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Tesla douchebag extreme.

One thing that has surprised me since I arrived in Holland has been the number of Tesla vehicles on the roads. Considering the extremely generous tax breaks that the EU and Holland give to people who buy these vehicles I thought that I’d be seeing a lot more of them. Sure there’s a few around, but it’s nothing like Tesla-city which is what inner Melbourne has become.

I really appreciate seeing Tesla cars because it is an absolutely rock solid method of formally identifying a total douchebag. You can never miss with this one. Just aim in the general direction of the world and the identification process will be complete.

Keep in mind that Tesla only exists because of tax subsidies. Without those subsidies there wouldn’t be a company. Elon Musk, (what kind of stupid fucking name is that anyway?), is not a businessman. He is a tax hoover. He takes from the poor and gives to the rich, after the rich pay him a bit of course. This is why you just have to be a wanker to drive these cars. On the one hand you’re a virtue signaling tool, but on the other hand you’re doing it on the backs of people who can’t afford to buy new cars.

Musk not being a businessman is why I found it so hilarious that he stormed out of Trump’s early council of business leaders or whatever that was. Of course, the reason that he did so was because Trump planned to pull out of the Paris agreement, an agreement which Musk’s entire tax-subsidy-business model is based upon. If you take away the subsidies then he won’t sell any cars because the economics don’t add up.

Don’t believe me? Check this out:

Consider the Journal’s revelations about Tesla sales in Hong Kong. After the government there, effective April 1, eliminated a tax break for those purchasing electric vehicles, the number of Tesla cars registered fell to zero. That’s right. Zero.

“Not a single newly purchased Tesla model was registered in Hong Kong in April,” the paper reported. In the month prior to the loss of the tax break, Hong Kong consumers registered 2,939 new Tesla vehicles.

So we go from 2,939 douchebags coming out of the closet one month, to a big fat zero the following month when the tax breaks were removed. How about that? Free market economy much?

I don’t think that there has been any person in the history of the world who has been the recipient of more taxpayer’s money than Elon Musk. What’s amazing is that the same progressive idiots who rail against big business and who will go and watch a movie featuring Robin Hood whom they love, a dude who supposedly stole back the money from the government that had forcibly taken it from the poor, (also known as taxation), these people also reckon Musk is the best thing since they installed those automatic cashiers in MacDonalds so you don’t have to watch a brain-dead sixteen year old fuck up your order in front of you any more.

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that it drives Mr. Musk “crazy” when critics argue that his company is the creation of government subsidies and handouts. Perhaps he reacts so strongly because he knows they may have a point.

They do indeed have a point, a very big point, billions of tax dollars of point, I would say.

Without tax subsidies Elon Musk would not only not have a company, I’d wager that he’d be a bankrupt as well. When the global warming scam starts to unravel it will happen fast, like a domino effect, because governments will not want to be the ones sitting there with egg on their faces, even though they will. When that happens those tax subsidies will disappear faster than lines of coke at Tesla owner fan-club meetings.

Tesla owners will be left with a car that has a very expensive battery with a limited life and no company making new ones. I wonder what they will do then? Will they carefully husband the resources of their aging white elephant of a vehicle, you know, to save the environment and all that, (can’t have waste now). Or will they unceremoniously ditch the cars on the side of the road? I wonder.

But, douchebags gotta douchebag. It’s a universal law.


It’s global warming so we have to take your house.


The alt right will save music and music will help save our civilization.


  1. John Dewey

    Agree with all of your points regarding Mr Musk’s businesses’ viability.


    1. Please don’t do that lefty thing of appropriating words for the opposite of their meaning. Not charging a tax to throw down the bottomless pit of government expenditures is not a “subsidy”.

    2. Why the animosity towards Tesla buyers? They may or may not be douchebags (I have never met one, so can’t claim knowledge either way), but it seems that simple incentives rather than douchey virtue-signalling can explain a high-end car buyers’ motivations.

    From a WaPo article (, it appears that the cost of a Tesla Model S in Hong Kong with tax breaks was HK$570,000 (US$72,900), while the cost without tax breaks was HK$925,000 (US$118,400).

    This difference can be viewed two ways: a.) the tax brought the car’s price down to a range that is palatable to upper-middle-class buyers; b.) someone with $120K to spend can find a sweeter ride with fewer of the long-term problems you describe.

    No need to be a douchebag to have a US$45K incentive sway your choice.

  2. Hans

    Masturbator Musk is a Grifter, a Charlatan, just like Al Gore.
    “Chokin’ the Chicken Musk” is just a modern day Charles Ponzi or Bernie Madoff.
    Tesla cars are a joke. An insult to the genius of Nikola Tesla.

  3. Mr Black

    The way I read it is that the upper middle class want to virtue signal with Other Peoples Money while the genuinely wealthy couldn’t care less about this nonsense and buy a real car.

  4. Patrick Albanese

    I recently spent some time in Santa Monica. You see quite a few Tesla’s on the road there. With its limited range compared to how much time you are stuck in a car in L.A., I wondered why. Other than gas costs a lot. Of course, if you can afford a Tesla, then gas prices don’t bug you.

    Within a few days, I found some reasons why they are big in Santa Monica.

    The city has put free charging stations on the street, and as a bonus, you don’t have to feed the meters in those spots. Plus, they are right in front of the fancy shops and restaurants.

    So you get a tax rebate, free charging, free up front parking, AND you can use the car pool lanes even if you are single occupant vehicle. Which in L.A. is huge.

