cheese, and the name originates from the town where the cheese is made. In English we pronounce this word with a hard G. But in Dutch you pronounce it with an H and you have to spit halfway across the room as you say it, summoning up giant globs of green filth from within your throat as you do so.

I had my first run-in with Dutch bureaucracy this week. I’m not going to lie to you – they were a bunch of assholes – made my life deliberately difficult just because they could. They lied to me by omission, and when I caught them out on their lies they became even more belligerent. But in the end I prevailed. They didn’t get what they wanted and I got what I wanted. Of course, I needed a few stiff drinks after I left in order to calm down, but hey; any excuse will do.

But enough of my Dutch adventures. On to the links.


A couple from Mr McCain this week. It all comes back to Hungary Soros cultural marxism Lukacs and Bela Kun:

In 1919, Georg Lukacs became Deputy Commissar for Culture in the short-lived Bolshevik Bela Kun regime in Hungary. He immediately set plans in motion to de-Christianize Hungary. Reasoning that if Christian sexual ethics could be undermined among children, then both the hated patriarchal family and the Church would be dealt a crippling blow, Lukacs launched a radical sex education program in the schools. Sex lectures were organized and literature handed out which graphically instructed youth in free love (promiscuity) and sexual intercourse while simultaneously encouraging them to deride and reject Christian moral ethics, monogamy, and parental and church authority. All of this was accompanied by a reign of cultural terror perpetrated against parents, priests, and dissenters.

Sounds kind of creepily familiar.

And another one, The third law of SJW: VidCon 2017 and Anita Sarkeesian’s paranoid projection:

This is feminism’s kafkatrapping tactic — once accused of “misogyny,” the targeted enemy can do nothing to disprove the accusation, and everything the enemy says or does is interpreted as proof of guilt. The feminist can never acknowledge that her critics may be motivated by good faith. To disagree with Ms. Sarkeesian is to be guilty of “hatred of women.”

Nobody mocks crazy feminists as effectively and entertainingly as McCain.


A global warming post for you all – Is the average variation of clouds CO2?:

So if we average temperature changes over the State, the Continent, or even the Globe, isn’t that really just informing us about changes of CLOUDS, not changes of CO2? We have an existence proof of one very very clear case where temperature is being entirely driven by cloud changes. Given that, an average of such changes, globally, can NOT be attributed to something else that didn’t change. Then, given such a daily Average Of Global Temperatures is driven by clouds, how can one assert that changes over years, of a fraction of the daily changes of temperature, can not also be entirely explained by changes of cloud cover (that is poorly tracked at all, and completely ignored in vast areas of the planet)? Hmmm?

The global warming liers simply invented the claim that CO2, (plant food to you and me), was the baddie and then retrospectively invented and cherry picked evidence to support that, while demonizing anyone who had the balls to disagree with their ‘science’. But it turns out that it could be clouds. Simples. The best science in the end always is.


A Egyptian TV opinion host lays the blame for the West’s hatred of Muslims with, wait for it, Muslims.

Hope he manages to keep his head.


I watch the following video a few times a week. Just because. The Hall of the Mountain King is a fitting accompaniment.


Lots of goodies in this week’s Woodpile Report.


From the good Cappy, Another Case for Stay At Home Parents: The Elimination of Schools:

Of the many statistics and calculations I ran for my latest essay, perhaps the most interesting one is that:

after going to college for 4-8 years
and working hard to get that coveted non-profit or government position
and after putting in 10 years of work to make your career a go

when you factor in

extra commuting costs
and especially daycare

the average woman’s job brings home a big, huge, whopping extra….




Here’s one for the immigration idiots – ONE IN TWO GERMAN TURKS DON’T WORK:

The latest data from European statistics bureau Eurostat shows that 43 per cent of Turks living in Germany are economically inactive.

But immigrants increase a country’s GDP! Whaaa! Whaaa!



Do you know what time it is? Can you feel it? Can you feeeeel it? Why, it’s hawt chick of the week time. Photographed with a real camera. Maybe.


Tim Soutphommasane has to go back.


How to survive and move on from a feminist single mother.


  1. socabill

    “This is feminism’s kafkatrapping tactic — once accused of “misogyny,” the targeted enemy can do nothing to disprove the accusation, and everything the enemy says or does is interpreted as proof of guilt.”

    Replace “feminism” with Alcoholics Anonymous and you’ve got the longest-running scam since that womanizing drunk Bill Wilson started this boondoggle. The entire medical establishment swallowed this bullshit decades ago and, as night follows day, the insurance companies (always follow the $$$) and courts made AA attendance mandatory in their dealings with drunks.

    Never mind the relapse rate of AA suckers is in the low 90% while without it people who drink to excess and decide to quit or moderate on their own (especially men) do far better than that.

    AA fits every definition of “cult” or “false religion” there is. The weak-minded are drawn to it like flies to shit.

  2. Hans

    Hawt chick photo : 10/10 Lots of symbology in that image…….
    Thank you, Adam.

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