You can be masculine or emotional, but not both.

All of you stop. Just stop. Enough of it already. It’s demeaning, it’s depressing, and it’s been going on for far too long. Worse than that it’s dangerous. Dangerous for men, dangerous for women, and dangerous for society.

I’m talking about the victimhood stakes. The great socialist competition to place as many manufactured minority groups as possible under the banner of oppressed victims. To be a victim you must have an evil arch enemy, and the common enemy of choice for the last 50 years of mindless Marxists everywhere has been the great catch-all of the patriarchy.

We have been led to believe that men are the patriarchy and thus men are the enemy. The attacks on men, and white men in particular, have been incessant, virulent, and coordinated for five decades. Men in general are weak and confused; they don’t know what it means to be a man, and no matter what they do they are accused of being perpetrators of the patriarchy. Damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

In other words, they’ve got men exactly where they want them. Cowed, uncertain, and ripe for the final manipulation. Under the guise of feminism, the socialist progressive hordes have created this crisis for men. And now, like the malicious sirens squatting upon the rocky shores, they lift out their arms in supplication, deceiving men with the promise of social attainment.

The chance to join the victimhood parade.

An article popped up on my Facebook feed today, linked to by a man, an entrepreneur no less, without any comment. I believe that he linked to the article with good intent, under the belief that finally men were being listened to. But as I have already stated, it is nothing but pretty lies.

Men have been on top since forever, of course. Patriarchy has gone hand in hand with capitalism, and the two have suppressed women, subjugated many other sections of society, and helped spark countless conflicts.

This is a neat summation of their intent. They are communists. They hate capitalism, they hate the family, and they want to destroy both. Their historical method for such destruction has been the countless conflicts which they have sparked. The number of lies and the sheer deception bound up in that small paragrapgh is breathtaking in its evil banality.

But men are hindered by patriarchy too. While men have helped create wars in the first place, they have also largely been the ones to fight and die in them. It’s an underreported fact that almost twice as many men than women are victims of violence.

Thus spoke the sirens. Men are victims too. You can also join the victimhood brigades. Just renounce your masculinity, renounce capitalism and the free market which has brought us all of our wealth, and everything will be yours.

Do not be deceived by the words of this revolting woman. She has no business telling you how to be a man. And the type of men who listen to her and her ilk have no business either in this regard. They have collectively renounced their masculinity and are now actively engaged in the labor of adding company to their own misery.

What follows in the article is an extensive list of men’s groups and individuals, all of which have fallen under the spell of socialist manipulators, and who are now spreading untruths and deception. The Good Men Project, The Chaps Choir, boxer Anthony Joshua, the mentally diseased sodomite Grayson Perry, Frank Ocean, The Campaign Against Living Miserably, Being ManKind, and Band of Brothers. All of these groups and individuals referred to in the article are actively involved in undermining and sabotaging men and boys under the guise of caring and bringing them into the warm and fetid embrace of victimhood.

As their traditional social roles become less stable, it’s apparent that men have paid a price for male privilege and power. An unwritten man code has left many dangerously out of touch with their emotions, making masculinity synonymous with toughness, status, power over others, and the avoidance of emotional vulnerability.

This is the lie that they are spreading. That men need to rely on their emotions. It is the greatest masculine falsehood of our age. Women rely on their emotions and look how screwed up they all are. They simply want to drag us down to their level of misery. It is nothing more than a gigantic culture-wide shit test.

Listen well and listen good. Emotions are redundant for men. They are worse than a luxury, they are a weakness. It is our role to be strong. We are the calm on which breaks the storm of women’s emotions. They are like hysterical children in this regard. We tame them and by doing so we civilize them. Yes, we must fight, other men in other nations, but that is a practical matter to which we devote ourselves with neither pleasure nor loathing. It is simply our duty and to be done when we are called. When it is finished then we return home, to neither talk or share our experiences with those who have not fought. It is our burden.

It is our strength. This is what makes us men. Not crying and blubbering like emotional harpies. The more they wail then the more we stand resolute. Some men break and falter, cast down in weakness. Perhaps they take their own lives. But nature cares not for the weak. It only has eyes for the strong. For the unyielding. For the anti-fragile.

Many men take their own lives because they listened to the siren song and delved into their emotional state. They were unprepared for what followed. And the same lying sirens who sold them this package then seek to lay the blame for their fall on masculinity itself.

And everywhere you look, machismo is packaged up and sold back to men. But being urged to ‘man up’, seems to have left many decisively down: suicide is the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK.

Women love masculinity, and they hate it at the same time. They love it because it calms their internal tempest and allows them to live happy lives. But they hate it because they are jealous of the power that it brings. And so they seek to destroy it under the guise of this mythical patriarchy. They seek to destroy it by offering us the sweet balm of emotions.

Being a man and being masculine is a gift. But the luxury of wallowing in emotion is an indulgence that we are not meant to enjoy. The doubts that plague you as a man are the doubts that surface when you surrender to your emotional state. You must find the strength to rise above it. Masculinity is strength and strength is masculinity. Emotions and feelings are neither. You can have one or the other, but not both.

Choose wisely.

13 thoughts on “You can be masculine or emotional, but not both.

  1. Chris

    A while back I started noticing how often popular culture celebrates emotion over reason. The idea that you find happiness by following your heart (feelings) rather than doing what is sensible. The idea that emotions are what make us human. So now of course I see it everywhere.

