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It’s global warming so we have to take your house.

Just a quick post today about those darn pesky climate hucksters. An article from Watts up with that – Private Home Ownership May Not Be Viable Because Climate:

Western Sydney University Researcher Louise Crabtree, writing for The Conversation, thinks in a world torn by climate disasters ownership of private property may have to be sacrificed, to be replaced by a system of housing cooperatives or a roaming right to reside.

Oh gee. Just a crank, right?

If you assume the author is an inconsequential fringe academic, think again. According to her university bibliography, in 2009, the author of the article Louise Crabtree received the following recognition from then Federal Minister for Housing Tanya Pilbersek.

The puke inducing recommendation from that hag-faced cat molester follows.

Look, for all of you out there still sitting on the fence about this climate stuff. It’s not just a scam, it’s an attempt to inflict one-world government upon us and eliminate private property and the free market enterprise system because these people are ideological nutjobs. And they’re not trying to hide it any more because they know that the jig is almost up so they might as well go the whole hog while there’s still time and see if they can pull it off.

The climate changes, guys. Get over it. The earth is not static. We are static so we would like the climate to be the same all the time. This is what soothsayers have been selling to us gullible folk for thousands of years.

The funniest part of this behavior for me are the people in the Alps who every summer drag giant tarpaulins up to cover the poor glaciers because they are disappearing! Oh the humanities!

Glaciers are not static. They are either receding or they are growing. I know which one I would prefer. Because if they start growing they can grow very fast indeed. Fast enough to shoot down these picturesque little valleys and crush everything beneath them. That would be fun, eh?

But don’t worry. The authorities will have confiscated your house before that happens because global warming.


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  1. Someone

    What should have clued in anyone into the scam it always was and will be is the fact that only more oppressive taxation of the working classes via carbon taxes could solve this alleged problem. And I’ve yet to see one AGW supporter off themselves or move to a smaller home or a tent and burn animal dung because of this issue. More virtue signaling.

    Now, there are plenty of other environmental problems but this is not one of them.

  2. Hans

    As well as confiscating your house, they will confiscate your money.
    Another angle of the NWO Globalist shills is to eliminate cash altogether.
    It’s a gigantic wet dream for them, if money goes purely digital.

    Every cent can be tracked and traced. Every transaction and the banksters will take their cut.
    It won’t be “your” money anymore, the Gubbermint of the day can seize it at will.
    “Your” money will be used to bail in the Banks or Government if they run short.
    “Your” money will be limited to minimal withdrawals.
    It’s already happening in Australia.

    They are doing it in India, Australian politicians are masturbating furiously to the idea of a cashless society.
    All in order to counteract “criminal activity and money laundering”, of course……….
    Then, they will come for your gold/silver and gems…………

    • Another step towards “You can neither buy nor sell without the mark of the Beast.”

      And I’m not joking one little bit.

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