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Greetings to the good morons, delcons, and deplorables everywhere, and welcome to another Friday, another round of links and drinks, tongue kissing and video gazing, and hawt chicks who like to do nothing more than to be as hawt as they can for as long as they can. What is better in life? Not much, unless you listen to Conan, and it’s hard to listen to a guy who talks like he has a platoon of cheeseburgers in his mouth.

But enough of randomness, time for the good old stuff.


10 years of the manosphere at the good Chateau.


For the nerds we have a great post over at The Cat on the subject of moral relativism.

As I see it, there are some inherent problems with atheism and a whole lot more with homosexuality (and unfortunately the two often go hand in hand, excuse the unintended pun).  The atheist puts Man at the centre of the universe, and the homosexual puts his questionable lifestyle ahead of the fundamental purpose of traditional marriage, viz. producing the next generation.


Via Ace we have the dumbest tweet of the year so far:

The dumbness factor is actually 9.3 macrons, a measurement derived from the name of the new president of France.

Hand in hand comes this review of the movie that notes that there are only a couple of women roles and no “lead actors of color”, or negroes to you and me.

This could be dismissed out of hand but I find it intriguing. To someone who lives in Britain today and who is ignorant of history the fact that this movie is “white as fuck” as some other twitter moron put it, is understandably disturbing. Because Britain is no longer white and the sort of men who defended her shores are routinely derided as being on the “wrong side of history”. Now we have a movie that only features white men and suddenly the masses can’t understand why this is so.

It demonstrates how far we have fallen, in so short a time, due to the actions of so few.


The oldest veteran in the US is 111 and smokes 12 cigars a day. Music to warm my heart.


Further to my post this week on the tax moochers at Tesla, it seems that they might be in trouble unless California gives them billions more dollars in subsidies.

Given Tesla’s ambitious US sales forecast for its Model 3, it will hit the 200,000 vehicle limit in 2018, after which the phase-out begins. A year later, the subsidies are gone. Losing a $7,500 subsidy on a $35,000 car is a huge deal. No other EV manufacturer is anywhere near their 200,000 limit. Their customers are going to benefit from the subsidy; Tesla buyers won’t.

This could crush Tesla sales. Many car buyers are sensitive to these subsidies. For example, after Hong Kong rescinded a tax break for EVs effective in April, Tesla sales in April dropped to zero. The good people of Hong Kong will likely start buying Teslas again, but it shows that subsidies have a devastating impact when they’re pulled.

That’s what Tesla is facing next year in the US.


A video from Aaron Clarey where he takes apart the theories of an Australian economist.

To add to Clarey’s points, another very important reason in favor of recessions is that these economic downturns clean out the unproductive and inefficient dead wood that should have died years ago. This leaves room for new entrepreneurs to enter the market and start up new businesses in the vacuum created by those that failed. At the same time the value of money goes up as there is less of it floating around which means investors get more bang for their buck.

Imagine if the US car makers had been left to fail in 2008. New businesses would have entered to service the market, and investors would have seen a great return on their money. Instead the government spent billions of dollars of taxpayer’s money to bail out the inefficient car makers, thus lowering the value of money across the economy. Sad really.


The steaming goodness in this week’s Woodpile Report.


That’s all I got, morons. Oh wait, the hawt chick of the week. Do you guys like sailing? I like sailing.


#Fake Australian parliamentarians.


The female orgasm is submissive.


  1. Ciaran Saigir

    Interestingly the WWII veteran’s surname is “Overton”, and there’s a photo of him sitting in front of a window – his very own Overton window in fact. He is also a negro, so maybe this will satisfy this whining dinduess April Hathcock (what kind of a surname is that?) and her tedious, insufferable ilk.

  2. Now there’s a good man skill to pick up, sailing. The 4 W’s, wind, waves, weather, and women. It’s enough to fill a man’s heart with joy.

    • David Moore

      IME, sailing tends not to involve that many women, it’s more likely to be; Wind, waves, weather, whiskey and whiskers. Not that it’s any worse for that…

      • That’s true, but that’s what makes landfall so sweet. There are two ways to leave a woman, and she’ll shed a tear for you. “The sea beckons…” and “The mountains call to me…”

  3. Adam

    “It demonstrates how far we have fallen, in so short a time, due to the actions of so few.”
    A profound & depressing statement.

    Benjamin Franklin once said, “If everyone is thinking alike, then no one is thinking”. I think this captures the idiocy of the left perfectly.

  4. Hans

    Nice boat.

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