    So the rich guy in the $4 million dollar home is smart to put a Tesla in his stable of vehicles. Right next to the BMW 7 Series, the Mercedes SUV and the Ferrari.

    And he gets to do it on the taxpayers dime.

  5. Someone

    Great post! Here is an old time car guy who write about the Tesla scam:

    Maybe you could add him to your blog roll.

  6. David Moore

    What’s the easiest way to short Tesla stock?

    • Chris

      Why would you want to short it? It could be a raging success. Their business model is selling EVs to leftist idealists who want to virtue signal. Is there a shortage of such people? Do you expect them to all become Republicans in the next 18 months? What’s to stop them selling a million EVs in California alone, now that the cheaper model is available?
      I view it as an expensive stock that is likely to get much more expensive over the next two years as everyone trips over themselves to praise Elon Musk for his efforts to save the planet.
      Yes, it’s a bubble, but the bubble is just getting started in my opinion. Don’t short it unless you want to go broke. Remember, irrational people can stay irrational for a very long time.
      Shorting it in 2020 when it is one of the most expensive stocks on the NASDAQ could be an excellent move. But it could go up by a factor of 10 between now and then.
      Look at Netflix or Amazon if you think this is a rational market…

      • Adam

        No market is rational, but they become less rational the more that government is involved.

      • David Moore

        Because gravity rules. It can be defied for a time, but it always wins.

  7. A different Adam

    Surely the guy behind SpaceX must have some redeeming features to a Sci Fi fan?!

    If you take it as read that manmade global warming is real (I know that you do not hold this view), then subsidies for electrical cars are potentially offset by mispricing of the environmental effects of climate change by the markets. If you factored that into the pricing of oil (for example) then the cost of petrol and diesel cars would be much higher. I appreciate that you won’t agree with this, but just posting an alternative viewpoint…!

    • Adam

      I don’t agree with you because your example is silly. Where does the electricity come from that powers your electric cars? Oh, that’s right, coal.

      • A different Adam

        That’s an interesting point. This is what Wikipedia says about it:

        Not sure how correct that is, but assuming it’s right then it looks like it depends where you live. The green argument would be that as more countries switch to natural gas for energy production, which is ongoing, savings will increase. That’s presumably why electric cars in Russia appear so efficient on that list.

  8. Chris

    Human beings make emotional decisions, not rational decisions. And that is especially true when it comes to cars. Tesla sells products that make leftist upper-middle-class people feel good about themselves. You might think it is stupid, but you are not their target market.
    Or to put it another way, their target market is gullible people who believe in climate change. Last time I looked that was half the population. So it is actually a really promising business model. They just need to make it more affordable, so they can expend the number of potential suckers, I mean customers.
    The reason Tesla sold zero cars in Hong Kong in April is because everyone knew in advance that the subsidy was about to end, and they bought their cars in March instead, to get the subsidy. Why would you wait until April to buy and miss out on the big discount?
    Meanwhile California is talking about increasing their subsidies when the federal subsidies end.
    But I don’t think they need the subsidies to sell the Model 3. It’s generating the buzz of a religious revival meeting, and people are lining up to be saved. 400,000 pre-order purchases, remember. Tesla fan-boys are like Apple fan-boys.

    People see what they want to see. People want to believe. Tesla promises to be the harbinger of a green car revolution, and almost half a million people have already put down a deposit so they can be part of it. What are they going to do when they pick up those cars? Go out and tell everybody how awesome they are, of course, so all their friends and neighbours can get on board and validate the decision they made. How can this not become a massive bubble, knowing what we know of human nature?

    I actually view this as a huge investment opportunity. It’s not often that you get to see a mass-hysteria fuelled stock bubble in the early stages of development. If you had known back in 2003 how crazy the property market was going to get in Australia, would you have bought property and sold out later? Looking back, I would, although I chose not to at the time based on LOGIC and REASON and COMMON SENSE. Things that do not describe the behaviour of the average person, let alone the behaviour of crowds.

    My personal opinion is that we are going to see a repeat of the 1999/2000 tech bubble and crash over the next few years. It’s currently 1997. Google, Tesla, Apple will be the star stocks this time round as the whole EV/self-driving car story gains traction.

    • Adam

      So it is actually a really promising business model.

      I agree with everything you say except for this. It’s a terrible business model because the moment governments get cold feet and back out, or the governments go broke, (hello Chicago!), then the bottom falls out of it. While it will go up it is going to be very difficult to pick the point when governments begin to bail en masse. And particularly with Trump in the White House. Now if Hillary was in power then I reckon you’d have a much better lock. But the variables are much too fickle on this one for me.

      • David Moore

        ” It’s a terrible business model because the moment governments get cold feet and back out, or the governments go broke, ”

        True. The thing to always keep in mind is that electrics have a cost advantage only because of the differential between the typically high taxes on ICE’s, taxes are the majority of the cost of a litre of petrol in most western countries, and the free ride electric vehicles currently get.

        Do not think for one second that if electric cars become a major part of the fleet that those taxes are not going to be lumped onto electric vehicles.

      • Chris

        Nothing in life is certain. For the moment at least, some governments are talking about increasing support for EVs, as they seem to be hitting a critical mass.

        5 years from now when Volkswagon and BMW have a range of electric vehicles , I expect the subsidies to go. Battery costs are expected to halve over the next 7 years as production ramps up, so subsidies may not be required down the track. I don’t think any left leaning government wants to risk killing off EVs by withdrawing subsidies before EVs can compete without them.
        I wouldn’t want to be invested in Tesla when Volkswagon starts producing EVs in scale (around 2022).

        But nobody knows the future, that’s for sure.

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