    Emotions don’t make us human. Animals have emotions. They feel sad when they are cold and wet, they feel happy when it is warm and dry and somebody takes time to play with them. Animals get attached to their partners, some animals pair-bond for life. Animals will fight to defend their offspring and the herd.

    What makes us different from the other animals is reason and foresight. The ability to defer the immediate gratification of our needs, put aside our emotions for the time being, and work towards our longer term happiness. The ability to recognise that our emotions are not god, that is what makes us human.

    But in modern culture a man who masters his emotions is portrayed as a cold Spock-like figure. We celebrate people who break the rules in pursuit of their passions. People who do reckless stupid things for the sake of Love, the great Goddess of our time. Ever since the 60s our people have been people who make us feel good, sex and drugs and rock and roll baby, not people who build things. People who build things are square and nerdy and straight and unfashionable, people who shout and jump around and smash things to express themselves are our heroes instead. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, take a look at some music videos on YouTube and pay attention to how often breaking things comes up as a visual motif.


  2. RS

    Emotions exist for both sexes. (N.B., I do not use the word “gender.”) There is nothing wrong with emotions per se, nor is there anything wrong with expressing emotions in the proper context.

    The current cultural problem is that the standard male way of deploying emotions is disparaged. Think, the difference between complaining about a problem and solving a problem. It is the difference between cursing the darkness and lighting a candle.

    There is a place for both. Women are better at dealing with emotions and can deploy them appropriately when necessary. Alas, the feminization of society precludes the proper use of reason–Kipling’s “When you can keep your head while those all around you are losing their’s”–to the detriment of us all.


    1. Mr Black

      Women have more emotional responses, I’m not sure that translates to them being able to deal with them better. Given their life-long habit of making terrible decisions based on emotions I’d say if anything, they are worse at dealing with them. They become overwhelmed and take whatever immediate action they feel they have to in order to fix their feelings, even when such actions are destructive.


  3. Dan Flynn

    It is my view that true strength is when a person can look themselves in the mirror, to confront their emotional state so to speak, and still feel strong.
    I think there is a very big difference between processing your emotions and ‘surrendering to your emotional state’. I imagine that men who commit suicide are often isolated and withdrawn and do not have the tools to express themselves which could have alleviated some of their pain and suffering.
    A person’s inner emotions need not be these awful things that will drive them to despair. If you have an overall positive view of yourself then you can withstand periods of self doubt. I would go further to say that true contentment in life is not possible if you avoid your emotions. That is certainly my experience, I am very in touch with my emotions (and share them regularly!) and I also feel confident and strong.


    1. Hans

      Dan. Fuck emotions.
      I don’t need to stand in front of the mirror and have a little cry, to feel stronger.
      Men who kill themselves are beta level cowards.
      Women are ruled by their feelings and emotions, to the detriment of Western society.
      Give me a Nation of emotionless Spocks anyday.
      We would have NONE of the problems that bedevil us now.


    2. BTampa

      Going down the path of describing “true strength” as something other than plain, simple strength – is a big part of how so many people got confused and messed up.


  4. Marty

    Waking men up from this lie is of paramount importance. I should know, the emotional path is what I took for a variety of reasons and now I am working to undo 40 plus years of damage. Apropos, if any one has resources to share in this regard it would be appreciated.
    And, by the way, thank you Adam for this blog.

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  5. Brandon

    Matthew 13:15
    For this people’s heart has grown dull, and with their ears they can barely hear, and their eyes they have closed, lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart and turn, and I would heal them.’


  6. Brandon

    It’s really interesting that in the bible the term “heart” is often used in a way that today we see as feminine and therefore being in touch with feelings and emotions. I have always had a problem in answering that simple question “how do you feel” (excluding obvious extreme circumstances).

    I now think this is because the question expects a feminine answer and women, genuine or otherwise, are good at giving the answer. I think women experience change and growth often as changes in their feelings about their circumstances.

    But I always felt when I gave an answer to the question “how do you feel”, however authentic, it was just a facsimile of my state; it was not really me. I was making up an answer to satisfy others I would sometimes literally say “I can make something up if you like”. Fake it till you feel it. I thought I was limited in someway; not in touch with my emotions. Now I think differently.

    This will be probably obvious to many of you, but the recent conclusion I have had is men do stuff. We experience and feel and then, usually immediately, want to plan to or execute an action. Hence women tell us off for trying to fix them when they come with what we see as a problem but they see as a feeling state that by merely discussing they can change.

    So in fact women and men experience reality completely differently. And when you consider how much of male agency is stamped out of boys, appropriated by authority, limited by regulation and simply rendered irrelevant by welfarism you have a sense of the scale of problem.

    I seemed to remember some where in the bible there were references to how the heart is a centre of thinking, morality and wisdom not just emotions dark or otherwise.
    “Finally, the heart plans, makes commitments, and decides. It is the inner forum where decisions are made after deliberation; here a person engages in self-talk. “In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps” ( Prov 16:9 ). Because of this critical function, the father instructs the son: “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life ( 4:23 ). The Lord detests “a heart that devises wicked schemes” ( 6:18 ).”

    You may find this page interesting.


  7. silentepidemiccom

    I actually agree with a lot of what you are saying, from a factual point. You are correct in the fact that males make up 83% of the total number of deaths by suicide despite the fact that women are 40% more likely to become or at least report, being depressed. What I would like to engage you on is a question about how you feel we could change the perspective on this subject. What doable actions are there? Is there a peaceful and actually effective way to do so? From most of my reading men tend to steer clear of ideas that my perceive them in a certain unmasculine way.


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